14 Cattle Trucks Burned by Activists at Harris Ranch in Coalinga, California

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NAALPO Press Release
January 9, 2012

Received anonymously:

at about 3:40 am on sunday, january 8th, 14 cattle trucks caught fire at the harris feeding company in coalinga, ca. containers of accelerant were placed beneath a row of 14 trucks with 4 digital timers used to light 4 of the containers and kerosene-soaked rope carrying the fire to the other 10 (a tactic adapted from Home Alone 2 [if you're going to try this make sure to use kerosene, gasoline dries to quickly]). we weren’t sure how well this was going to work, so we waited until there was news reports before writing this. we were extremely pleased to see that all 14 trucks “were a total loss” with some being “completely melted to the ground.”

we’re not going to use this space to expound upon the horrors and injustices of factory farming. there is more than enough armchair-activists and those of passive politics who are more than willing to do that (anything to keep from getting their hands dirty). we, the unsilent minority (the 1%, if you will), choose a more direct form of action.

we’re not delusional enough to believe that this action will shut down the harris feeding company, let alone have any effect on factory farming as a whole. but we maintain that this type of action still has worth, if not solely for the participant’s peace of mind, then to show that despite guards, a constant worker presence, and razorwire fence, the enemy is still vulnerable.

finally, to all those who fantasize and romanticize about direct action yet remain on the fence: there is a lot of stuff that needs to be destroyed and we can’t count on spontaneous combustion and careless welders to do all the work.

until next time…

[Press Office note: Harris Ranch Beef Company is California's largest fed cattle "processor" producing nearly 200 million pounds of beef a year. The largest cattle feeder on the West Coast and 14th largest nationally encompasses a 100,000-head feed lot. At any given time there will normally be between 70-100,000 head of cattle on feed. Harris Feeding Company feeds about 1/3 of all the cows murdered in California. Cows spend the last days of their short, brutal lives standing in their own waste, until hauled off to have their throats slit and their bodies sliced into small pieces for human consumption. Video of the "feed lot" here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9yx0SwwaMo]

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75 Responses to 14 Cattle Trucks Burned by Activists at Harris Ranch in Coalinga, California

  1. Aggie says:

    I am absolutely horrified to see how many Americans applaud this type of behavior. Destroying other peoples property is never okay. This sounds like terrorism to me.

  2. John says:

    “Destroying other peoples property is never okay. This sounds like terrorism to me.”

    Destroying property that is used to transport living, breathing, feeling beings to their death is hardly terrorism.

    Be careful when you say that destroying other people’s property is “never okay” – so, would you be against destroying trucks that carried Jews into Nazi Germany?

    The only difference is that one group is composed of non-humans and the other group is composed of humans. So what? To say that we should fight for one and not the other is speciesist.

  3. Ranchers love animals!!!?? I do believe they love the money the slaughtered cattle bring in! Get real! John is so right! Just as we would try to rescue humans, by breaking or vandalising a property to get them out, OF COURSE WE WOULD! It is an unwritten law for us to protect or rescue any living creature in harm’s way, to the best of our ability. This means everything that breathes, has emotions and can feel pain.Preventing harm or self defence in aid of a living creature, is ALWAYS going to be correct. Just as it is with humans, or do some folk consider themselves superior to other lives?

    (And to the Christian who commented earlier; IF man were given dominion over the animals, how come humans are very much in the food chain too?) No good god would allow man to cause such suffering as is happening world wide for GREED. It has made them very rich.

    Baby newborns being stolen from their mothers, and hit on their heads with hammers, to kill them. Then all over the world dogs and cats are skinned alive, screaming in pain, to be used for food. Animals treated this way also for FUR! and it is just a a VERY SMALL PART of the atrocious way animals are treated. LOOK AT THIS LINK: http://www.earthlings.com/ and this one;

    http://www.infowars.com and if you research you will find so much info your head will spin!

    • Negotiation Is Over says:

      Well the enemy who want to keep practicing sadistic animal experimentation at UF has had some success here. They have, once again, changed the subject so that the issue is burried. Even though Camille is in jail trying to keep it alive.

  4. Abe says:

    Yes! Every time I drive by that Harris ranch I wave at the doomed cows and promise to do something. But I havent. Burning the trucks was a great idea. The only negative is that now they have tightened security so it will be harder to burn or blow up the extermination buildings.

    Meat kills people. Period. Heart Disease. Don’t eat it. Harris Ranch is responsible for hundreds of thousands of human death each year. You don’t need to eat meat. I havent eaten meat since 1971. My cholesterol level is 125. My kids have never eaten meat. One is a lawyer and the other is international studies. Meat is murder. Long live the truck burners!

  5. @ AbeI
    It is a shame the exterminations buildings were not totally destroyed, as they can easily with insurance replace the trucks. It would have taken longer to build another slaughterhouse. No matter how people try and argue that meat is good for them, it is ONLY because they don’t want to stop eating it. They may even research, find out the truth, but want to continue. I hope they realise that after researching and knowing the truth if they then still brainwash their children and continue to give them meat, “YOU ARE TAKING YEARS OFF YOUR CHILDRENS LIFE.” If they can live with that, it will be on their conscience!

    http://www.earthlings.com/ EVERYONE, ESPECIALLY MEAT-EATERS, CHECK IT OUT!

  6. Sorry, I don’t know how I made that typo of Abe1 Meant to be @ Abe

  7. Mr.Hate says:

    I hope that the Mayan caledar is true and it rids the earth of the human race!


    If the human race ends so will all the sadists and there will be no more suffering to innocents and weaker living creatures! So that would be a good thing!

  9. Chris says:

    Welcome back Camille,so happy you’re out!
    I hope it hasnt been too painful an experience,im impatient to read what you have to say about all this,take care :-)

    • Negotiation Is Over says:

      thank you, chris -

      the short answer is that i’m stronger and more determined than ever. we should never fear jail, but rather welcome the repression as it is a response to those of us who will escalate this war at any cost in whatever manner we can

      there is nothing they can do to us that remotely compares to that which the animals endure

      animal liberation will be achieved when the detriments of animal abuse outweigh the benefits

      love, camille

  10. Chris says:

    You are totally right of course,my admiration and respect to you!

  11. Andrew Richardson says:

    I have read all the bullshit about BEEF the fact is in the book I read(the bible) it clearly states that man has dominion over the animals of the land, air , and that slithers on the ground So If you choose not to eat meat that’s good for you welcome to the wonderful world of colon cancer and other various cancers available to “vegans” My wife works at a certain beef packing plant and they do not slit the cattle’s throat , I have seen a cow being killed and it is a humane way no pain is involved These cattle are not fed “meat” as you so often say I am only speaking for a particular plant Also If any of you terrorists find said plant and any harm comes to my wife I will personally hunt you down and do all the things that you assholes think they are doing to cattle I am a animal lover since 1960 and what you people need to realize is if we didn’t eat meat there would be no place for you Jackass’ to live everything has a place in this world and it just so happens they were meant for people to eat or are the ripping and tearing teeth were made for plants only. You jokers need to get a grip on reality every time you assholes do something someones stuff a family member might be there and now you are not only terrorists you will be murderers and in Cali they have a place for people like you and there you don’t get a choice of what to eat I am a veteran of the U.S. military and I didn’t serve my country to allow people to destroy other’s property but obviously you see nothing wrong with that but if it was your property you would want someone to go to jail so seeings how you are now domestic terrorists don’t be surprised when you are infiltrated by the FEDS if you dumb-ass’ hasn’t been already HOLLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Negotiation Is Over says:

      andrew, thank you for that exemplary display of ineptitude and ignorant ranting run amuck.

      bet your slack-jawed knuckle-dragging kinfolk are quite proud of you, eh?

  12. Andrew says:

    Just cause you are puny don’t criticize those of us who are built and have 21 inch biceps and benchpressing over 300 lbs if that makes me a “knuckle dragger then thats what I am and my 90 yr old beef eating relatives are proud of me so what does your mother think of your terrorist acts

  13. Andrew Richardson says:

    better than 150

  14. Brennan Browne says:

    Andrew, for a person with an IQ of 150 it seems to me you could have chosen to present us with a fresh argument for your support of meat-eating (even though none exists).

    Quoting the Bible which clearly states in Genesis 1:29 that the Lord “gave us every seed which is upon the Earth, for us it shall be as meat,” denies the fact that we were indeed ORIGINALLY CREATED TO BE VEGETARIANS. Instead, as is typical, you decide to drag out the arrogant, ignorant and erroneously used Genesis 1:26 which presumes one word — “dominion” — means God gave permission to humans for wholesale slaughter and to act like planetary terrorists [ a truly correct use of the term "terrorists," unlike your abuse of the word]. Theologians have long stated that “dominion” as it applies to Genesis 1:26 is more correctly defined as “benevolent protector or guardian.”

    Go back to your Bible and read Genesis, Exodus and Leviticus CAREFULLY. By the time God gave man permission to eat animals, He was thoroughly FED UP with man’s whining, weak and ungrateful nature and decided to concede to man’s desire to eat flesh. He warns that flesh-eating will come at a high cost — early death, suffering and disease. Yes, it’s in there, Andrew! To reinforce this are the following words of Jesus Himself:

    “Verily I say unto you, for this end have
    I come into the world: that I may put
    Away all blood offerings and the eating
    Of the flesh of the beasts and the birds
    That are slain by men.

    In the beginning the Creator gave to all
    The fruits of the trees, and the seeds
    And the herbs for food; but those who
    Loved themselves more than the Lord
    Or their fellows, corrupted their ways
    And brought diseases into their bodies,
    And filled the earth with lust and
    Violence. Not by the shedding of
    Innocent blood, therefore, but by living
    A righteous life shall you find peace.

    Blessed are they who keep this Law, for
    The Creator is manifest in all creatures
    And all creatures live in the Creator.”

    The Gospel of the Nazarenes.
    75:9-14; the words of Jesus

    This verbatim scroll preserved by the Mt. Carmel
    Branch of the Essenes (Carmelites) was found in
    Tibet in the latter part of the first century.
    This text pre-dates the writings of the New

    Confirming texts appear in the Dead Sea Scrolls
    which were discovered in 1947.

    Here’s “more food for thought”:

    The irony is that eating animals underlies most of our degenerative conditions. We are designed to eat plants. We have flat molars to grind plant fibers – not long, pointed canines to tear flesh. We have round, dull nails to dig up roots – not sharp talons to catch and hold prey. We don’t have the speed, agility, or endurance with which to chase prey like the obligate carnivores. We don’t need them. Our “prey” (plant matter) is stationary. Our stomach acid is not strong enough to kill the pathogens found in meat. And our intestines are long and convoluted for the slow extraction of plant nutrients – not short and straight for rapid elimination of the toxins of putrefaction.

    These are the facts, Andrew. And if you possess the intelligence you claim you do then I hope you will be open-minded enough to admit your meat-eating argument is hollow and totally false.

  15. Andrew Richardson says:

    I don’t listen to religous or theologians but I do read and you are right but dominion is up for interpretation and my bad for misquoting the bible but I don’t particularly want to live in a world where we eat veg. and be ass deep in methane But to each there own but when my family is threatened and people thinking it is ok to destroy property that is over the line and my opinion about beef is just that my opinion and yours are yours but when lives are being threatened that is the definition of terrorism when people are scared to go to work you are imposing your opinion ( not yours in particular just most of these people) you have no right or anybody doesn’t not have the right to threaten mine nor anyone else’s family nor do they have the right to destroy property just cause they don’t like to beef industry I got off point for a min but now I remember what pissed me off in the first place HOLLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Brennan Browne says:


    Let’s separate fact from fiction regarding your assertion that you or your wife may be hurt by animal rights “terrorists.” Regardless of the paranoid demonizing the media and law enforcement engage in to scare the hell out of the public, there has never been a single injury or death since the inception of the U.S. Animal Rights Movement in 1980 by an ARA (animal rights activist). This is not just luck. Individuals who feel strongly about the terrible suffering of non-humans are committed to respecting ALL LIFE. You have a better chance of being killed by a unicorn (which we all know doesn’t exist) than by someone taking direct action to save the lives of abused and tortured animals. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the victimization of ARAs which have been, and continue to be, cold-bloodedly murdered by corporate interests around the world.

    Introducing the terms ‘eco / domestic’ “terrorists” into the public’s vocabulary was planned. A clever, though totally morally bankrupt, wicked and manipulative corporate strategy, undertaken by those who make their billions from animal exploitation, e.g. Big Pharma, Big Ag. These labels employ the basic psychology of divide and conquer — us vs them. Successfully vilify the other guy and no one will bother to view him as a person anymore, he will be objectified as a “thing” that represents “evil”. This ploy is not new or original. The same strategy was used by the Nazis against the Jews. This type of psychological indoctrination is also employed across the board within the military and law enforcement. Tell a man he is fighting to enrich and expand U.S. corporate interests so that billions more will flow into the pockets of the elite few and how many will fight and die? Zero. But tell soldiers they are fighting communism, fascism or “terrorism” and they will line up in droves to die.

    Animal rights “terrorism” is as mythical as that unicorn I mentioned. Property damage remains just that, and should be labeled vandalism — nothing more. If your neighbor sets your car on fire because he thinks you are an immoral tool, that doesn’t make him a terrorist, only an arsonist. The same standards should apply to those exact same crimes universally. Otherwise, it is nothing more than corporate/political lying manipulation just like the examples I referred to above.

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