Coordinated & Strategic Disruption at a Bullfight!

Posted by on October 9, 2011

On Saturday, a group of activists staged a major disruption at a bullfight in Rodihan, France. This group is to be commended for their creativity, well-coordinated & strategic efforts and willingness to work outside the box of conventional activism. Like all effective activists, it took commitment to remain strong when violence was unleashed on them. Please visit their website: sauvons-les-animaux.

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Last modified on November 26, 2011

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7 Responses to “Coordinated & Strategic Disruption at a Bullfight!”

  1. Vancouverrrite Says:

    My HEROES!!!! You people are incredible to stop these cowards who call themselves bullfighters! The next bullfighter I see will have my foot up their rears!!!

  2. miren Says:

    Muy bien valientes!

  3. Frankreich: Die Saat der Gewalt – Aggressionen der Stierkampffanatiker | SOS Galgos Says:

    […] […]

  4. noisette Says:

    The pacifist action happened with calm and dignity. We see everything on the video.
    On the other hand, the aficionados, confirmed their real nature: after their violence toward the anti-corrida, they looked at the massacre of CALVES by toreadors ” apprentices ” ! …you may imagine the massacre
    Living in a region where happens the corrida de muerte, I support the actions anti-corrida because this practice is horribly cruel and inequitable for bulls, young cows and calves who are tortured until the death. CORRIDA BASTA

  5. tala Says:

    svp,monsieur le maire,avec mes amis je vous supplie d’arreter cette barbarie et cette cruaute sans nom.mes respects monsieur.sabine tala

  6. Mario BACM Says:

    Le 8 octobre 2011 sera un jour historique. Le 14 juillet de la Corrida qui ouvrira une ère de considération pour nos co-locataires animaux.

  7. carol Says:

    Although it was very angering to watch these protesters being beaten and kicked, their courageous determination to be non-violent only emphasised the cowardice and thuggery of those who enjoy ‘bullfights’.

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