March 16: Take international action in China’s war against wildlife

Posted by on February 2, 2012

Cee 4 Life and Glo Wild have introduced an initiative calling for a series of actions targeting those who murder wildlife to infuse an underground market with keratin and animal body parts for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In an effort to put an international voice behind those waging war to protect these animals on the ground, they have asked that “people of the world make a stand now, to commit themselves to act and unite together.” NIO fully supports the efforts of our comrades. When we learn to coordinate our efforts and act in unison, we will begin to realize quantifiable gains. Following is their first call for action…

Cee4life and Glo Wild have created a series of actions aimed against the continued and rising instance of keratin use in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Animal Body Part Use(ABP). Keratin is the protein substance of our own human finger nails, toes nails and hair. Rhino horn, Tiger claws, Antlers, Pangolin scales and many more animal body parts used in TCM is made of Keratin, just like our own human finger nails, toe nails and hair. But the tragedy is that TCM has attributed Keratin as a healing tonic, medicine, ointment, a miracle medicine etc It is touted to cure everything from blisters to cancer, it is FALSE. There is NO medicinal value to Keratin. There is NO medical benefit to consuming, ingesting, eating KERATIN.

These are fake and false ancient myths developed 3000 years ago when humans knew no better. We do now, and via medical and scientific testing it is proven that these above mentioned animal body parts hold NO magical healing powers.  The only magic these creatures hold is in the living being. However, this Tradtional Medicine is rampant, in mass demand, all because of these ancient beliefs.  The countries using these know better, however they refuse to stop.  And due to this mass demand, our species like the Rhino, the Tiger, and any other creature with claws, nails, horns, scales is a target for the WILDLIFE TRADE BLACK MARKET.  THIS IS THE TRUTH.

How much are YOU really willing to do to save these creatures?

Keratin is found in our own human finger nails, toe nails and hair.

TCM Animal Body Part use of Keratin in prevelant in China and Vietnam. These FALSE Traditional Medicine and medical value attributed to the use of Keratin is false.

However, the demand is raging out of control and it is driving species to extinction because of LIES.

We have developed a series of actions that every person on the face of this earth can participate in.

It will cost you – 1 postage stamp, 1 postage envelope, 1 hygienically sealed container, 1 written letter and the guts to do it.


We are going to first address CHINA only and send our ACTION to the Chinese Embassies listed below.

They want Keratin, we will give them Keratin.
Traditional Chinese Medicines also uses human body parts.
Our human bodies grow Keratin 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
You’ve heard this mentioned a few times, now have the courage and resolve to act.

We ask the international community to do the following and post on the 16th MARCH 2012:

Additional Information

We’re going to inform the Local, National and International press to highlight this International Action, the issues facing rhino, tiger etc and why we are posting our nails and hair.


We’ve basically run out of time to protect these creatures.  We’ve urged Governments to have the political will to protect them, we’ve asked for more anti-poaching teams, stricter laws and punishments, implementation of programs for education and employment.  We have tried so very hard, but still these beautiful creatures spiral to extinction.

We cant just stop, we are their last hope, and we must try everything.

This is a mailing action with a difference.  How shocked do you think the Chinese embassy’s will be when envelopes full of human hair and nails begin to arrive on their doorstep with an accompanying letter stating that you give your body parts in replacement of the Rhino’s horn, Tiger claws, Pangolin scales, Antlers etc?

They cant accuse us of offending them as China uses human body parts.  They cant say that this is uncalled for as we are offering our own Keratin in place of the slaughter of magnificent creatures Keratin.  We cant be accused of being radical as we are upholding the Law and protected status of these endangered and critically endangered creatures – some thing that they are not doing or care to do.

As the vile inflitration into countries such as India for their Tigers, Africa for their Rhino and every other species which is on the fake TCM animal body part menu,  we must address it.

We are offering sustainable Keratin consumption for China. We are saying ‘Ok, you know that Keratin does nothing, however you wont stop, so here you go, have our Keratin and not the Rhino horn, or the Tiger claws or the Pangolin scales, or the Antelope horns or hoofs….

China take our body parts and leave them alone.

We DO NOT insult, we DO NOT rage with violence, we act together united.

This action will achieve this – it will bring the falsities of TCM ABP use to the front door of China (and in the future other countries).  It will show that human beings will gladly offer themselves in place of the animal, it will show that we WANT our creatures here on earth and not mixed up in fake remedies.  And in hope, it will bring forward many human beings to such an extent that enough pressure will be brought down on TCM ABP that it will help slow it and then halt it.

There are people around the world who use TCM with full belief that it works, they dont know any better.  So we must educate also.

We hope you will ACT.

We have included the email address’s for the Embassy’s, however this is only for you to follow up if you choose.

You must mail this Action.



Ambassador: Liu Guangyuan


E-mail: [email protected]



Ambassador: Zhong Jianhua


P.O.BOX 95764, WATERKLOOF 0145

E-mail: [email protected] 


Ambassador: Xin Shunkang

Address: No. 58 Golden Stairs Road, Mount Pleasant, Harare, Zimbabwe


E-mail: [email protected]


Ambassador: Chen Yuming


E-mail: [email protected] 


Ambassador: Zhang Yesui

Address: 3505,International Place, N.W., WASHINGTON D.C. 20008, U.S.A.

E-mail: [email protected]


Ambassador Liu Xiaoming

51 Portland Place  London W1B 1JL

Email: [email protected]


Ambassador: Zhang Yan

Address: 50-D, Shantipath, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi-110021, India

National Code & Delhi District Code:0091-11

E-mail: [email protected]


I, ………………………………………., hereby give my permission to the Chinese Embassy, Government, and people to use my donated human body parts of finger nails(FN), toe nails(TN) and hair(H) to replace the rhino horn, pangolin scales, tiger bone, tiger claws, antler use and any other animal in which keratin or fur is being sourced for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Animal Body Part (ABP) use.

* I allow you to utilise my hygienically manicured and packaged human body parts of FN, TN and H for substitution of all Keratin based animal body parts and/or fur of all vulnerable, endangered and critically endangered listed species with the thorough understanding that Human Body parts are also utilised in  TCM.

*I am donating this to you because of the scientific fact that TCM ABP of various animals horns, scales and nails is false and these animal body parts are made up of Kertin and offer no proven medical cures of any ailment or injury. 

* I give you my Keratin body parts as you continue to slaughter these creatures for myths and legends which were written over 3000 years ago and are proven false.

* I give you permission to use my donated human body parts of FN, TN and H as an alternative Keration source for the falsely proven healing qualities of TCM ABP.

 * I give you this donation of my human body parts to replace all animals slaughtered for their Keratin of use in TCM ABP, as my donated Keratin can regrow and is sustainable, where as a dead Rhino, Tiger, Pangolin or any other creature from which you slaughter to obtain Keratin from cannot regrow. Dead is forever.

 * I allow you to use my donated Keratin as the creatures that are slaughtered and procured for Keratin are endangered and some critically endangered, however whom you insist on obtaining useless Keratin from.

* I do these ACTIONS not as an insult, but as an effort to give China an alternative to Keratin rather than causing extinction of vital creatures.

This ACTION is not a solution to the problems creatures on the TCM list face today but a step towards creating the will to do so.  Many of us live in countries outside of where these targeted creatures live.  Some people have the impression that because they do not live in-country that they are helpless to do anything. That is not correct. What we can do, individually & collectively, is to stand up and say no more with Actions like this.  We need to continue to get the attention of  Governments, News papers, Television companies and Wildlife authorities and encourage them to do more, to get the message out there.  People do care are disgusted by the plight of the our creatures more so WHEN THEY HEAR ABOUT IT.  So let’s keep educating, exposing and acting.  If we shout loud enough they will have to listen. Then we can get the resources to those on the ground, working in wildlife, crime prevention, customs & prosecutions.

The only reason evil prevails is if good men and women do nothing – a variation on a quote attributed to Edmund Blake

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  1. Brennan Browne Says:

    You can also show support by signing the petition: BOYCOTT CHINA…END ITS ANIMAL TERROR!

    The petition will be sent to President Hu Jintao and ALL 165 Chinese Ambassadors worldwide.

  2. Dominique Says:

    I will do :) sharing

  3. huw Says:

    should we be aiming for the parcels to arrive ON the 16th?

  4. Negotiation Is Over Says:

    the exercise should be completed by the 16th. :)

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