Bucky’s “strictly regulated” hellish existence inside the University of Florida

Posted by on May 16, 2012

an enslaved capuchin

Bucky’s Story

Bucky is a capuchin monkey who has remained a captive of Vivisector Raymond J. Bergeron since 1999. As the records attached below demonstrate, Bucky’s existence is now one of nightmarish deprivation, self-mutilation, misery and pain. Blood is repeatedly found in his cage, he is self-mutilating, vocalizing, and his hair pulling leaves bald spots. He is agitated and aggressive, exhibiting “stereotypical” pacing, biting of bars, tail holding, as well as scratching around his face and eyes. As of December 31, 2011, it appears Bucky was still actively being driven insane.

Among the injuries documented are a gash on his left big toe, his left inner thigh was excoriated and bleeding was noted, moist wounds were observed on both knees with significant swelling, and his tail was also found lacerated. The most severe injury Bucky sustained thus far was a deep cut on his leg and knee which required surgery, after which he would open his wounds. Although the records are vague, every one of his four limbs has been injured and bandaged. Another laceration by his left eye is documented as either another self-mutilation or as being sustained from lab equipment, which would indicate neglect.

Our UF whistleblower offers :

“I’m sure all those injuries were due to thrashing about in his cage – exhibiting rage and hostility. These guys are in prison…”

The guardians of UF’s dungeons are clearly aware of Bucky’s deteriorating mental and physical health as they were monitoring his aggressive behavior toward his fellow inmates. He is so frustrated that he needed to be moved away from the primates at which he had redirected his anger. Rather than release him to a sanctuary, they considered giving him Xanax.

In order to remain in compliance with “strict welfare guidelines” as they inhumanely crush this individual’s spirit and shred his mental health, they must provide “enrichment” to address all of the abnormal behaviors documented. They, therefore, offered him only some ice blocks, half a banana, and interaction twice a day. At one point this additional “therapeutic enrichment” was deemed no longer necessary.

And, inasmuch as they continually note that he is not in pain or is characterized as “BAR” (bright, alert, reactive), we must understand that this is when someone entered the room to interact with him and there is documentation stating that he seemed to like human interaction. His wounds and deteriorating mental health, however, speak for themselves regarding the other 99% of his day.

Ultimately they decided that Bucky is suffering from self-injurious behavior.

The foregoing provides a snapshot of this victim’s life in the UF concentration camp through December 31, 2011. We can safely assume that his torment is continuing unabated as Raymond J. Bergeron continues to profit from Bucky’s demise. We are awaiting further documentation that will indicate to what experiments he may currently be subjected as well as pictures of this capuchin and all of the primates imprisoned at UF.

UF’s Veterinary Records

Bucky 1999 – 2010, Part 1

Bucky 1999 – 2010, Part 2

Bucky – Records Thru 12-31-11, Part 1

Bucky – Records Thru 12-31-11, Part 2

Bucky – Records Thru 12-31-11, Part 3

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31 Responses to “Bucky’s “strictly regulated” hellish existence inside the University of Florida”

  1. Marita blanco Says:

    BREAK IT!!

  2. Maureen Ellen McGill Says:

    Capuchin monkeys are highly intelligent and are protected by law here in Brazil. That they should be used in this abusive way is disgusting and morally wrong. Poor little Bucky I wish you and your friends could have had the life you deserve in the tropical forests of South America.

  3. Laura Says:

    What should be absolutely unbelievable is of course all too real, because goddamned vivisectors have proliferated in this world since the Dark Ages where they began their reign of shitting on all of life, while convincing the the arrogant and ignorant that their work is necessary for human health. Nothing could be further from the truth, and a legitimate human being would never even think of behaving as vivisectors do, nor want to “benefit” in any way from such disgusting, bizarre cruelty. I’m so very sorry for little Bucky.

    I read from someone else that it’s possible after we die that we will experience everything we put others through, the good and the bad…we’ll know exactly what it felt like to be at our mercy…as a sort of purifying of souls, reaping what we sowed, in preparation for whatever is to come next for us. Vivisectors and their ilk should therefore be terrified…said “terror” entirely self-caused, to be blamed on no one else. I really believe they will eventually be VERY sorry for what they’ve done, that they will pay in full.

    I didn’t intend to ramble on, but Bucky needs to be let out of that prison…those vivisectors need to let him (and all the others of course) go to sanctuaries. I hope they’re reading this and considering the fate of their souls, whether they believe in them or not. They need to start compensating, now, and work very diligently at it…make up for it all, somehow.

  4. Linda Moon Says:

    What can we who care do??? Is there a petition to sign at least?

  5. Annie Says:

    The sadists have a remarkable degree of power, which is afforded by their professional status as ‘research scientists’. Their heinous acts are committed in locked rooms, in dungeons away from the eyes and ears of society. They are sadistic frauds and must be openly named and shamed as such. NIO’s mission is to ensure that this happens.

    Legal structure in regard to the vivisection industry is not about what is right, moral and what should happen. It’s about what is happening and will continue to happen unless we, as activists, put an end to it!

    Too much blood has been shed by the innocents. It’ time for the proponents of the vivisection industry to be bled dry, and their filthy, lying tongues to be silenced!

    Join NIO as an official member.

  6. Lily Says:

    Those who practice vivisection deserve to receive what they dish out to the innocent souls in their “care”. Animal experiments are just plain WRONG on every level.

  7. MJ Tobin Says:

    Someone needs to do the same thing to BERGERON. He is the one that needs to be studied to see what makes such EVIL work…. He needs to suffer…. One can only hope that KARMA being a MOTHER F$#$#R will give Bergeron his due! GOD HELP POOR BUCKY!!!

  8. Dr Monika Fisher Says:

    Camille Marino – Hero of Planet Earth, equality advocate, Nemesis of sick, evil and dysfunctional sadists.
    Those who harm The Others will bring EXTREME retribution not only on themselves and their families, but very likely on those who are guilty only by acquiescence in the evil they enjoy – just mark my words..!! FFS – we’ve given equal rights to people of color, wimmin and even KIDS – HOW MUCH LONGER will it be before decent folk FINALLY see the light and realise that The Others are EQUALLY deserving of FULL RIGHTS, perhaps more so..?? They think, love and feel pain just as we aberrant chimpanzees do – so how come this is NOT RECOGNISED fully at law..?? Could it be that The Slime (private sektor or big business) are making $m$o$n$e$y out of heartless and sadistic exploitation of The Others..?? If so, you’d better start running to israel for sanctuary – you unspeakables..!!!!

  9. ruth Eisenbud Says:

    There is no sancturary for monkeys at the Wiezman Institute in Israel. They are tortured there with the best of the procedures available to vivisectors..

  10. Ginny Grove Messier Says:

    Testing on innocent animals is totally unacceptable and appalling. It is a scientific fact that these tests on animals do not give useful results. All animals have deep emotions. They feel pain, abandonment, fear, sadness, joy and love. Please would you let this monkey go to a sanctuary and any other animals you may have and are torturing till they die. Animal Testing is a thing of the past. The time to stop is NOW!!!!!

  11. Driven Insane: Bucky’s “strictly regulated” hellish existence inside the University of Florida :: Compassion for Camden Says:

    […] Insane: Bucky’s “strictly regulated” hellish existence inside the University of Florida http://www.negotiationisover.net/2012/05/16/buckysstrictly-regulated-hellish-existence-inside-the-un…   Hot […]

  12. Harry Hunter Says:

    This shit makes me sick. If i were near florida university i’d atleast try to smash the labs there to pieces.

  13. Annie Says:

    @Harry Hunter – this happens in laboratories worldwide. Maybe you could target locally in some way (!)

    It isn’t only the labs that should be smashed to pieces – although that may be a start!!!

    Please, join the ‘Standing by Camille’ group, to offer support to our comrade who fights these atrocities with all of her being! Additionally, by joining NIO as an official member, you will be participating in our endeavours to destroy the vivisection industry – and the diabolical rejects who are posing as ‘research scientists.’

  14. Bucky « A.V.Liberación Says:

    […] es un mono capuchino que fue arrancado de su madre en 2008 y enviado a Vivisector Raymond J. Bergeron de la Universidad de Florida para comenzar su régimen de […]

  15. Florence Says:

    I am horrified at what im learning about vivisection and as ugly as the truth is im so glad i found out about it and i thank you Negotiation Is Over for educating me on the truth! I will fight as long as it takes to help END VIVISECTION! And i will fight as hard as i can to to end it! Im telling everyone i know about vivisection and will be protesting at princeton university this month on the same topic primates used for vivisection! Thanks for the information and education!

  16. Linda Says:

    This is unthinkably cruel…….free him to a wonderful sanctuary and rehabilitation center….he has earned his freedom from the insanity of captivity! Should have never happened in the first place!

  17. Grace Says:

    Cuantos como Bucky habrán por el mundo, donde estos psicopatas, amparándose en la ciencia, dan rienda suelta a su maldad!!
    Son monstruos, todos ellos como este mierda Raymond J. Bergeron!!!
    Como pueden dormir y vivir el dia a dia con la imagen del sufrimiento que le da a estos inocentes.
    No encuentro explicación.

  18. Cristina Says:

    Is there any petition to sign against this atrocity? Is there any campaign to ask for Bucky’s freedom and for the end of any animal experiments in Universities? I feel hand tied reading this. I want to do something apart from crying. please!

  19. yayne Says:

    stopen ,alto al abuso de los animales ponganse ustedes q son bastantes y aver si se les acomodan las neuronas y hacen algo bueno stupens…

  20. harvin daniel Says:

    ALTO a estas cosas, NO MAS.. ALTO YA!!

  21. ursula Says:

    Get those bastard devils in human bodies and let them taste their own medicin! Thats all I can say! I am sick and tired of reading and seeing this horrible things and photos of brutally mistreated, beaten, skinned, vivisected animals!
    Round those sub-humans up and get rid of them!

  22. pavrushpa khan Says:

    i love animals

  23. victor Says:

    Por favor como puede haber gente tan cruel es que el ser humano es maldad pura….

  24. carolina Says:

    la verdad sos un hdp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mal nacido!!! porque no te metes con gente como vos que seguramente lo tienen merecido al igual que vos!!!!!!

  25. Erika Says:

    STOP this HORRIFIC, MONSTEROUS abuse! What is WRONG with you???? You are one step away from a serial killer…REALLY? Let this innocent creature go and live a life that isn’t HELL on earth…I would love for someone to do these things to YOU!!! Monster!

  26. antonio Says:





    8=======D – – – – — – – – – – – – –


  27. MAYTE Says:


  28. Elizabeth Says:

    Verschrikkelijk wat ze daar met die dieren doen. Alsof het dingen zijn. Ze snijden maar raak in die arme lichaampjes. En waarvoor? Zo onzinnig, Zo’n onnodig lijden.
    Dit moet stoppen.

  29. Linda Ann Reynolds, Ed.S. Says:


  30. Janis Keller Says:

    I feel sorry for that monkey…Just awful that anyone can treat an innocent animal this way

  31. Negotiation Is Over Says:

    bucky died of heart failure in his cell in december of 2012 while i was locked away in mine

    now booger is being driven insane

    we need to shut them down once and for all


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