HLS & Harlan: The Shot Heard Round the World

Posted by on May 2, 2014

a victim imprisoned inside university of florida

a victim imprisoned inside university of florida

by Camille Marino

Yesterday, in one of the most sickening alliances I have witnessed to date, Huntingdon Life Sciences merged with Harlan Laboratories in the UK to form an uber-animal-torture conglomerate. This needs to serve as a wake up call to every Animal Liberation activist on every continent that we are losing ground. And if any one of us is to be of any use to the animals, then we all need to focus with single-minded obsession and commit to an escalation of creative, aggressive, and confrontational action. We’re talking about a war that is being waged on animals. And, we, as their defenders, are failing them.

While activists gently introduced Brian Cass to their baseball bat several years ago, the only thing that I would lament about that action is that the bat didn’t connect much more forcefully with his skull:

“Brian Cass, CEO of Huntingdon Life Sciences, commented, ‘We are excited by the acquisition of Harlan, a highly respected leader in their market sectors. This acquisition is precisely in line with our strategy to broaden our support for the pharmaceutical, crop protection and chemical industries, as well as universities, government, and other research organizations. Our two companies have a long heritage and together we will maintain and build on our reputation for high quality science and innovation.'” –Hundington.com

This is a global vivisection complex that functions as a cohesive unit, stomping out opposition with ruthless efficiency. Having been in their crosshairs, I admire the manner in which they converged on me to neutralize me the second NIO/Eleventh Hour for Animals presented a credible threat to their profit margin. Clearly, they failed. But I took notes from their playbook throughout and have zero compunction about doing what I think is necessary and appropriate going forward and using their own underhanded tactics against them.

And, sadly, on our side of the enemy lines what we see is divisiveness, internal sabotage, and repeated public demonstrations of our own weakness with activists attacking other activists. If we don’t agree on tactics, it serves no purpose to rant online except to entertain the enemy. When was the last time anyone saw a vivisector criticizing another vivisector publicly because they differ about the manner in which they enjoy torturing their victims? It doesn’t happen. They don’t give away their power the way so many in our community appear compelled to.

While the significance of this shot heard round the world appears to elude many, I have been in almost constant private discussions since yesterday with activists who are deeply affected by what this signals to many of us. And the only advice I can offer is that if we have any hope of effectively challenging this insidious institutional and powerful industry, it is to regroup and focus… focus on that which we can change. We must expend our energies on campaigns in our own communities, dismantling the vivisection complex piece by piece. We cannot allow ourselves to be swayed by the moderates and welfarists that work to make activists conform to their own acceptable standard of impotence. It is time for us to understand that we must take matters into our own hands and come together for a common objective.

My own campaign is on a momentary hiatus while we await new records and sew up some vulnerabilities that have allowed infiltrators and saboteurs within our own ranks to compromise our efforts. But I can guarantee that when we return shortly, Eleventh Hour for Animals is committed above all to shutting down the vivisectors in our own backyard for good.

And imagine what we could accomplish for Animal Liberation if every single one of us stopped giving away our power and decided, instead, to dismantle the vivisection complex, piece by piece, en masse….



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  1. LiberateThemAll Says:

    Speaking of HLS, whatever happened to SHAC? Shac.net hasn’t been updated in a year and SHAC-NA never even got off the ground. We need someone who wants to lead a SHAC group, not just start one for attention and recognition.

  2. Negotiation Is Over Says:


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