Sadist Called “Pinching” from Identified

Posted by on March 31, 2012

Please see earlier post re-published from Earth Island Journal. Death threats that made against an anti-trapping group when these horrific pictures of tortured wolves in the Rockies surfaced.


Josh Bransford
23 HC 1 #23
ELK CITY, ID 83525

Fire Management Officer – Red River Ranger District: (208) 842-2123

This sadistic fuck and his slack-jawed knuckle-dragging associates used this trapped terrified wolf for target practice:

“On March 16, a Friday, a US Forest Service employee from Grangeville, Idaho, laid out his wolf traps. The following Monday, using the name ‘Pinching,’ he posted his story and pictures on ‘I got a call on Sunday morning from a FS [Forest Service] cop that I know. You got one up here as there was a crowd forming. Several guys had stopped and taken a shot at him already,’ wrote Pinching. The big, black male wolf stood in the trap, some 300-350 yards from the road, wounded—the shots left him surrounded by blood-stained snow. Pinching concluded his first post, ‘Male that went right at 100 pounds. No rub spots on the hide, and he will make me a good wall hanger.'”

To lodge complaints and to demand that trapping is banned as a form of wolf management tool:

Nez Perce Nat’l Forest

Forest Supervisor Rick Brazell, (208) 983-7000, [email protected];
Deputy Forest Supervisor, Ralph Rau, (208) 983-7017, [email protected];
Fire Management, Bob Lippincott, (208) 983-4066, [email protected];
Public Affairs, Laura Smith, (208) 983-5143, [email protected]

IDFG – Director, Virgil Moore, (208) 334-3771, try [email protected] and [email protected]

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6 Responses to “Sadist Called “Pinching” from Identified”

  1. kennettgrl Says:

    Thats so freaking sad that dude needs to be caught in a trap and shot at then he would know how that wolf feels

  2. Marie St-Clair Says:

    What kind of freak poses in front of a trapped and agonizing animal and goes on to ”target practice” on it???
    This is the apex of perversion.
    This sick fuck is paid with tax money. The people’s money. And his true perversion has free range on helpless beings under his dominion.
    The depravity of this soulless monster is bottomless.
    The scary part is, he probably thinks of himself as a good person…

    And we are the so-called eco-terrorists…???

  3. sherry Says:

    I would love to see more pics like this helps me sleep at dad would love to smack that smile off his face and put a bigger one on there. ( =

  4. sgc Says:

    Then you are just as sick and cruel as he is. This monster is going to be fired and hopefully do jail time. Cruelty to animals is illegal. Any man who thinks it’s ok to intentionally inflict suffering on an innocent animal isn’t really a man but a punk little B.

  5. sgc Says:

    I think sherry is trying to bait people into threatening her. So she has something to whine about to her daddy and wolf killing friends. Don’t fall for it.

  6. Zaxtor Says:

    In my free time I document trappers forums and watch them like a hawk.

    Trappers DO abuse animals on their trap lines.

    This is what trapping really is. I collect material from trappers forums and use against them. Stuff they don’t want the public to see. I attack them with their own words.

    no ara means all material are from trappers forums not ara stuff.
    So it prove ARA are right, trapping is cruel and sadism.
    I call it zoosadism.

    Trapping is a cult. These idiotic trappers says foothold / leghold doesn’t cause bruises but it OFTEN causes non-visible bruises or visible bruises.
    Even amputations. I see SOO many reports of pets losing limbs etc.
    They value trapping above everything and they get more offended if you hate trapping than hating their religions.
    They value trapping above their OWN lives.

    Also some dumb hick trappers says all these photo are photoshopped and made gorier to defame trappers. Trappers are soo egoistical and full of crap. They claim I hacked their sites and put these photo up there.
    I even made a video proving that these photo are not fake, they come from trappers forums and proving are cruel.

    vid is called “Trappers are liars, they accuse me of photoshopping to defend trapping”

    I am probably the most hated person to trappers because I damage their images by exposing what they don’t want the public to see.
    Trappers are horrible subspecies and they endorse poaching and cruelty to animals.

    Trappers are hypocrite they cry about polyester coat made of petroleum while they wear them,
    Most of their fur goes on polyester coats for its fur trim. These stupid inbred hicks says NOTHING about oil-made polyester coat with fur on it.
    They say polyester is “eco-friendly” if it has fur on it, but eco-unfriendly if it has no fur on it.
    Also they are claiming fur is green “which is not”.

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