Banned from Youtube, but not from NIO: Defiance is a Virtue!!!

Posted by on April 10, 2012

Last Friday, we published a powerful video called Defiance is a Virtue! to support Camille’s Legal Defense Fund. It received roughly 2000 hits in four days and created a ripple effect among activists who are becoming “inspired” and “defiant.” Our galvanized and expanding community clearly presents an increasing and foreign threat to the enemy and, as one would expect, they had this video pulled from our youtube accounts and summarily banned from the site. Now please enjoy the video they don’t want you to see…

The enemy can never censor us unless we allow them to do so… And we have no intention of conceding anything!

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Last modified on April 17, 2012

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17 Responses to “Banned from Youtube, but not from NIO: Defiance is a Virtue!!!”

  1. Annie Says:

    Coercive power of those involved in criminal acts – working within the ‘laws’ of a corrupt system must NEVER be allowed to interfere with Freedom of Speech!

    AR is increasingly a force to be reckoned with. The enemy will now be reactive rather than proactive.

    You are being led by the nose to your doom Fuckers!!!

  2. Lori Sheppard Says:

    God BLESS your efforts to expose the guilty and protect and save the innocents.

  3. AlvaJo Allen Says:

    Anyone that has compassion for the crys of pain from animals cannot do things like this. These people are certainly of the devil, himself. People like this are not human but are vicious, evil monsters without a soul or spirit. They will go to hell and be with their god (the devil) one day.

  4. Giovanni Says:

    Unfortunately the video has been removed. I’m downloading through the link provided.
    watched twice and you say nothing but the truth. Animal Rights activist must stand together, we cannot allow them to win. We are at war against the real criminals. They can close our accounts, New ones will be opened and the truth will prevail.

  5. Negotiation Is Over Says:

    the vivisection complex is intent on blacking out this video online

    nio is in the process of creating our own hosting site which will be free from the u.s. repression apparatus and immune to censorship

    but, until we’re ready, this video is being uploaded to over 100 youtube sites and facebook profiles. as soon as we have everything in place, the video will be back in a few hours 😀

  6. Ruth Eisenbud Says:


    I admire your courage, dedication and compassion, but am concerned that you are dealing with the symptoms rather than the root cause of animal abuse… In order for animal abuse to be eliminated it must be exposed at its root – it is the judeo.christian tradition that legitimizes the abuse of vivisectors…slaughterers, and every other type of animal exploitation for human benefit…

    Until the pious enforcers of dominion: ministers, priests, rabbis and imans have no more funding to provide a platform for their demagoguery new abusers will sprout up like weeds after a rainstorm…

    They have have full authority of god to back justify their actions…

    The papal state for example has more wealth than many developing nations…Its ostentatious display of finery exists in sharp contrast to many of the devoted followers who bask in the glory of this wealth as they are mal nourished, uneducated and impoverished. This is inequality and social justice turned on its head, as lovely words of compassion for the poor are uttered as a consolation.

    It is not possible to ignore the roll of religion in the current climate of extreme violence to animals.

    This is in no way meant to criticize your integrity, compassion and courage… and the work you do is absolutely necessary, but religion must also be addressed.

    Your ingenuity is also remarkable…in bringing back the video.

  7. Negotiation Is Over Says:

    thank you, ruth –

    despite our differences about approach, i do not disagree with you that the root of evil lies in dominion. our social structure is built on the enslavement of animals and religion sanctifies the cruelty

    my fight is admittedly narrow in the scope of things and focused on a symptom in the form of vivisection — a horror which i seek to shut down with every fiber of my being.

    i will, however, take your thoughts and words under advisement :)


  8. Annie Says:

    How do you suggest religion is addressed Ruth?? In what way are you going to approach the issue? Christianity, Islam, Sikh, Hindu, Voodoo …… list is endless!!

    The symptoms – as in the case of bad toothache – MUST be addressed. Throwing a spanner in the works is not helpful. It has to be a step at a time. Camille is only one person, NIO is only one organisation – from “small acorns”, as they say!!

    Religion, acquisition of power and wealth, sadism, ignorance, culture …….. are ever present. Domestic abuse of family animals, cultural exploitation & torture of animals, hunters, vivisectors, the eating, wearing and general exploitation of animals – all are issues that should be addressed.

    Focus has to be maintained and not diluted until it is ineffective. Focus here is on the vivisecting scum – which does not mean to say that we do not seek to work in other areas also. Those who feel that their talents would best be used in attacking the government, religion, promoting the vegan cause should go ahead and do so!

    Good Luck!

  9. Ruth Eisenbud Says:

    It is really quite simple. First there are two billion who follow the semitic religions of judaism, christianity and islam. These three religions all sanctify animal exploitationa and slaughter i genesis, when god grants man dominion over the animals…Jainism and Hinduism do not, hence there are 400 million vegetarians in India….and many more benefits for animals – such as no culls ever, it is always illegal to kill a dog, unlike the dominion usa where we kill 5 million a year when the become inconvenient, india banned export of all its free roaming monkey abroad so they would not be harmed in labs. The indian govt is doing the work that activists here have to do when they try to stop shipments of monkeys destined to be tortured in labs… India never ships any monkeys to labs anywhere because the mainstream religions are m ore compassionate than Christianity and judaism.
    It is really quite easy to challenge judeo.christian religions in the USA… all we have to do is walk away and offer no moral or financial suppot- in other words – BOYCOTT.
    The priests, ministers and rabbis need funds (donations) to support their demagoguery… Without funds they will have no soap box for their message of holy terror over animals…

    Any pretense that chirstianity is compassion just fuels the flames for more pious animal abuse:

    I received the followin msg from a friend wishing to remain anonymous:

    “A note to all happy families gathering around tables with a centerpiece of a murdered innocent – enjoy.

    Apparently God thought no more of his “only begotten son” than a piece of meat – for, after all, he had his only son tortured and crucified because he was pissed at Adam and Eve and some of their offspring – so – Jesus is now heroically called “the lamb of god” and that’s ok with most Christians. Kill the human “lamb of god,” then eat the human “lamb of god” at communion time while crossing yourself, and then to celebrate Easter, go take a living, breathing, real baby lamb and eat that, too. Good killing and Good Eating.

    P.S. If no baby lambs are available at your local market, and your neighbor farmer won’t sell you a baby lamb, a pig will do.” – name with held

    Christianity is a cruel and sadistic religion that endorses cruelty and sadism.


  10. Ruth Eisenbud Says:


    Thank you for understanding the imlications of religiously induced animal abuse:

    “i do not disagree with you that the root of evil lies in dominion. our social structure is built on the enslavement of animals and religion sanctifies the cruelty”

    I appreciate your intention to give the issue some thought.


  11. Annie Says:

    Thank you so much for simplifying things. However, it wasn’t at all necessary.

    Obviously, there are implications insofar as religion is concerned. I doubt very much that any member of NIO – or anyone else for that matter – is unware of this.

    I know of noone in my immediate circle who believes that christianity. in addition to other dogma, is pretense. Did I intimate anything different in my previous comment?

    However, my own (and others) focus may be aimed in a direction we feel more immediate and where effectiveness will be more profound in the (comparatively) short term.

  12. Ruth "Eisenbud Says:

    Absolutely, it is essential to relieve the immediate suffering of animals tormented by vivisectionists.
    But, I have seen some comments posted on nio in response to a call to boycott judaism, christianity and islam, that imply dominion really means taking good care of animals… There is no salvation for humans or animals in religions founded on permitted slaughter and exploitation. The intention of dominion is to allow man to abuse animals. It is a pernicious and vicious doctrine.
    All allegiance to the semitic religions must be disavowed. I am saddened to say that Gary Yousoursky (sp?) had information posted about the compassion of christianity. I respect him enormously and his efforts to end animal abuse, but we must be honest. Christianity, judaism and islam, despite sweet words are geared towards legitimizing animal abuse.
    I do not expect you to take time from the valuable work you do, but just to be aware that any praise, donations or even celebrations of the flesh laden holidays of chirstmas, easter and passover… only perpetuates animal abuse.

  13. Annie Says:

    I am unsure of why you feel the need to ‘preach’ to the converted.

    Becoming involved in discussion about ‘religion’ is not something that, at this time, I am inclined to do. Gary’s beliefs are his personal business. I would be hesitant to suggest that in any way they have compromised his effectiveness as an activist.

    Personally, I stopped believing in fairy stories and dogma prior to leaving junior school! And I really do not need anyone to tell me not to donate, praise or promote any faith. Except, of course, faith in oneself!

  14. Ruth Eisenbud Says:


    I agree with your position about discarding false myths – fairy stories, especially those that sanctify animal abuse, should not be promoted,

    when we perpetuate an inherently cruel myth even with the best of intentions – it does impede progress… Creating a false illusion allows for dominion to remain unchallenged for what it is. It is essential that it is presented as the codification of animal abuse with a veneer of righteousness. It is not possbile to build compassion on sacred slaughter… The contradiction is just too great..

    If you do not want to think about the ramifications of religion – then consider the results. Protective animal legislation in India, because religion is based on greater compassion for animals and humans alike: ahimsa, has obtained benefits for animals that are impossible in the USA.

    For example: Dissection in all high schools in every state of india and in all universities is banned. This is an absolutely impossible goal in domion nations.

    The goal is saving animal lives – Many more animal lives are saved in India where religion is more compassionate. I want the same results here.

  15. Judith Salyer Says:

    I am a Christian and I am against all animal abuse everywhere. When you talk about Judeo-Christian history and ethics causing crimes against animals, you are only partly right. God did not give humans “dominion” to do as they pleased. Dominion in its original form was meant be taken as “caretaker” not abuser, not torturer, not murderer. If you read the Bible (and many have not) you will find that God grieved to have to cover Adam and Eve’s nakedness after the cosuming of the Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil with first skirts of leaves and then the skins of animals. God only covered them with those skins so that they would know for certain what evil they had done in being disobedient. He never intended for this kind of killing for sacrifice to go on and on. He made the animals to be companions of man not food and clothing. We were supposed to be naked and not ashamed to be in our natural state. Mankind changed the game and thusly suffered the penalty and unfortunately took the poor animals with them.

    There are many verses in the Bible where God says that a godly person takes care of their animals and considers their welfare, There is the story where a man is beating his donkey out of frustration and God opens the mouth of the donkey and he speaks to the man and asks hims “why are you beating me? Do I not do everything I can to care for you” Why would God make sure that Noah had gathered enough animals into the ark to be sure of their survival if the animals were not important…many of the animals in the ark were forbidden to use for food. So why save them?

    In Revelation is says that in Gods kingdom the lion lays down with the lamb and eats straw. This means that in the perfect kingdom NOONE is going to be eating meat. We were never intended to eat meat. It was humankinds sin in desiring meat as a food option, and so animals were eaten. But please dont blame all this on God. We humans will have our way…..unless we finally and at last see that we and the animals we share this planet with are divine creations and stop killing and torturing. People that use religion as an excuse are the problem, not the religion itself. Its the INTERPRETATION of the religion that is the problem. Some humans use the Bible to justify their actions. True people of God see the care of the animals, children and the weak as their mission. I am one of those people and there are lots more like me.
    So rail at religion if you must, but know that there are many out in the world that have their faith and also are proponents of our fellow creatures. Dont condemn all people of faith, but take each case individually and see that people of faith can be allies and not your enemy.

    Thank you.

  16. vegangsterARNP Says:

    religion schmigeoun…. you may be an exception, but i have seen and heard hundreds of times how god made all the animals for OUR use. like it or not judith, it is a MAJOR problem as far as AR is concerned.

  17. Judith Salyer Says:

    Im sorry that has been your experience. There are many like me that would like to help and I do help other groups with my experience, money and ect. I would say that if someone like me approaches you, try to find common ground with them before you launch. This issue is very hard to bear for everyone, but we wont be able to change things if we attack people who are trying to help in what ways they can. Namaste’

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