Activists Hack Hudson Valley Foie Gras Website, Publishes Names and Personal Info

Posted by on April 24, 2013

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Courtesy of NAALPO

Anonymous communique received by North American Animal Liberation Press Office:

For Earth Day we targeted Hudson Valley Foie Gras, the largest foie gras farm in the United States. Hudson Valley Foie Gras tortures birds and pollutes the earth. The company has been fined tens of thousands of dollars for violations of the Clean Water Act.

We temporarily took down their website ( and online store, and uncovered name/address/phone number/credit card details for over 1,200 customers who purchased foie gras and duck flesh products between June 2012 and April 2013. For example:

On 3/27/2013, Robert Litzenberger used his American Express card to buy $351 worth of foie gras.

Robert Litzenberger
918 Twin Lakes Rd.
Shohola, PA 18458
T: 570-296-8070
[email protected]

On 2/5/2013, Rudy Rodolphe Ancian charged $686 worth of dead duck to his MasterCard.

Rudy Rodolphe Ancian
107 Westover Ave., Apt 305
Norfolk, VA 23517
T: 757-419-9027
[email protected]

On 12/5/2012, Christine Caron used her American Express card to buy $1,103 worth of “Fresh Foie Gras.”

Christine Caron
2200 Eleanor Way
Cedar Park, TX 78613
T: 512-879-1650
[email protected]

The customer list includes many in California, where the production and sale of foie gras is illegal.
For example:

On 3/18/2013, Amar Santana used his American Express card to buy $955 worth of fresh and frozen foie gras.

Amar Santana
328 Glennerye St.
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
T: 949-424-4608
[email protected]

On 12/7/2012, Michel Blanchet used a MasterCard to buy $743.50 worth of foie gras and duck salami.

Michel Blanchet
M.C.Bleu Inc.
333 N. King’s Rd.
Los Angeles, CA 90048
T: 323-852-6923
[email protected]

On 11/28/2012, Rodney Antis used his American Express to purchase $267 worth of foie gras.

Rodney Antis
Madison Club
53-035 Meriwether Way
La Quintal, CA 92253
T: 760-391-4528
[email protected]

On 6/18/2012, Wilbur Lin bought $635 worth of foie gras with a Visa card.

Wilbur Lin
11318 Ohio Ave., Unit 4
Los Angeles, CA 90025
T: 310-477-5758
[email protected]

Shipped to:

Wilbur Lin
Brentwood Capital Partners
417 Colorado Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90401

More California customers below.

For the ducks,

Animal Liberation Front

– – –

A W Albany – [email protected]
Abhinav Vohra – [email protected]
Alexandra Amati-Camperi – [email protected]
Alexander Tamburro – [email protected]
Anelya Grant – [email protected]
Anita Suen – [email protected]
Anne Tammel – [email protected]
Annette Spicer – [email protected]
Armelle Marcais – [email protected]
August Schuchman – [email protected]
Avi Zelmanovich – [email protected]
Aviran Bar-Lev – [email protected]
Barry Lemke – [email protected]
Barry Pinsky – [email protected]
Ben Davenport – [email protected]
Ben Goldwyn – [email protected]
Benjamin Grol – [email protected]
Brendan Nemeth – [email protected]
Brian Coleman – [email protected]
Brian McGavin – [email protected]
Brian Welch – [email protected]
Bryan Liem – [email protected]
Catherine Renoir – [email protected]
Celia Margison – [email protected]
Celia Welch – [email protected]
Charity Smith – [email protected]
Charles Tobin – [email protected]
Chris Blum – [email protected]
Christine Trinh – [email protected]
Cindy Hayashi – [email protected]
Clive Woolf – [email protected]
Crosby Haffner – [email protected]
Curtis Jackson – [email protected]
Dain Heer – [email protected]
Daniel Kallestad – [email protected]
Dat Ngo – [email protected]
Dave Low – [email protected]
Dave Rubell – [email protected]
David Gladstein – [email protected]
David Hayek – [email protected]
David King – [email protected]
David Leong – [email protected]
David Mocarski – [email protected]
David Ottow – [email protected]
David Tait – [email protected]
David Walters – [email protected]
David Alan  Grier – [email protected]
Dennis Parnagian – [email protected]
Denis von Banck – [email protected]
Derek Gamble – [email protected]
Diane Glotzer – [email protected]
Dominique Barbier – [email protected]
Donald Norton – [email protected]
Doohyun Na – [email protected]
Doreen Purcell – [email protected]
Edward Fredericks – [email protected]
Eliza Shamshian – [email protected]
Elizabeth Astor – [email protected]
Elvia Menendez – [email protected]
Endre Granat – [email protected]
Eric Bovy – [email protected]
Eric Janssens – [email protected]
Eric Jian – [email protected]
Eric Leung – [email protected]
Erik Carlson – [email protected]
Erika Mariano – [email protected]
Eugene Shampansky – [email protected]
Francis Cutruzzola – [email protected]
Fred Tanaka – [email protected]
Gary Casamento – [email protected]
Gary Steinbach – [email protected]
George Chow – [email protected]
Gerard Wong – [email protected]
Gerry Schwartz – [email protected]
Glen Lowe – [email protected]
Greg Scheinfeld – [email protected]
Haley Simonds – [email protected]
Harry Noller – [email protected]
Heather Conlin – [email protected]
Helen Kline – [email protected]
HH Chou – [email protected]
Hien Pham – [email protected]
Hilary Clark – [email protected]
Hoa Vo – [email protected]
Isaura Rochin – [email protected]
J.R. T-Lecourt – [email protected]
James Davis – [email protected]
James Eshom – [email protected]
James McCoy – [email protected]
James Tan – [email protected]
Jane Mertens – [email protected]
Jason Ku – [email protected]
Jay Patel – [email protected]
Jean Claude Parino –
Jean-Louis Excoffier –
Jeannette Kempkes –
Jeff Hauk –
Jeff Hoppe –
Jeff Liu –
Jeffrey Towns –
Jeri Lynne Jones –
Jill Kiar –
Jim Young –
Joel Weinstein –
John Fanaris –
John Goecke –
John Kubisty –
John Lau –
John Stenger –
John White –
Johnee Rui –
Johnnie Raines –
Joseph Akerman –
Joseph Dziubinski –
Joseph Smith –
Josie Tong –
Judy Sing –
Julia Barsov –
Juliana Dodson –
Justin Lee –
Justine Tran –
Katie Cromwell –
Keith Christman –
Keith R Stilson –
Kelly Ng –
Kelvin Kamachi –
Ken White –
Kenneth Hoffman –
Kent Sokolow –
Kevin Nguyen –
Kevin Pei –
Kirill Pertsev –
Konstantin Vilk –
Kristee Bedgood –
Laird Valory –
Lane Poms –
Laura Dekkers –
Laura Lee –
Lawrence Fairchild –
Lawrence Kern –
Leland Garner –
Leonard Chin –
Liliane de Pasquale –
Lin Wang –
Linda Chan –
Liron Meller –
Loren Irwin –
Lorri Jean –
Marco Bragoli –
Margaret Ho –
Marilee Bresciani –
Marine Duhamel –
Mark Matthews –
Mark TeVault –
Martha Vidal –
Martyne Viens –
Matt Powers –
Matthew Degyansky –
Matthew Ettinger –
Megan Marcoux –
Micah Forbres –
Michael Batter –
Michael Behner –
Michael de Leon –
Michael Edwards –
Michael Gutierrez –
Michael Joplin –
Michael Kenney –
Michael Morris –
Michael Woo –
Michelle Bastio –
Michelle Culbertson –
Mike Cox –
Mila Golikova –
Monica De La Cruz –
Myron Brody –
Nelson Chui –
Nicolas Woo –
Owen Long –
Patra Boodsayaskul –
Patricia J McDonald –
Patricio Wise –
Paul Langner –
Philip Terhorst –
Philippe Branchu –
Philippe Fossier –
Pilar Paris –
R. Keith Ferguson –
Randal Lee –
Randy Sandford –
Rebecca Koskoff –
Richard Guenther –
Richard Lowe –
Richard Lowe –
Richard Luckett –
Richard Yaus –
Robert Algar –
Robert Gaurie –
Robert Sanders –
Roland Nicolas –
Ron Severdia –
Rose Jones –
Ryan Adams –
Scott Boland –
Scott Schork –
Sean Carroll –
Sean Cullen –
Serge Plotkin –
Shauna Davis –
Sheldon Wilensky –
Sherry Sandel –
Shirley Chao –
Slavina Berk –
Stephanie Gray –
Stephanie Soliman –
Stephen Gorgey –
Stephen Solot –
Steve Love –
Suzy Turner –
Theresa Wilka –
Thomas Clavel –
Thomas MacFarland –
Thomas Morone –
Timothy Ong –
Timothy Van Blaricom –
Timothy Wong –
Tirone Huynh –
Todd Reisenbigler –
Victor Leung –
Victoria Herrmann –
William McKinley –
Wynne Hou –
Yasmina Joelson –
Yen Lin Chia –
Yuko Takizawa –

[Press Office note: Foie gras, French for “fatty liver,” is the fattened liver of a duck or a goose and is regarded by some as a delicacy. Production of foie gras is unusually cruel because the birds are force-fed a corn mash through a metal tube several times a day, so that they gain weight and their livers become 10 times their natural size. Force-feeding sometime injures the esophagus of the bird, which may lead to death. Additionally, the fattened ducks and geese may have difficulty walking, vomit undigested food, and/or suffer in extreme confinement. The United States and Canada kill 500,000 birds per year in foie gras production. In 2004, California enacted a ban on the sale and production foie gras that took effect in 2012.]


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Disclaimer: The information on this site is for educational and entertainment purposes only. There is no intent, express or implied, to promote illegal activities. We assume no liability for the potential actions of any third party. All data compiled here has been gathered from, and is available through, independent public sources.

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57 Responses to “Activists Hack Hudson Valley Foie Gras Website, Publishes Names and Personal Info”

  1. Seth Gordon Says:

    I’m a little annoyed that MY name didn’t appear on your list. I have consumed many of Hudson Valley Foie Gras’ products over the year, but I guess maybe I didn’t order them online. Anyway, please add my name to your list above!

  2. Outrageous Says:

    I would just like to say that your use of an animal rights stock photo on this post about Hudson Valley Foie Gras is extremely inaccurate. I have visited the farm and been in every single part of their operation – they do not use battery cages. Their ducks are in large pens with space to walk around in and the workers are gentle with the ducks, who eagerly run to them for food. There is nothing okay about what these hackers did, especially to a company that does not treat their animals inhumanely.

  3. solia Says:

    keep on good work!

  4. Michael de Leon Says:

    YAY!!! my name is on your list. I will continue to purchase foie from Hudson Valley Foie Gras…. btw, you’ll be hearing from my lawyer.

  5. Charity Smith Says:

    If you do not remove my information, I will contact the authorities and my lawyer.
    I didn’t buy in CA, so your allegations are false.
    I take my information down immediately!
    Charity Smith

  6. Michael A. Procino Says:

    I feel so left out! My name didn’t appear on the list, yet since November 2012 I have enjoyed the following products from Hudson Valley Foie Gras:

    Aged Magret de Canard (Duck Breast)
    Duck Rillettes
    Dried Cured Duck Salami
    Block of Duck Foie Gras with Truffles
    Mousse of Foie Gras
    Applewood Smoked Magret de Canard

    I highly recommend the duck breast seared, finished in a 200 degree oven for 50 minutes (skin side up) and paired with a good Amarone. A sauce of chopped shallots, dried cranberries and a port wine reduction tops it beautifully.

    I look forward to many years of support of this fine company, and Hudson Valley Foie Fras products will hold a place of honor at my dinner parties for many years to come!

  7. Delphine Says:

    Like many others i am very disappointed to not see my name on the list as i have enjoyed foie gras for many years! But in my defense we all know French are so cruel!

  8. Peter Says:

    Your behavior, stealing personal information from a web site and publishing it without the consent of the individuals, is criminal (and do not try to tell me that you do not know who broke into the web site). I hope you are prosecuted with the full force of the law and sent to jail if convicted. If you want to fight animal cruelty why don’t you do it where it ACTUALLY happens: CAFO operations, which provide the meat for the hamburgers you eat every day without feeling hypocritical. Of course those people are pretty big guys and would finish you off pretty quickly. So, you, because you are so brave, decided to pick on the small guys, who, BTW do not abuse their animals, but you do not seem to care about facts. Such is extremism on its full display.

  9. Rachel Says:

    My name didn’t appear on your list, why? Perhaps you are only targeting California buyers. Why? Why not print all the names? Why discriminate if you are supposedly so passionate about saving the creatures of the earth from mankind?

    This is why you people aren’t going to ever change the world. You only do things half-assed. Next time, try a sit in or something that’ll get you out into the fresh air for a change. It must suck to be holed up indoors all the time, trying to make something more than an impression on your chair.

    BTW I just placed another big order with Hudson Valley for more foie, charcuterie (you should try the rillets, it’s divine) and I wish the duck prosciutto wasn’t out of stock or I’d buy a case of it– that stuff is AWESOME!

  10. Fiona Munro Says:

    Brilliant! I salute you all x This vile cruelty is food for sadists!!

  11. james davlin Says:

    How come my name wasn’t on the list? I even bought a t-shirt.

    James Davlin.
    ps….fuck off you homos

    San Francisco, CA 94109

  12. Rebecca Says:

    What a pity that there are so many people agreeing with the torture of ducks. I have never had Foie Gras-I can’t imagine a more brutal meal than tortured duck liver. Being vegan and reading these comments from these awful people-as usual I am sick to my stomach about my fellow humans.

  13. Dan Brazelton Says:

    Where was my name? Seriously love Hudson Valley Farms. They are the real crusaders in sustainable, cruel free agriculture. Why the focus on Harris Ranch? Not Tyson? Or Harris Ranch? Or Monsanto or Con Agra (where you get your tofu and saitan from)? You mention them, but you can only cause damage to small farms. Small businesses.

    Because your cause is not about food or cruelty. It’s about a false sense of classism and just plain being angry and guilty for being a human in a 1st world. It’s about thoughtless righteousness and mindless ferver. You have more in common with Jim Jones than Malcom X.

    I’m glad your active in this effort. Your campaign is so terribly flawed with assaultive and criminal behavior that it will hamper your goals.

    Eating is a political act. And I will continue to support great farms like Hudson Valley.

  14. Don Norton Says:


    Just wanted to say thanks for publishing my name.
    A couple of my friends also made the list, and we’ve
    Agreed that for every harassing email we get, one
    Duck dies.

    Power to the people.

  15. GMH Says:

    I hadn’t heard of Hudson Valley FG before you pulled your little stunt, but now I have a wonderful source for quality duck. Thanks! I’ll remember you at dinner.

  16. Animal Rights Activists Hack Foie Gras Company Website Says:

    […] In the latest chapter in this ongoing battle, on Thursday, Hudson Valley Foie Gras confirmed to the Orange County Register that its website was hacked by an animal rights activist. Client information from the sites was then leaked by the hacker to two different websites, the Animal Liberation Press Office and Negotiation Is Over. […]

  17. Michael Says:

    In our most rudimentary science classes as children we are taught that all life descended from a common ancestor. This means that going back far enough into history we will find that plants and animals occupy the same phylogenetic tree. This simple fact is precisely why Veganism is foolish.

    What is the difference between a tree and a man? Is it because one can talk or has a face, and the other merely leaves? All life on this planet is connected biologically and chemically – and for our lives to exist things must die.

    The idea that one can live a life without harming other life is illogical. Can you walk without killing blades of grass? We’ve gotten so far away as a society from where our food comes from, such foolishness like Veganism can promulgate. Are Lions evil because they eat gazelles? Are spiders inhumane for killing mosquitoes?

    Anyone with a brain knows that Hudson Valley does not torture it’s ducks, stress on the animal releases lactic acid which spoils flavor. Foie Gras has been eaten for centuries, and will continue to be eaten. Why not focus on on the HUMAN loss of life that happens every day, rather than the duck?

    Or better yet, why not put your money where your actions are? Go to your nearest animal shelter, and adopt all the the animals you can – 75% of animals that enter a shelter are euthanized – live in cages (

    Publish a list of every person that took their pet back, because they were ‘moving to a new place’, or ‘didn’t want’ their pet any longer. This is the TRUE animal cruelty in the country. Not the consumption of ducks. (

    Los Angeles, CA.

  18. Peter Says:

    It is not illegal for California residents to purchase foie gras online. It is illegal for vendors to sell it within the state limits. These customers did nothing wrong. You however, did. I look forward to having foie gras for dinner while you are being carted off to jail. I only hope that the conditions in your cell are far worse than those at the Hudson Valley farm.

  19. Chris Says:

    Rebecca, you can eat dick all day but meat is forbidden. hypocrite.

  20. gabriel lambrianidis Says:

    people get so violent from all the violence they are actually is is one thing to get angry and curse at a rapist,but cursing and getting angry at someone who is trying to save you?it truly is pitiful.

  21. patty Says:

    Its unbelievable how all these folks are chiming in about how great the product is.. Not one person is considering how cruel and inhumane the act is… I guess just enjoy it with your head in the sand.. Thank goodness many people make an informed choice. Its only food people..I’m sure there are other items that you can eat that is not so barbaric.. Anyway, thank goodness …some people do consider the source of their food..

  22. Negotiation Is Over Says:

    hey patty,

    just let all of these impotent speciesists continue to babble.

    take solace in this 😀 —

    “California chef Amar Santana said that now that his name, address, cell phone, and email have been published, he’s going to stop selling foie. “Those people care about animals more than people sand they’re getting the support of the government to get away with what they want,” he said. “I’m not serving it anymore because this is getting out of hand.” –from Buzzfeed online article (

  23. Michael Alvarez Says:

    I charged 1200 to my American express card as well to enjoythe Hudson valley Foie Gras so delicious. I enjoyed my Foie Gras with 2002 bottle of chateau de yquem if you would like my address let me know. I would be happy to have a bunch of animal extremists show up. I have Foie Gras ready for your arrival.

  24. Hudson Valley Foie Gras Website Hacked By Animal Rights Activist | Animal Connection Says:

    […] In the latest chapter in this ongoing battle, on Thursday, Hudson Valley Foie Gras confirmed to the Orange County Register that its website was hacked by an animal rights activist. Client information from the sites was then leaked by the hacker to two different websites, the Animal Liberation Press Office and Negotiation Is Over. […]

  25. Gabriel Says:

    Thanks for advertising a mini-sample of Husdon Valley foie gras users. It lends credibility to their great product, and a reminder for me to order some more for my upcoming weekend company entertainment.

    By the way, “Negotiations,” have you tried to run your illegal scheme in France, where foie gras is a staple commodity?

  26. Marcel Petard Says:

    Yes, Negotiation Is Over, you sniveling little s**ts. We will soon be coming for you with the full force of the legal system. You have convinced yourselves that foie equals animal torture, heedless of the facts and science, and forced your reactionary views on the rest of us through ignorant politicians. You are no better than the Taliban. You are no better than those seeking to control women’s reproductive rights. Think on your sins, because we will not for give or forget. Rot in hell, little ones.

  27. gabriel lambrianidis Says:

    why does goliath fear david?was there murder?was there rape?was there lying?governments,society and culture says no out there. within us the government ,society and culture of cells says yes.murder,rape and lying! this is the little and true david to be feared.not my name printed on a website. especially if i belonged to a big outer club.

  28. Rebecca Says:

    I think these people on the list and animal abusers everywhere know they are wrong-at least deep down-that is why they hurl such invective at the better humans. The demons hate when they are exorcised.

  29. Is the Age of Digital Shaming Taking Hold in the Food World? | Says:

    […] The trend extends to other aspects of the food world too, including activists who are employing digital tools to get their point across. After receiving numerous threatening emails from PETA and other anti-foie gras activists, a SoCal restaurant decided to stop serving the controversial ingredient. And now, the anti-foie mob has moved on to individuals by hacking the website of a respected producer, Hudson Valley Foie Gras, and distributing personal information such as email addresses and phone numbers of its customers. They have even gone so far as to publicly post the information on the website called, The Negotiation Is Over. […]

  30. ;luize ana Says:

    You who are proud for eating tortured animals better hope there is no after life or next life, because karma is a bitch and it will bite you all in the ass when you least expect it. You act like those assholes who thought human slavery is a good idea and they should feel good about themselves for making money out of others suffering. Do not dare to call yourselves good people, you would be just hypocrites. You can start being honest with yourselves, start to really see the consequences of your choices and respect your own hearts, or carry on with your ignorance, ignore your potential to be a genuine good human being and keep on with the same old beliefs and actions…just like the slave owners believed they have a right to do as they like just because it was legal. Wake up!

  31. Rebecca Says:

    These people want their bloated human life .They will not “wake up.” They are taunters and evil doers and will be so for the rest of their days.

  32. Rebecca Says:

    The taunters and evil ones being the Foie Gras crowd here. Don’t want anyone thinking I was insulting the vegans. Vegans are the best people on earth-the only hope for our species.

  33. Activists Hack Foie Gras Producer Website and Release Customer Details | Care2 Causes Says:

    […] The activists targeted customers and chefs in California, where foie gras is banned and also released their information to Negotiation is Over! […]

  34. Ricardo Says:

    I wonder if all these people acting so proud of their consumption of fat diseased liver would find it humane to have tubes shoved down their throats and filling their stomachs against their will, even if it wasn’t, as it is in the case of ducks and geese, to the point where it’s beyond full and makes them sicker and sicker, and that sickness enlarges their livers so much that their legs often break under the weight of their own livers and they can’t move anymore. And then they’re killed. And even the act of voluntarily and unnecessarily killing a sentient creature strikes them as “humane”! They either do not know the definition of “humane”, or I sincerely worry for their humanity. It’s also funny that they think those that fight against foie gras only fight against foie gras and nothing else, and call us hypocrites, assuming that we eat other animals and/or don’t care about the abandonment and killing of dogs in shelters, or even going as far as thinking we are all misanthropes. How limited can they be that they think others can only care for and act upon one issue?

    Foie gras is inhumane, as is all exploitation and slaughter of animals, and step by step, it will come to an end. It’s unavoidable now.

  35. Rebecca Says:

    Animal abusers don’t have much in their repetoire but the same word slinging trash. They gang together so that their egregious ways look legitimate. They marginalize our mentalities. We’re all just a bunch of left over hippies. We know nothing of science.. We eat dick all day. Hudson Valley and other producers of Foie Gras don’t really shove pipes down the gullets of ducks….anyone with a brain knows that! We looney animal rights people.. we vegan istas…we snivelling little shits…the Foie Gras crowd and the other goons from the gulag will be coming for us. We vegans don’t stand a chance…what with our Vitamin B12 deficiences and our lack of protein…we should be easy enough to finish off.
    Ha. We’ve heard it all.

  36. Joselyn Says:

    Those of you who purchased these products and are complaining that you are not listed are pathetic. Indeed, California customers should be targeted because it is ILLEGAL there.

  37. C3P0 Says:

    Thank you!
    I hope this makes people think at least a bit about the lives of other living beings. These customers are downplaying the cruelty involved with their purchase and or displaying some sort of false pride in it. (sort of like getting caught for DUI and saying hell yeah, I like to drive drunk, go ahead and charge me officer!).
    I hope all those who were buying the foie gras will give some thoughtful consideration to the pain and suffering their purchases are causing rather than living blindly.

  38. Dan Brazelton Says:

    Joselyn – you are incorrect. It’s illegal to sell. Not illegal to import or to consume. Yet, you advocate digital breaking and entry and threatening harm to human beings? I think you need a slight adjustment to your moral compass.

  39. Dan Brazelton Says:

    C3PO – you say we are acting blindly -however I wouldn’t purchase from Hudson if they were in fact cruel or against my ethics. I investigated. I watched the videos of the farm and read first hand accounts. The picture at the top is not from Hudson. We don’t agree about the subject, but your assumption that I did not give thoughtful consideration is incorrect.

  40. Dan Brazelton Says:

    Rebecca … sigh… never mind. Your comment is so ironic that it doesn’t justify a response.

  41. PiaV Says:

    In ALL wars and genocides in our entire recorded history 619 million humans were killed.
    We kill the same number of animals every five days.
    Thanks for acting on behalf of animals killed every year.

  42. Rebecca Says:

    Dan…sigh…you can’t respond because I speak the truth. And your ethics? I laugh. Who threatened harm to human beings here? No one. Who needs to adjust their moral compass? You do.

  43. Rebecca Says:

    Having difficulty with the irony?

  44. Rebecca Says:

    Dan-if you possessed “thoughtful consideration” you wouldn’t be eating Foie Gras. You’d be a vegan!

  45. Rebecca Says:

    NIO is right…let the impotent speciesists babble. This could be a never ending tete-a-tete with the evil ones.

  46. Dan Brazelton Says:

    Rebecca, the irony is you say “They gang together so that their egregious ways look legitimate. They marginalize our mentalities. ” And then proceed to do that a large group of people who you don’t even know, in the same paragraph.

  47. Dan Brazelton Says:

    Regarding the “Who threatened harm to human beings here?” Posting peoples names, addresses and phone numbers on a site called “negotiation is over” is a threat.

  48. Mary Prubant Says:

    It always amazes me how we can all be living on the same planet, witnessing the same things and yet come away with such different viewpoints. I just don’t understand how someone can look at another living creature and only think of their taste buds and stomachs. When I look at all the animals in this world I only think of how incredibly wonderful they are and how lucky we are to share the planet with so many varieties of fascinating creatures. I admire their ability to survive without all the amenities we humans require to make life worthwhile and comfortable. They build homes, find food, work, have mates, raise families, have social structures, hunt, forage, teach their young etc. Yet, with all the evidence we have today that animals are far more complex than we ever realized, (they suffer physical pain, they have emotions, they enjoy play, friendships, family) that there are STILL so many people who close their minds and continue to view animals simply as products, commodities, just another ‘thing’ that exists simply to satisfy greedy appetites. To all you people who have the gifts of empathy and compassion for our animal friends I would like to express my thanks, my support and encouragement to continue this important work.

  49. Sue Griffiths Says:

    Contaminate these cruel products and cause widespread illness to each and every greedy jerk who buys it.

  50. Rebecca Says:

    What a wondrful comment Mary. It is just what I feel about my brother and sister animals. They give me the most joy in life. Never sorrow.

  51. Rebecca Says:

    Dan-conversely speaking-I see the irony. But you know that is not the point now is it? Both sides sling hash over the fence now -don’t we.? Read the vile comments to the vegans here. No one wins these arguments. The animals come first for me and I cannot have a personal association with an offensive product. I think you can understand. You don’t sound stupid. Of course I don’t know the individuals. I am talking of the action. I cannot understand how people can do what they do to animals. Where is your heart? Come on Dan-don’t you want to be an upstanding man?

  52. Rebecca Says:

    Dan-the list of names harms no one.. The pipe down the gullet is what is excruciating.
    So mote it be.

  53. Dan Brazelton Says:

    Rebecca, you seem like a nice person. I cannot know if you really believe that the listing of names, addresses and phone numbers on a site that has this article: Axe attack against Swedish mink farmer and the comment from Sue Griffiths “Contaminate these cruel products and cause widespread illness to each and every greedy jerk who buys it.”

    Do you really believe that the listing of names in not, in fact and intent, a threat?

    This is a site run by someone who brags that they on the FBI’s terror watch list.

    It’s a site called negotian is over. The nickname for the emails is “The time for civil discourse has expired… ”

    This is a site who’s purpose is to bully those who disagree.

    As Mary says “It always amazes me how we can all be living on the same planet, witnessing the same things and yet come away with such different viewpoints.”

    I have a different viewpoint than you. But I don’t threaten you or your family with poison, arson, privacy violation or axe murder.

    I engage in conversation. I espouse my viewpoint and listen to yours.

    I think your philosophy is incoherent. You want to treat animals as equals, and people like me are specieist. Yet, in my ethical view, I put myself as an integral part of the natural world. And like other animals, I sometimes kill and consume other animals.

    Unlike other animals, I have the ability – and thus the obligation – to do this in the most balanced, humane and sustainable way I can.

    I do not want to live in a world of GMO soy (tofu and soy milk), wheat (seitan) and corn is more dominant in this world. I do not want industrial practices by Tyson or Foster Farms either.

    You want to cause no harm to animals – but I don’t think you’ve considered the harm to animals that vegetable and grain farming does to wildlife.

    You cannot both inhabit this world and not make an impression upon it.

    I want balance. Your not convincing anyone to become vegan. Your only scaring people into avoiding you.

    Your support of this site only makes people in the mainstream view other vegans as nut jobs and morally abhorrent.

    I too “cannot have a personal association with an offensive product.” That is why I only buy from people I trust to maintain best humane practices. It is why I am buying a pig from a local farmer this spring and a lamb this fall. Because I don’t trust the industrial meat industry.

    We are not so different you and I. We’ve just come to a different conclusion. The difference is that I think your misguided – you think I’m evil.

    I don’t think you can fight cruelty with violence (or threat of violence).


  54. Rebecca Says:

    Dear dear Dan. How long can we go on like this? I really wish you would join us vegans. For you have admirable qualities you could better express from the vegan side of the fence. Au contraire my man…my philosophy is not incoherent.
    The listing of names would be annoying. But these people have not been harmed. Why are they upset? Because they have been put on a laundry list. Their shameful eating practices have been exposed.
    Nio does make some people uncomfortable. But you are missing the bigger landscape my little friend.
    Sue Griffith is speaking from her anguish-you take her literally. I have felt the same anguish.
    Camille Marino is quite a gal. I wish the world were full of people like her. Because the world would have no animal abusers. if Camille were Queen of the realm. That’s for sure. The time for civil discourse has expired Dan Brazelton.
    Now now…I think you are getting a bit much .Poison arson axe nurder? Pshaw! You take this too literally and personally. No vegan wants to have to engage in heinous behavior.
    We are crying. We are outraged. We are not the dominant power. We have to stand by looking on as the world conducts its grotesque business. And we are bullied for it.
    I call you a speciest because you are not a vegan.There are only two kinds of people. One is vegan. One is speciest.
    No in between.
    Let’s see now. Which points I have not answered.Please read FAQs on a vegan sight so you do not keep saying that worn-out thing about vegetable and grain farming injuries to wildlife. Please note Exposing Big Game website and excellent posts on sustainablity. The site refutes the hunter’s claim for taking wildlife.
    And in closing …
    I am not scary at all.
    I weigh 100 pounds.
    I am not a nut job.
    But how I would I know?
    Please you go too far. This site NIO is the moral ground.
    Marino has caused no harm
    Vegans are safe.
    And you don’t have to drink the soymilk if you don’t want too.

  55. Dan Brazelton Says:

    The listing of names is not “annoying”. It’s a violation. If Camille Marino was Queen of the realm, there would still be animal abusers. And I would be in prison. So would anyone else who disagreed with her. She reminds me of Robes Pierre. Or Pol Pot. Arrogant, righteous and dangerous.

    I do take Sue literally. She wrote it. I expect people to act on what they write in public. Even if she doesn’t – words have power. She’s suggesting it to this crowd. There are many Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s reading this now.

    When Camille Marino says “ btw, if i were ever to meet a quadriplegic who would rather volunteer an innocent animal to suffer than volunteer themselves, i would personally throw them out of their wheelchair, kick their arroganct speciesist ass into the gutter, and film them as they lay there helpless in the sewers like the waste of humanity that they are.
    then i would upload the video to nio and eat carrot chips with humus as i enjoyed watching them die a slow and torturous death over and over and over again.”

    And you say … “I wish the world were full of people like her. ”

    That makes you a scary person. 100 pound person can easily poison food supplies or bomb a cafe.

    She is truly an awful person. Your associated will bullies and thugs.


    P.S. I don’t drink soy milk because most soy milk is GMO, over fertilized by petroleum and covered in RoundUp and also acts like a hormone in the body causing all sorts of issues.

  56. Negotiation Is Over Says:

    I need to interject here. Your quote is taken out of context, Dan.

    In all fairness, I was in a motorcycle accident that rendered me a quadrapalegic in 1993. I couldn’t see, I couldn’t speak, I had zero control of my limbs, and I was 28-years old and looking at living out the rest of my life in a nursing home.

    Even back then as an unenlightened speciesist, I would NEVER have volunteered any other species to have the misery in which I was living visited on them. Even as a speciesist meat-eating invalid, I would have volunteered myself first.

    And as one who has vast first-hand knowledge interacting with the disabled, I’ve yet to meet a person living with debilitating injuries who would not volunteer for any kind of experimental treatment in an effort to find relief.

    So my statement stands. Perhaps I should have expressed myself with a bit more finesse, but any parapalegic who would subject another species to the same torment from which they seek to escape is a speciest parasite and worthy of zero consideration.


  57. Michael Says:

    Freedom for foie gras! U.S. District Judge Stephen V. Wilson overturned the ban on the sale of foie gras in California. Hudson Valley wins!

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