Who the fuck are the terrorists?!

Posted by on January 10, 2012

Janine Sikes
Professional Animal Torture Apologist for the University of Florida
Email: [email protected]
Office Phone: 352-846-3903
Home Phone: (352) 375-2963

by Camille Marino

NIO Florida has begun to systematically tear down the wall of secrecy behind which the Vivisectors of UF used to feel safe to commit their unspeakable acts in anonymity. For my deliberate acts of compassion, Janine Sikes yesterday labeled me an “animal terrorist” in the news.  Although it’s rather irrelevant to this article, one would expect UF’s public relations shill to have a better command of the English language. But, more to the point, if the animal abusers are beginning to live in fear, then I am doing my job and we’ve only just begun.

The simple fact is that abusers do not fear me! They fear exposure! If they were baking cupcakes, they would thank me for publishing their information so that the public could find them more easily. But I suppose when your career is built on torturing imprisoned monkeys, you might not want your neighbors to know.

This information comes from one of their sympathetic colleagues as well as their own veterinary records. It describes a typical day in their underground monkey prisons and is among the many secrets they wish I didn’t know…

Monkeys are extracted from their “squeeze cages,” screaming, terrified, squirming, and fighting their tormentors trying to escape. They are usually wrenched from their cell by two lab techs for their OWN safety so as not to get bitten. Their victim is then “knocked down” with ketamine and other controlled substances.

The unconscious monkey is put in a box or cage and covered up so no one can see him/her and, silent and still, will attract no attention as s/he is taken to be tortured. The victim is then wheeled through the corridors of the dungeon and sometimes through the university labyrinths undetected by faculty, students, and other passers-by. Clearly they understand the visceral response and horror such a  scene would elicit were it not done covertly.

When they reach their destination, the monkey is deliberately and intentionally harmed by some invasive experiment. Different rooms are used for different kinds of procedures (e.g., injecting chemicals into their eyes, poisoning, injecting, implanting devices in their tired and abused little bodies, gratuitous surgeries, necropsies, etc.). S/he is then wheeled back the way they came and thrown into their dishwasher-sized cage in misery and pain. Of course, this is the best part of their wretched existence as their tormentors leave them to languish alone.

Eventually a vet comes in and writes “subject is in good condition” on the victimized animal’s chart.

Some monkeys go through this horror EVERY OTHER DAY of their miserable lives… for years and years…

Now, tell me, who the fuck are the terrorists?!

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10 Responses to “Who the fuck are the terrorists?!”

  1. Brennan Browne Says:

    Thank you Camille, for having the guts to expose these lards for the worthless vermin they are. You are the only one I know of, who not only names names, but provides pictures, addresses and phone numbers. Our society is A-OK with warning communities about child molesters and rapists, and it should be no different for this reeking toe jam excuse for humanity.

    I know you don’t believe in God, but He has a special place for you with the angels. :)

  2. Negotiation Is Over Says:

    You’re so sweet, Brennan!

    I’m flattered by your kind words. 😉

  3. Jessica Says:

    These practices need to be exposed widely so that the general unsuspecting population in left in no doubt as to where their charity donations end up. I laugh every time I go past a university of hospital cancer research centre, knowing full well that if our scientists stopped developing toxic chemicals to poison our food supply with, we would not be experiencing such high rates of cancer. I cry when I walk past the childrens’ wards and see bandaged heads and anguished parents, knowing that their fate is sealed while the medical and pharamaceutical industries’ rub their hands with glee: knowing every sick person has a price on their head and that it contributes to their next pharmaceutical company-funded holiday kickback. I wonder at peoples’ stupidity when they waste their time fund raising for a disease that already has a cure, just so these monsters of mass distruction can continue these monstrous acts of frankinscience. Shame on the science faculty of Florida University. You deserve to die from the very diseases you create.

  4. Betsy Graber Says:

    Thank you, Camille, for all that you are doing to expose the atrocities at Florida Atlantic University. I feel your pain, and the pain of the tortured choice less animals who give up their natural freedom for a life of despair. I hope my occasional donations help in some way.
    With love and admiration until all the cages are empty,

  5. Marie St-Clair Says:

    How conveniently that sadist Sikes labels YOU the terrorist. It reminds me of the French occupation by Nazi Germany, when you only had to finger point to someone, say they were with The Resistance and they’d get shot execution-style for defending their legitimate rights to be free. It also reminds me of my abusive ex-husband who cursed me as a vile bitch for exposing his violence, thus staining his reputation in the business community. Abusers will use any and all tactics to silence the truth and try to stop those exposing it. When the real shame comes from their own actions to begin with.
    Bless you Camille and NIO. Of all the freedom movements I humbly support financially, yours is one I am most proud of.
    Until all the cages are empty, and beyond.
    Let that murderous sadistic foul and cold hearted sub-human Sikes experiment on herself, her children and family if she is really a true almighty devotee to science. I’m sure nobody would give a damn.

  6. Janis Says:

    I cannot believe that this woman (using the term loosely of course) has the odasity to hold up a sign like this!!! Really?…..Is she for real? However, from what I can judge of the picture she is safe inside a building. I dare this lame excuse for a human who is a waste of skin and should not be allowedto breath go outside holding a sign like this……she wouldn’t last…..

    she is the poster child along with that head vivisecionist of evil……

  7. Negotiation Is Over Says:

    it’s photoshopped, janis. 😉

    instead of putting the caption below the pic, i simply put it on her sign

  8. Ann Parkes Says:

    These sentiments, which I posted on my wall a while ago, simply because I loved them seem to be appropriate words for all those innocent creatures who have suffered and perished at the hands of these monsters;

    “In prison, we are their jailers
    On trial, their judges
    Persecuted, their punishers
    Dead, their conquerors”

    (Irish Revolutionary)

    For the animals we will ensure that these criminals will be judged, they will be punished, their lifestyle will dwindle to the point where they feel imprisoned. And eventually they will die – and I for one will want to dance on their graves!

  9. Carmen Boltin Says:

    To HELL with ALL who uncaringly harm any animal in the name of research! Especially this heartless fat bitch Janine Sykes. I SO wish her fat, ugly ass could be used for research! I know that all of us who KNOW that using animals in labs for research is 1000% WRONG can somehow organize and eventually get this stopped! Its gotta start somewhere. I hope that one day (maybe not even in our lifetime) this will be a horrible memory of the past, just as the Holocaust & slavery! Its WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! Thanks Camille for exposing these horrible torture terrorists! May they rot in HELL!

  10. anonymous Says:

    Funny, she really resembles the women excited to attend this event showcasing torture and cruelty:

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