Statement from Camille Marino

Posted by on February 5, 2012

Last night I was arrested in Gainesville, and am awaiting extradition to Michigan. I deeply appreciate the outpouring of love and support from all of you. Please do not let this minor inconvenience distract attention from the monkeys in prison at UF. I am proud that 20-30 activists carried on the demo last night after Lisa and I were taken away.

Despite my incarceration, we will be suing UF this week to disclose the address of their monkey prisons. Then Lisa will get their vet records through December 31, 2011.

The campaign will go on with or without me and I will be back as soon as I can.

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Last modified on May 10, 2012

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49 Responses to “Statement from Camille Marino”

  1. Jan Says:

    Hang in there. Thanks for all you do

  2. Rosa Pereira Says:

    I wish you both lots of strength. I know you have lots of it but that is a very difficult situation. You have reason and good on your side but you fight stupidity and brutality. All my support, respect and admiration to you both! Keep strong, Camille and Lisa!
    R. Pereira

  3. Mal Says:

    Stay strong, Camile…and calm.

  4. amber day Says:

    Camille, many of your friends have been busy all day trying to help you…keep up your spirits..try not to worry too much…everyone is thinking about you.

  5. Maria Eugenia Gonzalez Says:

    <3 <3 <3 <3 regardless the borders I will try my best to help in any way I can , I admire you so much words can´t describe. Be safe.

  6. Marie St-Clair Says:

    I’m with you Camille. Myself and many others. Hang in there. We will not let you down and we will not give up.

  7. Dorothy Pipher Says:

    You and Lisa are an inspiration to us all. Stay strong!

  8. Red Wolf Says:

    Dearest Camille, we are in there with you. The awareness of your situation will be passed to everyone that we can reach. I will be following this closely and hope to correspond with you soon.
    Strength, Love and Truth,

  9. Ann Parkes Says:

    Camille – consistently, you are a source of strength and inspiration. I love and admire you, and am totally committed to the invaluable work that is necessary to liberate animals from the clutches of those determined to ruin them.

    The campaign will go on. And we become further galvanised by each action the fascist fools throw at us. Your incarceration is not a setback – it is a victory. You have caused upset, disruption and fear to people not fit to call themselves part of the human race. Every insult, injury and penalty they inflict on you, they inflict on all of us.

    I know I speak for all of your Comrades. Solidarity!!!

  10. Nicole Troyan Says:

    I am so upset to hear about your arrest! You are trying to do a good thing & should not be punished for that. But even though you are punished here, god sees what good youbare doing and will reward you for that! Keep up the good work & thank you so much for what you are doing!!!!

  11. Victoria Fraser Says:

    Thank you for everything you have done so far. We will all do what we can for you now and to keep the pressure on UF with a renewed determination to prove their bullying ways will never win. The truth is out there now and it will continue so they have no where to hide from their atrocities.

  12. Noelya Says:

    They want to attack people like us because they are siding with the sadists abusers of animals.

  13. Janice Achimon Says:

    What a hero!!!!!!!! I have no adequate words to express genuine awe & admiration for your bravery & commitment at all costs for the precious monkies that are living in hell! THANK YOU FOR THEM & FOR ALL OF US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May you soon be free to continue your vital work & your wonderful life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love from Texas!!!!! Janice Achimon

  14. Dean Bracher Says:

    Hope you are okay Camille. And all the best in the campaign at U.F!

  15. Daniela Passini Says:

    Thank you, Camille. Your fight is ours and will be carried on until animals obtain the rights and the respect they deserve

  16. Daniela Passini Says:

    Thank you, Camille, for all you are doing do to stop cruelty to animals!

  17. John Mayer Says:

    I know nothing of the particulars of this case, but if you’re fighting for the well-being of animals, then you’re almost certainly the good guy. I admire you, and hope you have a skilled lawyer.

  18. DuggiePoo Says:

    Goodbye bitch.

  19. marda de wet Says:

    Fightiing the establishment and their acceptance of a cruel and abhorrent practices is nothing new. This happened when people fought to stop slavery, America had a civil war to ban the practice of slavery, women threw themselves under the wheels of carriages to get the vote (barely 100 years ago), segregation was stopped only after huge protests in the 60’s and apartheid became outlawed in 1994. it is the brave who are prepared to stand up and be counted. I salute you for your bravery on behalf of all who care about animals and their legal rights. Be strong Camille, you are supported all over the world where people care about animals and their survival and right to be free.

  20. MIREN Says:


  21. John Says:

    Hi Camille as a fellow animal activist I have been following the abomination with Air France & the University of Florida & Roberts the murderer, which involves the torture of innocent creatures. I thank you for being there & demonstrating for the rights of these beautiful creatures against a corrupt government & law enforcement agency that have been bought out by the 1% scum.. All power to you Camille from Australia.

  22. Charmain Holder Says:

    Dear Camille,

    I admire your courage and compassion to this cruel and outrageous capturing of the monkeys. I believe in you and we will continue to fight for the rights of all Animals.

    My thoughts are with you.

    Charmain Holder
    South Africa

  23. Mario Gandolfo Says:

    Best of luck while inside…You have been made a living Martyr and hopefully now they will have NO CHOICE but to wake up and discover the atrocities that go on behind closed doors…..

  24. priscilla Says:


  25. Sonja Wilson Says:

    I am the President of WEEAC ™ – Zurich, Switzerland (World Event to End Animal Cruelty).

    This exaggerated sort of Americans will not! Have no other problems in the U.S.?


  26. barbi twins Says:

    Camille, you are a brave inspiration to all as you are making history with your stance against cruelty and injustice with your peaceful persistent protest. There are people that cheer for you, there are people that would swear for you, there are people that need to hear you, but none that can steer the movement like you. This movement has been clouded with putting personalities above principals, while you stayed true to making animals (principals) priorities. Most of the movement is about reacting instead of acting, waiting, wishing, warning, whining….but not doing it. It’s not always popular doing the right thing, but that’s what makes leaders and heroes!
    Love you Barbi Twins

  27. Brennan Browne Says:

    Camille my love:

    I’m completely astonished to see new postings on your web page. I assumed it would be the first thing seized and shutdown. When I read you had been arrested, I was overcome with emotion and wished so much I could have been right there, in the flesh, to support you.

    We both understand that the more outspoken and successful the ARA, the more likely we are to be targeted for persecution, prosecution and imprisonment. So in this respect, you are, of course, victorious.

    I reflect upon the growing number of 1st Amendment political prisoners in the U.S. who have come before you, and the many which are destined to come after, under the increasing tyranny of our corporate-controlled government. Those whose beliefs are the true tenets of a civilized mind, in a world so perverse that the goal of non-violence against ALL living beings is labeled “terrorism.” Those who bastardize and exploit that label are consumed with cancerous greed for which every living being is expendable. They are the sick, the delusional, the counterfeits, the haters, the liars, the destroyers, the soulless and the purist form of evil. In the end, however, they will not win.

    Your friends are rallying around you. You have overwhelming moral support. People are giving whatever they can to support you financially. You are in my heart dear friend, and in the hearts of so many others who admire your bravery, honesty, sacrifice and compassionate soul. You are a strong, brilliant woman, Camille. I know that whatever tribulations you must endure, you will continue to do so with honor, dignity and integrity. You are always in my thoughts and prayers my dear. I am with you in spirit, always.
    Love ~B

    Non-cooperation with evil is a duty ~ Mahatma Gandhi

  28. Suzanne Kelly Says:

    Camille i(we) WILL keep fighting and not be weakend by this.
    Your strength,comitment and energy is awesome! Looking
    Forward to you being back with us! :)

  29. Negotiation Is Over Says:

    An Onymous:
    There’s no such thing as an animal rights terrorist as we are committed to a world view of compassion. You are just one of the many trying to burry the issue of the primate torture at UF by speaking of everything but the issue. This attempt in Gainesville and in the biotech community is barely alive any longer because any idiot can see that no one has been hurt by any of us. UF WILL ban animal testing and NIO activists, including Camille, will continue to expose the truth no matter what bullshit you spew and no matter what you do to any of us.

  30. Suzanne Kelly Says:


  31. vegangsterARNP Says:

    i will GLADLY share any information for all to see. these sadentists must be SHAMED and humiliated, and RUINED. I have a very strong feeling you will be let out. I WILL SHARE INFO of these sick bastards. Please keep up the morale. A massacre is going on, and the human filth must be stopped.

  32. Ann Parkes Says:

    DuggiePoo and An Onymous (sic)

    what a complete pair of ignoramuses you are. Politicians and the establishment pay lip service to ‘democracy’ but do not carry through with it’s ideals. Of course, you pair mirror a lot of what is wrong with society and I will not further waste my time on you.

    Camille – know that I love you. And that we are all by your side. Know also that you have achieved yet another Victory. Your incarceration is attracting global attention – and what you spend your life fighting to achieve is being highlighted. The animals need you – and we want you back home where you belong. In the meantime, you continue to be a Voice for the Voiceless -and louder than ever now from your prison cell. We will carry on fighting for the animals. We will continue to support and fight for you. Solidarity!

  33. Kala Says:

    “There’s no such thing as an animal rights terrorist as we are committed to a world view of compassion.”

    This is farcical NIO. By definition, terrorism is the systematic use of terror, especially as a means of coercion. This website, and other militant AR activists, absolutely use this tactic as a means of coercion. Praising harm that comes to people you dislike, writing about how you wish animal abusers (your definition of animal abuser being of course quite broad) are tortured and killed, openly calling for more “direct action” to be done. All of this work is threatening, and you openly embrace the idea that your enemies should be afraid of you. That, is terrorism. The word terrorism, semantically, doesn’t have anything to do with your intent. If your intent was to save children dying of cancer, and you used the same tactics, it would still be a terror based campaign. You could call it sabotage, if you were focused on direct action without the fear aspect, but that’s not what you do. I believe that you are protected by the First Amendment by the vast bulk of your speech, but on the whole I find you distasteful and kind of silly. Silly because I think people like Camille Marino and Walter Bond really have this fantastical view that completely warps how much effect their actions have, which is really next to nothing.

    But I’m not sure that the moderator here will even post this, as extremist websites have a habit of only posting opposing posts that are easy to take down. But go ahead and prove me wrong.

  34. Negotiation Is Over Says:

    Kala, As far as we know, Camille is in jail for contempt of court. Likely what that translates to is this is what happens when you win a court case against UF showing THEM to be the ones breaking the law. We have never hurt anyone nor done anything wrong. This conversation is nothing more than you, another ignorant UF puppet, refusing to address the issue of ancient primate experiments when they are alternatives. Changing the sugject by trying to call someone a terrorist who has been jailed for contempt of court AND has prevailed legally against the enemy is just ignorant. Feel free to go on and on about anything you like, it helps us show supporters that continuing to expose the truth about UF is a victory as you people allow yourselves to say stupid and illogical things that are obviously false.

  35. 7dogshere Says:

    Stay strong Camille; we (human animals that matter and ALL nonhuman animals are with you.

  36. Brennan Browne Says:

    Kala, the government absolutely LOVES people like you. They gather in their think tanks and devise ways to demonize those who are the biggest threats to corporate profits, then mass indoctrinate the public with their poison, labeling those who have never killed anyone, alongside those who mass murder, as “terrorists”…and individuals such as yourself lap it up.

    Hopefully this excerpt from my article — What’s Fueling the “War on Terror?” Clue: It’s NOT Terrorists — will open your eyes to just how severely manipulated you are:

    There are exhaustive examples of bonafide acts of terrorism, genuinely deserving of that classification. However, what the public is being force fed today has little to do with real terrorism and is nothing short of a full-fledged propaganda campaign. A deliberate, controlled, mass indoctrination — not unlike Bush’s prelude to the Iraq invasion — of lies, fear and hysteria utilizing the “terrorist” label to scapegoat innocent citizens in a bid to quash multiple dissent across the board.

    Setting fire to a Hummer to draw attention to society’s gluttonous, over-consumption of fossil fuels is arson — not terrorism — no matter how disingenuously our government uses the term to intensify public prejudice and paranoia. Hoisting one’s self into a tree to prevent clear-cutting an old growth forest is a defiant, non-violent act of protest against corporate greed and environmentally destructive practices; it is by no stretch of a sane person’s logic — terrorism. Freeing non-human animals subjected to neglect, abuse, torture and murder may be relabeled “terrorism” by powerful corporate interests controlling Congress, in order to expeditiously imprison and dispose of those who stand in the way of their rapacious business practices and profits, but that doesn’t make those individuals terrorists. Such acts can never be compared — with any moral or ethical honesty — to the violent acts of kidnapping, torture and murder of human beings undertaken by real terrorists. No. The “terrorist” paradigm is being rabidly exploited by the corporate state to silence any and all opposition to its imperialistic agendas.

    Redefining the ‘terrorist’ label to include non-violent acts of civil disobedience has become a convenient strategy to demonize, criminalize and incarcerate those who publicly denounce the growing multifaceted, unconstitutional, jackbooted behavior of a government gone mad. Entrapping peaceful groups by infiltrating them and using coercive, bullying tactics by government snitches and provocateurs, to railroad law-abiding citizens into committing crimes they never would have undertaken in the first place, seems solely “American” in nature. For all of the historic red-baiting hysteria about Russia and China’s brutal crackdowns, it’s doubtful that these countries actually INVENT crimes to imprison people. How do I know this? Because they don’t need to. They don’t hide behind a hypocritical facade of democracy. If an individual is problematic to the government they are simply arrested — no need to play mind games for the benefit of an uninformed public to cover their tracks. Their citizens are well aware of the extent of their government’s criminality.

    The “terrorist” moniker, now tossed about with as much caution as a knife-wielding psychotic, has little to do with reality and everything to do with the number one threat to an open society — not terrorism — GREED. As long as the U.S. government can continue expanding the myth of terrorists hiding behind every rock, the military, prison and surveillance state will balloon undeterred. In the end, the “War on Terror” has morphed into a form of psychopathic capitalism run amok.

    Consider Uncle Sam’s two-fold strategy. The first generates vast wealth into what can be described as a “subterranean economy.” This economy does nothing to support or rectify the current depression the rest of us are ensconced in. Instead, it funnels billions in tax money away from infrastructure and social programs, toward those who directly profit from expanding the “War on Terror” as a capitalist enterprise.

    Read more here:

  37. Kala Says:

    I’m sure the government absolutely loves people like me, who have much criticism for the status quo and the current state of government in the United States of America. I’m sure they love advocates like myself. Have you stopped to think about how moronic it is to assume that just because I disagree with many of the sentiments espoused on Negotiation is Over, that I’m somehow ignorant of important issues and am a pawn for the status quo?

    I consider the acts of Walter Bond, to be violent and threatening. He committed an act of arson, to destroy a business, and to serve as a warning to other similar businesses that their legal businesses were not safe. Websites like NIO and people like Camille Marino absolutely advocate for acts such as those committed by Walter Bond. I have no reason to believe that Marino herself has committed an act of terrorism, she is an above ground activist that focuses more along the lines of harassment, but she certainly advocates for more terror-based activities. Sneaking into a factory farming operation, taking video, and rescuing injured animals is not something that I would consider terroristic in any way shape or form, but those that support AETA would claim that such an action would be an act of terrorism. I don’t even consider acts of sabotage to be terroristic, although I do not necessarily think that they are always ethically sound, but I do consider threats and threatening actions to be so. As a further example, I do not think that a group like Sea Shepard is terroristic by sabotaging efforts to stop whaling. But if Sea Shepard started throwing around threats and then proceeded to go sink a ton of ships, potentially injure people in doing so, release communiques with affirmations and continued threats, and kept on keeping on, I would absolutely consider them to be a terroristic organization.

    Someone like Walter bond sees no ethical quandary with the idea of killing the people he considers to be abusers. If he had his way, him and other direct action AR activists would be able to threaten, injure, or kill those that he felt were wrong, all in an attempt for some level of greater world peace and compassion. The only reason I’m going to guess he will never do it is because he doesn’t want to sit in a jail cell for the rest of his life and fewer people will rally to his cause, it’s a matter of self preservation.

    You know very little about me Brennan, other than I do not abide by the attitudes of people like Camille Marino. I think it’s pathetic to read droves of comments talking about how supposed animal abusers should be tortured and twisted and broken and killed. That’s a pretty common sentiment espoused around here. I think her hysterical and bombastic writings serve no other purpose other than to inflame some minor fringe group of animal activists that have little power, and I have no reason to believe will ever have any kind of power.

    I also notice that my second comment, in reply to comments on my first, was not posted. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. I sincerely hope that it’s not being censored because I directly refuted the silly idea that I am associated with the University of Florida.

  38. Brennan Browne Says:

    Southern Poverty Law Center’s “Hatewatch” has added Camille to their web page. They accept comments for anyone wanting to contribute their opinion:

  39. Brennan Browne Says:

    Thanks for clarifying your position, Kala. I still believe it is highly unfair, inappropriate and erroneous to label non-violent acts of property destruction — terrorism. Torture and murder, the same institutionalized torture and murder taking place in the name of profit in labs and within factory farm hellholes IS terrorism.

  40. Susan Duke Says:

    Camille~ You are REAL and I LOVE YOU FOR THAT!!! You have my unadulterated support until every cage is EMPTY! You are truly family to me and with that said, you can know that you have my complete trust and confidentiality! NIO is where I belong~ heart and soul! We will continue the campaign you waged against UF and anyone else who dare side with animal torture and murder in the name of greed and profit. We have your back~ you will NEVER be alone! Your absence is temporary! Meanwhile, we will work diligently to expose YOUR COMPASSION and UF’s LIES and ANIMAL TORTURE to the mass media. We’ll take care of you and make sure you have what you need!! I know you will, BUT, keep your head held high, spirits up, and know that we are thinking of you every minute!! SOLIDARITY and big hugs, Susan :)

  41. Kala Says:

    Thank you for being respectful Brennan, I can see where you are coming from. But fundamentally I don’t feel the same way about animal use, so we’ll never quite agree. I think protection for most all forms of activism are important, and there is absolutely a trend is this country regarding activists that is totalitarian and contrary to the stated ideals we pretend this country stands for.

    Although I don’t care for Camille’s particular style of writing or speaking, I don’t have any issue with the bulk of her UF campaign. I am sure there is a sizeable portion of the UF alumni that donate, that maybe aren’t comfortable with the idea of primate testing, and don’t know that it happens there. If for nothing else, I think that science needs to be constantly reevaluating methods and questioning whether or not methods can be updated to be as ethical as we can make them. Clearly they are using a past offense to punish her and stop her from her current activism, which is questionable, but I have no pity for her because she is where she is because of ham-fisted tactics.

    I don’t normally comment here, but I just felt it was kind of ridiculous that the moderator of this thread proposed that because the end goal of their efforts was supposedly compassion, that there was no way that they could be guilty of using terror tactics. This website is far more belligerent and supportive of terror tactics than most animal activists websites, and even moreso that most public AR websites. End goal has little to do with whether or not you are using terror. When people are calling scientists at home, threatening their lives and their families, in an attempt to pressure them to stop doing what they’re doing, that in my mind is a tactic based in terror. This absolutely happens every time some scientist’s personal information is posted publicly, and it’s a joke to pretend that this kind of action isn’t in part what’s intended by the people who initially release the information. When anti-choice activists do this to ob-gyns, it is widely seen as a terror tactic as well.

    I’m not the kind of opposition that’s going to sit here and hope you all wind up in jail. I don’t care if you’re vegan, I don’t care if you rescue animals, and I don’t even particularly care if the haterade kind of speech around here ceases. If I did care, you’d see me trolling more articles. But the denial that militant AR activists don’t use terror stuck in my craw.

  42. anonymous Says:

    Being incarcerated sounds horrendous, hope you’re doing OK.

  43. sunshine Says:

    I´m just wondering about one thing, dear people….what are you going to do and what will happen to your great “family” (loving each other and sharing an aim) when you have finally approached your aim?will you be happy? or just running ´round, confused, because you have no family anymore?

  44. An Onymous Says:

    Really, L. t.? Now you’re veering into xenophobia, too?

    For the record, drug-related arrests and seizures are at an all-time high (including an unfortunate continuation by the Obama administration of continuing federal prosecutions of marijuana offenses in states where it has been legalized). And since you seem to be a bit of a dim bulb, let me explain this to you:dengue fever is spread by mosquitoes. Crack a (science) book once in a while, Skippy.

    Back on topic..

    Those of you who don,t think NIO’s tactics are not terroristic, please explain the difference between them and other terrorist groups, like Scott Rowder’s ACLA, the IRA, and Hezbollah. While the end goal may differ, the tactic used is the same: place all members of the target population on notice they they are in the line of fire so long as they continue doing what they do. So that they feel terrified and hence the designation terrorism.

  45. Negotiation Is Over Says:

    Thanks anonymous. Being incarcerated for obviously stupid shit isn’t so bad- at least the staff are all pleasant since they know nothing bad was done.

  46. miren Says:


  47. James Says:

    “By definition, terrorism is the systematic use of terror, especially as a means of coercion.”
    It’s nice that you have the time for intellectual masturbation, but unfortunately your dribbling on semantics does not constitute US law and is entirely irrelevant.
    You use this term pejoratively but presumably you are ‘extremely’ against child molestation. Reconsider, perhaps?
    “I consider the acts of Walter Bond, to be violent”
    Again, that’s nice. We may deduce from this that demolishing a house is also violent. Your ridiculous conclusions simply do not logically follow.
    “Have you stopped to think about how moronic it is to assume that just because I disagree with many of the sentiments espoused on Negotiation is Over, that I’m somehow ignorant of important issues and am a pawn for the status quo?” … “legal businesses”
    There is really no need to think about it when you prove it yourself. Let me explain: an obvious implication made in your post is that because a business is legal it is morally good, or at least neutral. From this we can deduce that if a business were selling human slaves, for example, and it were legally permitted, that would be OK, and wrong to destroy. Whether you meant to imply this is not really my concern; you did. If you didn’t mean to then perhaps you should learn to be a little more articulate before publicly commenting.
    “sink a ton of ships”
    You can read here about Sea Shepherd sinking ships by its own admission: — granted, it’s not “a ton” of them. If that is a precondition for your considering Sea Shepherd to be a terrorist organization then disregard this point.
    “I don’t feel the same way about animal [ab]use”
    Might I suggest you get off a total liberation vegan site? Like really, I don’t seek out Nazi forums so that I can yammer on about how I disagree with them. Go away; nobody here gives a fuck about your stupidity or its verbal manifestations.

    @L. T
    “I’m amazed how the government turns a blind eye to all the dope dealers and TONS of illegal aliens who are spreading tuberculosis and dengue fever to American citizens–and prioritizes this individual?”
    For fuck’s sake I don’t understand you people. Nobody here has their mind changed by your absurd opinions, be they “you should eat gore and filth” or “racism is great”. Arbitrarily discriminating against people from across abstract, conceptual borders is not wanted here. Again, go away.

    Don’t have time for ‘An Onymous’ but I did roll my eyes at your blind acceptance of the US ‘justice’ system being about ‘justice’ and its ‘democracy’ actually existing, and your idea that going to prison is an effective way to create change actually made me laugh. So ridiculous.

    As for Camille, I hope you are doing alright.


  48. x Says:

    if i recall correctly, steve best has been both arrested and banned from the united kingdom. do you seriously think his animal liberation books are raking in the dough? i don’t think he is the sole author of most of them, either. i think his postmodern publication (publications?) sold a few thousand, maybe ten thousand copies? which was also authored with someone else. sounds like he’s really sitting on a lot of money through that… not. steve’s bread and butter i would assume is his professorship.

  49. N/A Says:

    I donated $100 for Camille’s defense. I hope others do the same.

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