James Cromwell Leads PeTA Protest at Air France

Posted by on May 2, 2014

Actor James Cromwell led a demonstration against Air France on Monday in protest of what he says is the airline’s policy of cruelty to monkeys. The protest, held at the airline’s terminal at Los Angeles International Airport, was organized by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and included Cromwell being caged inside a giant shipping crate.

“The Artist” and “American Horror Story” star said he and PETA are demanding that Air France stop transporting monkeys which they claim are eventually used for laboratory testing.

“These are our ancestors. They’re closer than just another sentient being; they feel, they are intelligent animals, they have feelings and to put them through this kind of torture, to come here and be tortured further, to have their skulls drilled through, to be infected with diseases, crippled with injuries, if the public were aware of what happens to these animals and when they’re flying on Air France, these animals are right below them and that their tickets help this industry continue to do this, that’s why I am here.”

PETA says that Air France is the only major airline in the world that still ships primates to laboratories.

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Last modified on May 2, 2014

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2 Responses to “James Cromwell Leads PeTA Protest at Air France”

  1. carmel Massella Says:

    I am so sorry and sickened to the core… my heart aches when i see these vidios. i cant watch to much.. i have become vegan witin the last 4 mos… my life has changed for ever… between the farm animals and the science animals its all too much…. i continue to pray and spread the word. i am trying to organize a fund raiser in my sons name. just beginning but i know its what he would want. He loved all animals of all species, i will honor his memeory by being a voice for all creatures…. please let me know what else i can do…. Fondly, Carmel Massella

  2. Negotiation Is Over Says:

    i’m sorry for your loss, carmel. but i commend you for honoring your son’s name by working to help the most abused and oppressed individuals whose blood lubes our slave economy

    and congratulations on going vegan

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