NIO/Eleventh Hour Exclusive: Images of Horses Tortured Inside UF

Posted by on May 20, 2014

horse 2

Source: Eleventh Hour for Animals

Entirely funded through the NIH by unwitting taxpayers, healthy horses are forced to endure agonizing pain inside the University of Florida with absolutely no pain relief. In a grueling regimen to create osteoarthritis in these victims, sadists inside UF open up the horses’ leg, chip away at their bones, and leave the shards inside the animal. Then these horses are forced to run on treadmills day after day while they measure the increasing pain and lameness in the debilitated individual.

horse 1

Interestingly, the governing protocol demands that the progression of the horses’ nightmare be recorded digitally. Yet, no videos were forthcoming with this latest batch of records — only these very poor images which document the incontrovertible horror. After about ten days, many of these victims are then murdered.

Eleventh Hour is filing a follow up request for the digital images that we now know exist.

An irrelevant side note: they’re allegedly doing gene therapy because it is too “expensive” to experiment on people.

Much more to come…

horse 7

horse 3

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7 Responses to “NIO/Eleventh Hour Exclusive: Images of Horses Tortured Inside UF”

  1. Remona Seckinger Says:

    WTF??!!! OH HELL NO!!

  2. Remona Seckinger Says:

    What can I do to help stop this? I am a zoology student right down the road from UF. I have posted a link to this site on my schools homepage to get students to stand with me in a protest. I will be passing out fliers and hanging fliers all over the school to bring awareness to the horrors that take place at UF. Is there anything else I can do?

  3. Negotiation Is Over Says:

    hi remona,

    i could tell by the stats for this site that this post was getting hundreds of hits this morning from gainesville and inside uf. i was wondering how we were getting so much attention concentrated locally. thank you so much for posting this information in your groups.

    eleventh hour for animals has a site dedicated to the horrors committed inside uf: and these are some of the images of the tortured monkeys:

    if i can email you, i would love to invite you to protest with my group next saturday the 31st at 1 pm.

    camille marino
    [email protected]

  4. dagmar grabsch Says:

    I live in Germany, the people must be informed about these heinous, sadistic experiments. This must be stopped!!

  5. Negotiation Is Over Says:

    that’s why we’re here. please share far and wide all over germany and all over the world

  6. Birgitta Holenstein Says:

    This is completely crazy! I the human race really so degraded? These sickening, cruel and deprived experiments must stop. There is simply no reason for them and no space for them in todays society. You are degrading science!

  7. Negotiation Is Over Says:

    this is a manifestation of an ingrained psychopathology. and, unfortunately, it is nurtured and encouraged because our tax dollars support these deviants and their war crimes

    please spread the word far and wide and help us expose and disgrace these criminals

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