Action Alert: Contact UF’s Private Benefactors – Week 1

Posted by on April 1, 2012

by NIO Florida

The names of alumni and private benefactors from the University of Florida’s College of Pharmacy have been leaked to NIO Florida. These are the people who support or fund animal experimentation. Each is deeply entrenched in the vivisection complex. Each is directly responsible for the torture the monkeys are forced to endure. Each is deemed an enemy combatant. Each should be made as uncomfortable as possible. And all should know that it is their association with UF that has earned them our attention.

This week’s sampling of benefactors is embedded in the FDA, Pfizer, Lilly, Novartis, Bayer, Merck, Abbott, Wyeth, and Roche.


[email protected],  [email protected],  [email protected],  [email protected],  [email protected],  [email protected],  [email protected],  [email protected],  [email protected],  [email protected],  [email protected],  [email protected], [email protected], [email protected],  [email protected], [email protected],  [email protected],  [email protected],  [email protected],  [email protected], [email protected],  [email protected],  [email protected][email protected]


It is unlikely that any individual in this week’s community outreach exercise can be persuaded to be a decent human being. So, please contact them to share your favorite recipes, ask about the weather, recite your favorite lyrics from Earth Crisis or Vegan Reich, or feel  free to offer any other thoughts you deem appropriate. And, in order to avoid key-word spam filters, please simply embed this picture in each communication:


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3 Responses to “Action Alert: Contact UF’s Private Benefactors – Week 1”

  1. Maryanne Scott Says:

    Multi billion dollar profiting companies test on animals because it’s cheaper than getting expensive but more accurate results testing on human DNA. Why don’t you test on humans? Stop testing & exploiting animals, murdering them & stuffing up the environment with your chemicals & wastes. There are so many cruelty free products now on the market which actually work & they don’t need to use cruelty to sell a product.

  2. Jane Ciarlone Says:

    As an educator of higher education, it amazes me how many “scholars” have failed to evolve in so many ways. Cruelty to animals is an outward manifestation of cruel people – whether masquerading as a role model for young adults in higher ed. or as a researcher whose ego has gotten the better of him/her. The disgusting part of all this is that these people view themselves as being above it all while failing to recognize how repulsive they really are to others. Freaks. This sort of behavior should have been banned after WWII.

    An essential purpose of humans in higher education is to demonstrate how it works to create a world free from greed, pain, and narcissism and to show how we as humans can evolve from the thoughtless human behavior that causes pain and suffering to others (our species and other species). Who do these phoneys think they are to bully, exploit, and torture any species? They are an abomination, inferior creatures, both the researchers and those who support them – spreading like a creeping, insidious fungus.

    We live in a time when animal testing is no longer necessary, yet they continue to inflict calculated torture on the purer species of animals. It is time to EVOLVE!

    George Bernard Shaw stated, “Atrocities are no less atrocities when they occur in laboratories and are called “medical research.”

  3. Lena Says:

    Evolve. Animals are not objects to be used and abused. We are not the superior species because if we were we would not be destroying every other species on earth. Look up speciesism.

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