Bringing the War to the Student Body – The Soft-Bellied Target of the Vivisection Complex

Posted by on March 29, 2011

by Camille Marino

The vivisection complex must be dismantled and we will realize this objective only through mass concerted efforts that abandon staid and ineffective traditional tactics (lobbying, educating, debating, etc) to instead pursue abolition by any means necessary and put the vivisection industry and Big Pharma under the knife. Each and every avenue through which we may gain a foothold needs to be explored and pursued if we are to advance our agenda.

For the obscene profits of the pharmaceutical industries and the disease management (not “health care”) system, every year in university labs, private research facilities, and military dungeons, millions of animals are being sliced, diced, poisoned, infected, and hideously mutilated without remorse. And, while many above ground strategies remain ineffective, the MDA campaigns of the animal liberation underground — liberating animals from captivity, inflicting economic damage through sabotage, and creative intimidation tactics — have yielded quantifiable gains. But even tougher means may be necessary to end the billion-dollar animal holocaust industry by bringing the war home to the vivisectors, professors, academic departments and administrators, and the entire staff of private research facilities. But only about 2% of the animal liberation/anti-vivisectionist movement is fought by underground activists. That leaves 98% of us free to use the light of day to start chipping away at the aspects of industry that remain hidden in shadows.

Every time a vivisector’s car or home — and, eventually, the abuser him/herself — blows up, flames of liberation light up the sky. And now we have a golden opportunity to begin to destroy the foundations upon which Bogus Big Pharma and the academic-industrial complex rest — the vivisection research model can be made unworkable and obsolete. A strategic and streamlined above-ground resistance advanced in coordination with that of our anonymous underground counterparts can yield that elusive point of critical mass at which the infrastructure begins to implode and the grant money stolen from taxpayers begins to dry up — the only remnant of the atrocities being the trail of blood from the cages to the incinerator to the parking lot to the vivisectors’ homes, adorned with windows that can be opened and doors with locks that can be picked.

Debuting The Soft-Bellied Target and New Resistance Tactics: Bringing the War to the Student Body

When we attack professors, we can only expect limited gains. They are deeply entrenched in the holocaust, have vested financial interests, and enjoy a network of support and protection. Students, however, have no round-the-clock police protection, no access to the FBI, and no access to legislators. The weakest link in the chain is the student body. Vivisectors-in-training can be shut down with relative ease.

They also are the next generation and it is our responsibility to ensure that they are the last generation. Unless we intercede now, the students of today will be the mutilators of tomorrow. Conversely, there will be no animal torturers tomorrow if we effectively eliminate them today.

Our First Success

We recently met an aspiring vivisector named Alena Rodriguez who exposed, perhaps, the greatest industry vulnerability we’ve yet to isolate — students.

On the afternoon of March 22, 2011, Alena wrote privately to Tajalli:

“Actually, I’m an undergrad researcher aiming to work at Scripps! I currently test on animals and think that it is perfectly fine.”

In the early hours of March 23, 2011, Alena wrote privately to Marino:

“I’m sorry! You all are right! : ( please stop saying such horrible, untrue things about me. It’s hurtful. I’ve done nothing but fruit fly research. I’m crying because of this… I’m sorry….”

And, after a long night of educational outreach, on the morning of March 23, 2011, Alena made a public statement:

“This is my public announcement denouncing animal testing and my involvement in it. I haven’t really even started any animal research and after reading all of the information and watching the videos you have all sent me, I have had my eyes opened. I was truly unaware of these horrible things going on to animals behind closed doors. I love animals with all my heart and I would never do anything to harm them. I apologize for my original message to Ghazal, and I’m sincerely apologetic. Please accept my apology and I wish you all luck in your crusade against Scripps. I will be looking for other career choices. Thank you.”

Students are far more open to objective information and far more susceptible to applied persuasion tactics. The vested interests of industry-entrenched vivisectors lie in their bloody wallets and, truly, the only effective approaches to veteran abusers appear to be through incendiaries, intimidation, and violence. On the other hand, as Alena demonstrated, students are far more malleable and easily manipulated.

How to Shut Down Vivisectors-In-Training in Three Easy Steps

1. By and large, students pursuing careers in research science truly want to help people, not victimize animals. Their indoctrination into the world of laboratory torture is slow, methodical, and deliberate. While they are being groomed, we are obligated to intercede and educate these young scientists with truth. As Alena admitted, “I was naive…I really just did not know about all this stuff.” And she is not unique.

2. Students also need to understand that making the wrong choice will result in a lifetime of grief. Aspiring scientists envision curing cancer at the Mayo Clinic. We need to impart a new vision: car bombs, 24/7 security cameras, embarrassing home demonstrations, threats, injuries, and fear. And, of course, these students need to realize that any personal risk they are willing to assume will also be visited upon their parents, children, and nearest & dearest loved ones. The time to reconsider is now.

3. Like all young adults, college students are acutely concerned with how they are perceived by their peers. They need to maintain a certain persona if they wish to continue to enjoy the acceptance of their community. This makes them infinitely more susceptible to negative and inflammatory publicity than their veteran-mutilator counterparts. When education fails, smear campaigns can be highly effective. Abusers have forfeited all rights to privacy and peace of mind and, if an abuser-to-be should fail to make the correct choice now, NIO is here to broadcast all of their personal information. Remember, young people document every facet of their personal lives online. In about 30 minutes, we were able to compile an impressive and comprehensive profile for Elena.

We need to begin to actively identify those enrolled in scientific disciplines and isolate the students preparing for or involved in biological research. We need to get into the universities and speak to classes. This poses a minor, but not insurmountable, obstacle for many activists that have been trespassed, banned, or TROed. We need to team up with other aggressive campaigners who excel at engaging and educating. We need to implement a “good cop, bad cop” approach to keep our targets off balance and maximize our effectiveness.

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