Please understand why we are angry…

Posted by Eleventh Hour on March 13, 2014

holocaust transport

by Aran Mathai

To all non-vegans, ‘peace and love’ animal activists, etc:

Please try to understand. Animal rights activists are not trying to be judgmental or mean. It’s just that we feel the pain of every animal being used and abused, every moment of everyday.

If we seem angry it’s because we feel it so totally, if it wasn’t for the fact the animals need us to be strong many of us would have broken down by now. Many of us would not be alive right now if the animals didn’t need us to fight for them. Even when we are happy, when we smile and laugh part of us is still in total darkness because of what is happening.

If you don’t feel like we do yet, the only comparison I can make is for you to imagine your close loved ones were being kidnapped, abused, stolen from and killed. Then imagine everyone around you was still using what had been stolen from them and even using their murdered bodies. What would that do to your psyche?

Please understand why we are angry, why we may not be the warmest people in the world to non-vegans, why we may not be full of love for our fellow man.

I never reveal my emotions, weaknesses and vulnerabilities normally so I hope this is taken in the spirit it is intended.

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3 Responses to “Please understand why we are angry…”

  1. 7 dogs here Says:

    these words ring so true-thank you! how can we not be angry & why isn’t everyone?????

  2. Eleventh Hour Says:

    if we’re not angry, we’re not paying attention

  3. nigel Says:

    Very equently put ,most none vegans are not evil people but modern life means they do not connect the meat on their plate with a living being .perhaps we need to start there ,l know that once I really thought about that I could not face eating meat

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