Introducing Sadistic UF Vivisector Raymond J. Bergeron

Posted by on January 10, 2012

“…he’s a bastard.  Bergeron himself barely ever even looks at the poor creatures, much less ever touches them. He keeps his distance at all times. He hates the animal facilities.” -Bergeron’s anonymous colleague

UF Vivisector Raymond J. Bergeron

Office phone is answered by “Miranda”: 352-273-7725

Email is: [email protected]

Bergeron is a Professor of Drug Development
Department of Medicinal Chemistry
OFFICE: Medical Science Building, P6-04

by NIO Florida

Raymond J. Bergeron has built a career by imprisoning and torturing all kinds of animals. However, since we are determined to shut down primate experimentation in UF, we only intend to focus on his crimes against monkeys. Please note that this arrogant terrorist has partnered with the industrial abusers at Proctor & Gamble to extract the greatest profits for all from the animals to whom he has PERSONALLY sentenced to lives of torment, disease, misery, and death.

While his glowing CV of atrocities will be revealed in staggering detail in the coming days and months, Bergeron’s claim to fame is primarily chelation therapy — the administration of chelating agents to remove heavy metals from the body. Common forms of heavy metal intoxication involve lead, arsenic or mercury. And, while Terrorist Bergeron enjoys variety in his torture regimens, his primary focus has been in the area of iron chelation – the chemical removal of excess iron from people with iron overloading disease (i.e., Hemochromatosis). This is politically important to UF because, interestingly, one of the major Health Science Center’s benefactors suffered and died from this disease. For this reason, it is our opinion that Bergeron will likely have permanent funding to indulge his penchant for monkey torture.

Raymond J. Bergeron and his wife, Kathleen, live in this house at
6220 NW 56TH Lane
Gainesville, FL 32653-3117

Home: (352) 373-8776

There in also vacant property in their name at: 6210 NW 56TH Lane in Gainesville

Essentially, Bergeron is integral in greasing the money flow into UF with monkey blood and tears. The decades of torment to which many of his victims have succumbed have served to keep the UF coffers overflowing with private donations and P&G profits.

His daughters, Emily and Jennifer, must be very proud.

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16 Responses to “Introducing Sadistic UF Vivisector Raymond J. Bergeron”

  1. Ann Parkes Says:

    He needs to be very afraid of what is now going to be general knowledge. They say one cannot judge a book by the cover – but looking at that face and into those dead eyes screams arrogant, unpleasant bastard – knowing that he is a vivisector, let’s add to that, sociopathic sub-species who pollutes the earth by his very existence!

    The bubble in which he and his family exists, funded by the blood money of these innocent, tormented creatures, is about to burst!

  2. Negotiation Is Over Says:

    Yep! I think I just heard a pop…

  3. Lisa Says:

    Ann- well said!

    This “man” disgusts me. Monkey 2A4 and his 17 years of suffering have changed me literally over night. Researching and exposing Bergeron has been a very small piece of satisfaction. As you say Camille, the wall of secrecy WILL come down.

  4. Negotiation Is Over Says:

  5. vibeke hansen Says:

    danich. thank. jeg bryder mig ikke om kz-animal hadder, der går ind for mishandlinger af dyr, og hjertet er som en sten.

  6. Suzanne Kelly Says:

    Looks like Fritzel pervert!

  7. Betsy Graber Says:

    Chelation therapy is being tested on consenting humans at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Miami via Doctor Dayton. There is no need to experiment on animals when humans are so willing to belong to this study which should be ending in March of this year.

  8. Mieke Vermeersch Says:

    Hi Hitler !
    He looks to me psychologically & physically as Hitler.

  9. Donni De-Ville Says:

    The people who are funding this man are to blame also! Who on earth are they, and why should they want to do such a thing? Even now, they must know it is no longer necessary to use live animals for any experiments?

    The sooner the occupants are rescued the better. Good Luck!

  10. Marie St-Clair Says:

    Procter & Gamble has been banned from my household for years. And I grab each and every opportunity I get to inform everyone around me; family, friends, forums, store owners, blogs, news, social medias, etc., of the evil that is P&G. The garbage they sell and their methods.
    This vile man up there is a disciple of evil.

  11. Janis Says:

    He did not answer his phone but I left him a nice message. I called him the sociopath that he is and told him he better pray hard because he will end up burning in hell with the rest of the vivisectors someday for all of the cruel things they do to helpless animals.

  12. Monica Says:

    The Humane Party of the United States seeks to outlaw vivisection and all forms of animal exploitation. The platform is one of compassion towards both humans and animals. Join them. Strength in numbers will send representatives to Washington that seek an ethical and compassionate future for all beings and their environments. Then people who profit off the backs of subjugated innocents will be out of a job forever.

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  14. Patricia Cardosa Says:

    Just looking at his picture……..he looks like someone who would do such things!!!

    What happens to animals in laboratories would be considered “criminal cruelty” to animals if it occurred elsewhere.

    As St. Francis of Assisi once said “If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.”

  15. gabriel lambrianidis Says:

    the stupidification of science trying to make concsiousness synonymous with scienceness.there is a failure to see that it is concience that is synonymous with conciousness.are the vivisectors on the side of evolution? if we agree with the premise that we have the power to evolve and look at where we are now then it is obvious we have taken some wrong turns in time.vivisection is a wrong turn.we can not evolve to a healthy state that can not fix a sony tv by following a toshiba schematic diagram! it is grossly unscientific.

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