A Monkey named Louis: UF gave him no pain relief for broken hip, made him suffer and deteriorate for a full year

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In August of 2010, we learned about a monkey named Louis. A lab tech pleaded with UF to release him to a sanctuary and stop his suffering. While the lab tech was on vacation, Louis was murdered and incinerated on July 9, 2010. UF wanted to ensure that the world would never see his deteriorated condition or know his story. In October of 2010, NIO’s campaign against UF commenced. Now we know that Louis was allowed to languish in torment with a broken hip and never given any pain relief. His records document callous neglect, violations of the law, and incompetence. In death, Louis has a voice.

macaque suffers silently in his prison

by NIO Florida

Complete Veterinary Record for “Louis” (2008 – 2010)

Roberts – Primate Louis – Part I

Roberts – Primate Louis – Part II

His Agonizing Incarceration & Death

Louis was a long-tailed macaque bred by Alpha Genesis for a life of torment. On February 25, 2008, this 5-year old and five other monkeys were sold to the University of Florida. Louis was delivered into the hands of Vivisector Stephen Roberts where, upon his incarceration in the dungeon, he immediately developed chronic anorexia and suffered from chronic vomiting.

We know from the University’s own records that on July 9, 2009 their vet determined that Louis had a severely injured bone — the femoral head — and was in tremendous pain. His leg was not attached to the joint!!! One must understand that this precise injury in humans would demand heavy pain medication as well as hip replacement surgery. Yet little Louis, with his bones grinding against each other, received no relief whatsoever and was made to suffer and deteriorate for another full year.

The femoral head is the upper part of the thigh bone that fits into the hip socket.

According to our UF source:

“Most traumatically, the femoral head from his right leg had deteriorated to the point where it was missing(!) This must have caused him excruciating pain. They knew about his severely injured bone since 7/9/09 – a full year before he was euthanized and he was never treated for the pain. The comment on his record at 7/9/09 was ‘Rads also revealed absence of femoral head on (r) leg w/ high degree of instability.’ ‘Instability’ means that the leg was not fully attached at the joint. Imagine trying to walk with deteriorated bone grinding against deteriorated bone during every step… it probably happened prior to his arrival at the lab as the degradation to the bone was very advanced. It’s very likely that the chronic pain from his hip was the stress that caused his continual upset stomach/gut, vomiting, and poor appetite/weight loss. They kept testing for parasites as a cause, but he was always negative. He should have been euthanized immediately upon discovery of his leg issue, or at least had his leg amputated, as would have been done for a pet.”

They waited a full year.

“They seem to have been put him in metabolic cages during the studies, similar to what Bergeron did. These cages are designed to allow for the collection of urine and feces to study drug metabolism. It seems that even though Louis wasn’t used nearly as much in experiments, he was put in the same room with his friends to reduce the anxiety of separation from the colony. Of course, that meant stressfully drugging him for each room transfer…

They keep commenting on how he’s quiet compared to others and doesn’t eat enough, but that seems to be normal for him. Well, YEAH – he’s in pain!

The only consequence of Louis’ agony for the vivisecting sadists appears in a rather chilling entry on the vet records dated April 26, 2010: “…Long term, this monkey has been unable to be used…”

Formal complaints against the University of Florida as well as Alpha Genesis will be forthcoming from Stop Animal Experimentation NOW (“SAEN”).

A funeral for Louis and the other victims of UF’s primate experimentation program will be held outside Emerson Hall on Saturday evening, February 4, as alumni gather to celebrate the “Gator Gala.”


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12 Responses to “A Monkey named Louis: UF gave him no pain relief for broken hip, made him suffer and deteriorate for a full year”

  1. Suzanne Kelly Says:

    They must PAY!!! PAY!!! PAY!!!

  2. Ann Parkes Says:

    I look at my animals and I could weep at what this baby was put through!!

    “Long term, this monkey has been unable to be used” — that says it all doesn’t it. No compassion, no sympathy, no empathy – and certainly no humanity as I would define it! Sociopaths, degenerates, deviants and murderers.

    Sentence : Death!

    If I was Judge and Jury!


  3. Suzanne Kelly Says:

    Straight to the point no messin around
    Torturers/murderers of weaker inoccent
    Beings you said it already Ann. NO! Mercy!

  4. denny Says:

    As I know from my dog, who also suffered from a femoral head broken off, the pain must be horrendous. However the surgery for this trauma is quite easy and the animals usually recover very quickly especially if it concernes a small animal. The head has to be removed and the part where it broke off has to be filed round to fit back into the hip socket. After a while if the animal keeps using the leg the bone developes a pseudo joint where the femoral head used to be which allows the animal to live a normal life without pain and no disabilities. Obviously nobody bothered in that case.

  5. Emily Says:

    perhaps we are in the minority of loving all animals but I know that if it were possible to fit all of those suffering in our hearts they surely would fit because our hearts are big enough to stretch around the world a million times <3

  6. Lisa Says:

    One lab tech begged for Louis’ life but to no avail. Bergeron and Stevens couldn’t allow the world to know this poor baby’s condition so they killed him. No matter what you believe, Louis is in a better place.

  7. Mackenzie Says:

    In spite of all the medical evidence I just sit here with horror and tears. When did the human race deteriorate to this? How can anyone look at this little baby and turn their backs on him, day after day? Why are industries STILL ALLOWED to use vivisection? Why is it wrong for us to take action to end the unconscienable? Why are activists called TERROR – ists when it patently obvious that the governments who condone this are actually the TERROR-ists. When will it stop? I secretly hope that the USA and Iran start World War III. I hope the atomic bomb is used in America to blow all those bastards to smitherens and yes, animals will die too but which is better………… years in a cage under these conditions or instant death?

  8. Lou Says:

    I sent this article to Anonymous tweet

  9. Luke Thomas Says:

    Animal cruelty is part of our PROUD SINNING nation full of idolators and blasphemers. They need to REPENT! SHAMELESS PROUD SINNING nation. Proverbs 12:10 “The righteous one is concerned for his beast,” declares the LORD. Keep up with the good work Camille – remember you are doing God’s work! Amen!

  10. Negotiation Is Over Says:

    Thank you, Lou! I appreciate all the help I can get in disseminating this information far and wide.

    And thank you to everyone for your continued support.

  11. Deirdre MacNciol Says:

    This is absolutely horrific..this is beyond cruel..how in the hell is this allowed to go on..Why cant we do these studies on pedophiles and prisoners..How can anybody do this..this is atrocious..I will never ever ever go near UBC

  12. Anne Birthistle Says:

    Our only hopes are (a) making legislative change – and these days with social networking it is so much easier to get word of these egregious cruelties out!, and galvanizing public opinion, & (b) focusing on the scientific argument: the animal welfare argument, until we are more evolved as a species fully aware and sensitive, will lose to the vivisectionists’ well-worn argument “Your dog or your baby” -show them the facts of the scientific errors and their stand crumples…. http://www.safermedicines.org/faqs is a great resource for all to see, and Jane Goodall’s argument at http://www.vivisectionresearch.ca sums it all up….
    Good luck, and stay calm…. Justice will prevail…..

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