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Dr. Andrew Knight challenges researchers on animal testing

Friday, September 30th, 2011

Centre Fellow Dr Andrew Knight

Posted by the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics

Centre Fellow Dr Andrew Knight has challenged the utility of animal testing at three international conferences on laboratory animal science.

Dr Knight, who is a veterinarian and a bioethicist, called upon the research community to more accurately weigh the likely human benefits against the costs to animals enrolled in invasive research programmes. “Too often”, he asserted, “studies following animal research have demonstrated that assumptions of medical benefits were unrealistic. An accurate weighing of the likely costs and benefits of such research is expected by society, required by legislation, and is morally imperative.”

Dr Knight lectured at the Third East Mediterranean International Council for Laboratory Animal Science Symposium in Istanbul in June (see here), the Eighth World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences in Montreal in August (see here), and the 49th Annual Meeting of the Society for Laboratory Animal Science in Dresden, in September (see here). The latter is Europe’s largest annual laboratory animal science conference.

Dr Knight’s presentations summarised key evidence about the human clinical utility of invasive animal research, and its animal welfare costs, contained within his book The Costs and Benefits of Animal Experiments (see here).

The latter was recently published as part of the Centre’s Series on Animal Ethics, in conjunction with Palgrave Macmillan.

Dr Knight is available for further presentations. His website is here.

Follow the student-vivisector & animal-experimentation campaigns at the University of Florida HERE.

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Scientist Jonathon Balcombe: It’s Time to Replace Animals in Harmful, Painful Experiments

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

by Jonathon Balcombe, Scientist & Author (One Green Planet)

In late August I participated in a 4-day conference in Montreal. The 8th World Congress on Animals and Alternatives in the Life Sciences drew over 800, mostly scientists. The mission of the meeting was to advance “the 3Rs,” which aim to Replace, Reduce, or Refine (i.e., lessen the suffering of) animals used in research, testing, and education.


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John Pranger: Animal research is a crime against humanity

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

by John Pranger

Hippocrates, a Greek physician in the fifth century BC, is considered the father of western medicine and the greatest physician of antiquity. He taught the need for high ethical values in the practice of medicine, stressing hygiene and the healing power of food, using herbal remedies and surgery when necessary. It never occurred to him to nail an animal to a board and dissect it in order to study the human body and human illnesses.


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“The Arson Unit” Burns Fur Retailer Early This Morning

Monday, September 26th, 2011

Rocky Mountain Firework & Fur Company (How Convenient) Goes Up in Flames

NAALPO Press Release
For Immediate Release
September 26, 2011

Caldwell, ID: In a communique received by the North American Animal Liberation Press Office today, Animal Liberationists have taken credit for burning a fur store in Caldwell, Idaho early this morning. According to news reports, firefighters had contained the blaze at the Rocky Mountain Firework & Fur Company, 14950 Highway 20/26, Caldwell, although Idaho 30 remained closed, as did Exit 26 off of Interstate 84.


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Obedience – A New Requirement for the “Revolution”

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Part II of an Investigative Report into Tar Sands Action & the Paralysis of a Movement

by Cory Morningstar (Political Context)

We have now reached a new level of subservient conditioning in an action ironically titled “Stop the Machine.” If the freedom fighters from liberation armies and resistance fronts read “the rules” that the organizers have established in order to “stop the machine,” they would undoubtedly come to the conclusion that Americans are insane.


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VICTORY!!! Another weak link in the vivisection chain snapped…

Monday, September 19th, 2011

“We ask nicely for years and get nothing. Someone makes a threat, and it works.” —Ingrid Newkirk

“We played the game, we played the rules. We were moderate, reasonable, and professional. We had data, statistics, and maps. And we got fucked. That’s when I started thinking, `Something’s missing here. Something isn’t working.’” —Earth First! activist Howie Wolkie on attempts to protect wilderness through compromise with the US Forest Service

by Camille Marino

Early last week we identified 18-year old “Student X” who moved to Florida from Washington to work at the Sid Martin Biotech Incubator — a $22 million University of Florida concentration camp in Gainesville. Research into X’s background revealed personal details that rendered her emotionally vulnerable. Additionally, we knew that she was still isolated in this state. We knew the exact nature of her position in the dungeon and sought to remove her from the equation, just as we will seek to eliminate student vivisectors or any youth we deem complicit. Parents need to reconsider sending their kids to Florida to participate in institutional animal abuse in any capacity.


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Universities in Mexico Targeted by Unabomber Copycat

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

According to the Manifesto of Individualities Tending Toward Savagery (ITTS), this new Unabomber-inspired group will target researchers advancing “the progress of nanobioindustry” within Mexico. The bomber(s) promise to continue striking “without compassion and without mercy.”

Mexican police guard Institute of Technology

Posted by The Chronicle

A package bomb that injured two professors at a university here this month is the latest in a string of attacks by a new terror group inspired by the Unabomber. Its violent actions have put campuses across Mexico on alert and caused nanotechnology researchers worldwide to take precautions with their mail.


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Activist tosses tear gas into crowd, saving bull from being tortured to death

Saturday, September 17th, 2011

Posted by Round Town News

A WOMAN animal rights activist launched tear gas into the crowd attending the Toro de la Vega celebrations this week in the town of Tordesillas, 28km southwest of Valladolid during a traditional ‘bull run’ that takes place in the second week of September each year.


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Heart Researcher: Mouse Experiments Don’t Work

Friday, September 16th, 2011

Posted by PeTA

It seems so obvious, yet it took decades of failed experiments on mice before a study emerged that concluded that mouse hearts are so fundamentally different from humans’ that testing experimental heart arrhythmia drugs on mice is essentially pointless.

Igor Efimov, Ph.D., a researcher at Washington University in St. Louis who studies heart rhythm disorders, looked at the differences between the effects of two heart drugs on mice and on human hearts taken from the deceased or from transplant patients. In an article in the August issue of the Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology, he and his colleagues report that the drugs, which had looked promising in mice, wouldn’t work in humans—and might even kill them.


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Psychiatry and total liberation: a brief introduction

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

by Nathan Bond

In considering the ties between the psychiatric establishment, along with their pseudoscientific fallacies regarding the money-making, social hierarchy-maintaining myth that is mental illness,[i] and the monstrosity of institutionalized animal abuse (read: ethical animal experimentation), as well as the oppression of certain groups of people, several things must be explored:


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