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Posted by on February 2, 2012

We are confident that, working together as a coordinated international community, we can force the University of Florida to shut down their primate experimentation program. Animal torture is entrenched at almost every university worldwide. We can set the precedent at UF and, in the process, begin to take a sledgehammer to the University Vivisection Complex.


The University of Florida fought for 14 months to keep the atrocities to which they subject monkeys secret. On December 30, 2011 activists in Florida won a lawsuit and are making their horrific experiments public.

Now we are calling for students worldwide to boycott applying to this institution.

In conjunction with a creative and aggressive grassroots campaign being waged by our comrades on the ground in Florida, we are calling for an international boycott of applications to the University of Florida.

NIO Florida has released three sets of records so far:

*One documents the harrowing ordeal of one Capuchin monkey who was kidnapped from his home in the jungles of Guyana, was terrorized for 17 years in their underground prisons, and finally died in 2009 as his tormenters tried to subdue him for the last time.

*Another documents the short life of a macaque purchased from Alpha Genesis. This monkey, Louis, lived in his cage with a broken hip — his leg was detached from his hip — and received no pain relief whatsoever. He was in so much agony that he suffered from chronic anorexia and vomiting until they murdered him after two years because “he could not be used.”

*Records have been revealed documenting five monkeys that were forcefed toxic dirt gathered from five waste sites around Florida.

*Records will be published shortly documenting monkeys that were poisoned, blinded, and tormented in unspeakable and unconscionable ways for the durations of their lives. Some died after months, some decades. Many are still enduring their despicable and torturous imprisonments.

All records are being maintained and are available for public inspection HERE.

Please sign our Boycott the University of Florida petition HERE. (if you experience difficulty accessing the url, it is a technical issue that will be resolved momentarily)

If you would like to support our efforts, please consider making a donation.

To submit an article for publication, send a note to [email protected].

Disclaimer: The information on this site is for educational and entertainment purposes only. There is no intent, express or implied, to promote illegal activities. We assume no liability for the potential actions of any third party. All data compiled here has been gathered from, and is available through, independent public sources.

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11 Responses to “Boycott the University of Florida”

  1. Rick Coshow Says:

    Yes this is disgusting to do this to another living creature

  2. Lyndel Thomas Says:

    I am totally disgusted by the cruelty of the human species. How anyone can do these evil things to another animal is beyond me. I have signed all the petitions I can find. What more can we do? I am in OZ.
    My heart is bleeding!!!! Human race, wake up! The two most important words needed on planet Hell at the moment are AHIMSA and VEGAN!!!

  3. Dr. Beth Wright Says:

    I am absolutely against live primate research at the University of Florida and do not understand why more efficient and humane computer modeling is not already replacing it. My MANY Florida contacts – which include well positioned University of Florida personnel – will be most alarmed to learn of this brutal practice there! I urge the University of Florida to immediately stop this torturous practice and seek more efficient and ethical means of medical research.

  4. Dr. Beth Wright Says:

    My original statement stands.

  5. LisaSanchez Says:

    Leave the poor animals alone, they don’ts choose this, they weren’t put on earth for our experiments..Shame on you

  6. Ann Middlebrough Says:

    Boycott the University of Florida as they torture animals.

  7. Ann Middlebrough Says:

    Please boycott the University of Florida as they torture animals.

  8. Cheryl Coleman Says:

    This is shocking and disgusting. No living thing should have to go through this torture. There is nothing on this earth that justifies these tests. If you really and truly have to do your so called “LIVE TESTS”, then do it on murders, rapists, child molesters and the like, not on a defenceless animal that cannot fight back

  9. N Connor Says:

    Totally unnecessary and cruel beyond words. I never want to explain to my daughter and see the hurt in her eyes by what humans do to theses beautiful, harmless and innocent animals – this must be stopped!

  10. Daniela Says:

    I feel helpless when I see these Nazis-of whom I once was-as a meat eater and a thoughtless consumer. As I remove cruelty from my life more and more each day, as I sign petitions and read and watch so that my eyes will never pretend I do not see the truth-II feel helpless. I don’t know what to do or where to start…….But I want to do. What?

  11. Negotiation Is Over Says:

    i think we all share those same feelings of inadequacy, daniela. we need to use that, however, to figure out what we can do differently.

    for me, the first step is penetrating their labs to expose these atrocities. trust that no matter what i do, it is all woefully insufficient.

    so i keep evolving my methods and, although i lose a lot of sleep obsessing about this, i keep trying to figure out what my next step is to get closer to the cages


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