Harlan orders 900 monkeys, Italian activists prepared to face jail to fight vivisection

Posted by on March 31, 2012

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Italy as well as many other European countries are raising their voices, people is fed up with all this abuse and the good thing is that a lot of young people is involved, the young ones are the future and future leaders.

1. Harlan ordered 900 macaques from China. Some were taken from the wild and some were bred in labs, four of those labs are located in Southern China. This is the biggest primate order ever to arrive in Italy.

2. 150 macaques, some reports say 104, already arrived at the end of February and are just about to end their quarantine. Then, they will be prepared according to the different labs requests.

3. Activist did several protests and demanded to know who in the government approved the arrival of all these macaques. So far no name was mentioned.

4. On March 2nd, three activists were able to briefly enter the building in the attempt to photograph or video tape inside the Harlan Lab, but were unsuccessful because employees called the police and locked all the doors. That concentration camp has surveillance cameras everywhere, alarms, it is pretty much impossible to enter. One of the activists said it was dreadful inside the building, they could hear the monkeys but could not see them because workers closed door where the primates were kept. He also said that employees were very nervous about their presence in the building and the activist assure them they were not there to harm no one. I love what the activist said at the end, he said now we will face the music (meaning the police) we know the consequences of our actions, but it is okay we know the price we have to pay for pursuing our passion. (see video above)

5. Michela Vittoria Brambilla, ex minister of tourism, now a Member of Parliament (She is the lady with red hair you see speaking in the video) has been fighting along with activists to demand the Italian government to close down Harlan as well GreenHill. As a member of the Parliament she was able to enter Harlan escorted by police to check on the primates, she said they looked in good health, she also said Italians do not want this kind of labs in the country and they got to go. On March 2nd there was an article http://www.greenme.it/informarsi/animali/7097-harlan-scimmie in which they said Hon. Mrs. Brambilla reached an agreement via phone with the Harlan president David Broecken . Allegedly, Mr. Broecken assured Mrs Brambilla the rest of the 900 macaques would no longer arrive in Italy and the one already there would not be turned in to vivisection labs.

6. BUT Davis Broecken LIED and the 104 macaques will go to labs and more macaques are scheduled to arrive to Italy. Several Italian labs placed orders to Harlan. The reason the primates haven’t arrived in Italy yet is because of the ever increasing opposition of people against vivisection, and this is starting to make these butchers very nervous. It seems Italians are not going to let this one go anytime soon. For now the rest of the 900 monkeys are kept in a holding facility back in China.

7. It seems that a reliable informer leak the information that during the last check NAS (a branch of the police) did in the Harlan labs found sanitary violations. In a way this would be good because it would give a reason to stop Harlan.

8. Today, March 31, at 11:00 a.m. Italian time there was another protest at the Harlan location.

9. The petition will be delivered to the Senate as soon as it has 10,000 signatures: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/400/359/385/chiediamo-al-presidente-renato-schifani-di-calendarizzare-il-ddl-3084-del-senatore-alberto-filippi/

10. Please visit Freccia45, the organization that keeps track of Harlan: http://www.freccia45.org/

So this is pretty much what has been going on. The biggest concern is to know what will happen to the macaques that are in the lab right now.

The good thing is that in the Italian government there are several politicians that support animal welfare. Among them is Senator Alberto Filippi who introduced in the Senate Law 3084. Law 3084 pretty much ask the Italian government to make it mandatory to completely eliminate the use of animals for experiments and to finance new alternative methods. If law 3084 is approved, GreenHill, Harlan and other places like those will be history in Italy and anybody cut experimenting on animals will be punished accordingly to the Penal Code. There is a petition that will be delivered to the Senate, as soon it reaches the signature’s goal, to request the Senate to discuss the approval of this law as soon as possible.

Once the senate and the member of congress approve it, it is delivered to the parliament where the Italian President will decide whether or not to make it an official law.

This is a pdf file with the proposed law 3084 (it is in Italian): http://www.senato.it/service/PDF/PDFServer/DF/276232.pdf

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  1. Kate Cassidy Says:

    Vivisection is cruel & unnecessary and so cruel. Stop torturing innocent animals!

  2. Ivana Dufkova Says:


  3. MªPilar CMartinez Says:

    please, help them
    stop torturing innocent animals
    please help them

  4. Rose Mallia Says:

    What I’d like to know is what will happen to any primates left in CHINA!!!!! As the Chinese have no scruples or ethics whatsoever they will just source the primates and sell them to anyone willing. This is where it has to stop. The Italians are almost there in ceasing all experimentation and I commend those people who are working hard towards that. At least these people have consciences and intelligence to realise that you don’t need to conduct experiments on a living being that is not a carbon copy of a human. If they want to test humans let them go ahead with anyone who agrees to it. Leave the animals alone.

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