Update: Support ALF Prisoner Brian Vaillancourt

Posted by on May 2, 2014

brian 1Brian Vaillancourt M42889
3820 East Main Street
Danville, IL 61834


Brian Vaillancourt will serve another six and a half years for attempting to burn down a McDonald’s in Rosemont. His out date is set for September 25, 2020. And it is imperative that we rally around our comrades while they are in the hands of the state. Prisoners look forward to getting mail. Any imprisoned Animal Liberation activist is inspired and encouraged to hear about our work for the animals outside. Write a letter, take action in his honor, or make a donation today.

I am pleased that Brian will begin contributing to this site shortly and I look forward to him continuing to recruit a new crop of activists behind bars.

In his words:

“I don’t care. I know who I am, what I did, what I’m doing, and what I will do… Because it’s a war — a war we intend to win…”

To make a donation through JPay or Western Union, please click HERE and type “Vaillancourt” in the search box. It will allow you to access Brian’s info.


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4 Responses to “Update: Support ALF Prisoner Brian Vaillancourt”

  1. Darlene Baneky Says:

    No animal activist should be in jail for doing the right things.> not the wrong thing. Animal abusers are the ones who need to be in jail. Please don’t let this man remain in jail for trying to help animals.

  2. Negotiation Is Over Says:

    please write brian and lend him your support. he is not getting out for a while, but remains undaunted by this temporary setback

  3. Gary Says:

    “They’re coming at animals with knives, scalpels, and drills. We’re trying to defend them with signs and leaflets. We are not the sociopaths in this equation. To not use every weapon at our disposal to save the innocent is immoral and unjust.”

    This guy tried to burn a restaurant with people in it down. He tried to take human life. He IS the sociopath in this equation. He should be behind bars for life, and to paraphrase Yourofsky I hope he is anally raped so badly it prolapses his colon.

  4. Negotiation Is Over Says:

    brian is a hero and i am only saddened by the fact that he wasn’t more successful

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