HLS Documents Leaked (March 12, 2012)

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Download Leaked Documents HERE

Numerous HLS’ internal documents have been leaked from inside HLS, putting their confidential client documents, experiments, invoices, unpaid bills, staff communications and even their secret alter-ego in the public domain. The documents reveal previously unknown suppliers and customers, as well as re-confirming existing ones – so please don’t hesitate to contact them by finding their details using the link above. These documents go to show that HLS are still full of holes – even people working within their own company hate them enough to dish the dirt on them!

>> HLS Secret Alter-Ego: “LSR Associates”

And if that isn’t enough, we can reveal that HLS have a secret alter ego. In a desperate attempt to shed their well-earned reputation of sloppy work and animal cruelty, HLS have dreamed up a new company – LSR Associates – which they operate under in the UK alongside HLS. So desperate for people not to put two and two together, they’ve not even published their full address which includes the word “Huntingdon”!

The reason? HLS want new clients to test their chemicals at their labs under a ‘new’ scheme brought about by an EU Directive, known as REACH. This directive demands that all existing substances (currently already in use by the population) be re-tested (see more info here). Knowing that potential new contracts lie on the line, HLS have concocted this cute little fake identity to groom the potential new customers by appearing as a respectable company. The testing phase for REACH substances finishes at the end of 2012, so it’s important to contact the REACH customers now and ask them not to use shabby HLS either directly or indirectly via LSR Associates. REACH customers are marked as such on the customers page.

Documents leaked include:

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  1. nancy Says:

    I’m so disgusted with these unusually cruel testing labs, they all need to be shut down, all they are is egotistical sadistic business collecting tax payer money. they do no good and with alternatives out there, money could well be spent using the other options in place of companion animals! Just seems so barbaric now using living beings instead of the alternatives. I carefully research to make sure I do not use any product that has been tested on animals, rather see death row inmates go through that, they committed crimes, not the animals

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