Camille Marino founded NIO in 2009 and began re-publishing the public information of vivisectors and other animal abusers around the globe. NIO became our own community composed of like-minded, aggressive, militant, and dedicated animal liberation activists around the globe. It was and is our own movement.


Camille began getting hit with injunctions from vivisectors who didn’t appreciate being named and shamed publicly. She refused to yield to these unconstitutional assaults on her First Amendment right to free speech. In 2009, UCLA monkey murderer David Jentsch went to the courts and told them she had to be stopped because he feared exposure. The following year, a Wayne State University dog torturer followed suit and ran to the courts to cry that he didn’t want to be exposed on NIO either. Camille eventually earned a misdemeanor criminal contempt charge for allegedly violating the court orders.


Her main focus since 2010 has been to liberate an estimated 10,000 animals that are imprisoned and tortured inside UF for approximately $400 million in tax dollars annually. She discovered that a UF vivisector was receiving millions in federal annuities to perform barbaric brain mapping experiments in monkeys. When it emerged that the money was going to UF and the experiments were being performed in New York, she immediately filed a state-level open records request to find out what was happening to the monkeys.


UF remained in noncompliance with her request for 14 months until she won her first lawsuit, Camille Marino v. The University of Florida (December 30, 2011). Within five weeks of this legal victory, UF vivisector Raymond J. Bergeron filed a malicious and false complaint against Marino that alleging that she threatened to burn down his house with “me and my wife in it.” Her home would be raided several months later based on this outrageous lie.

After beginning to publish the records documenting decades of horrific torture and murder the monkeys had endured, Camille began to become an obvious threat when the community began to rally behind the initiative. Within weeks, UF had her arrested at the next demo on Feb. 4, 2012. Marino was arrested on the criminal contempt charge out of Michigan, held for 31 days, and extradited to Detroit.


To get a campaign out in Detroit off the ground and to protest her own repression, Marino taped her mouth and chained herself to a library at Wayne State University during a protest against the dog murderer. She was arrested and charged with trespassing and her judge continued her bond. She was then re-arrested by Wayne State police and held for five days in grueling conditions while vivisectors around the country and prosecutors figured out how to stop her. She was ultimately hit with two felonies punishable by up to 10 years in prison:

Aggravated Stalking: 5 years
Posting a Message (for allowing a former colleague to publish his violent threats against the dog murderer to be published on NIO): 5 years


While she was serving her sentence in early 2013, Camille won her second ground-breaking case against UF. The courts ruled that the location of the labs was public information and the university had to disclose this information. After she finished serving her six month sentence in Detroit, she returned home to Florida and took possession of the records she had just won from UF. UF immediately had her re-arrested again and extradited back out to Detroit where they attempted to violate her probation over a video of vivisectors that remained online for 14 months. They wanted to put her in prison for five years and shut her down for good.

When they were unsuccessful in proving Camille’s alleged infraction, the dog murderer jumped up at her hearing and intervened. He was successful at having the judge ordering her offline for the duration of her probation and taking down the Negotiation Is Over website as well.

The vivisectors had temporarily silenced Camille and NIO. But after 6 arrests, 2 grueling extraditions, 1 raid on her home, 3 months on house arrest, 8 months in jail, and 7 months banned from the internet, her probation was finally terminated two years early on January 17, 2014.


While she was on a state-enforced vacation, the UF campaign evolved and emerged as Eleventh Hour for Animals.

We are at war! The animal-torture industry inside UF must be dismantled and the prisoners released. Until they are free, we’ve only just begun to fight!

Rather than December 5, 2015, Camille’s judge officially signed the order and released her on January 19, 2014.


Her first book, “Danger to Society: Journey of a Political Prisoner,” was published on May 25, 2014 and pulled from print two weeks later. This book will be re-published in an unabridged and high-drama edition as soon as the massive litigation, censorship issues, and first amendment cases surrounding its re-release have been resolved. All of the controversy surrounding this title will only serve to ignite interest in its content.

Animal Liberation will be achieved when the detriments of animal abuse outweigh the benefits.


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Last modified on October 27, 2014

7 Responses to “About”

  1. Jeffery Termini Says:

    Camille you are a true hero to all those who suffer needlessly. I hope to follow in your footsteps one day. Keep up the great work your doing for the animals.

  2. Negotiation Is Over Says:

    thank you so much for you kind words, jeffrey. it means a lot to me. :)

  3. freya Says:

    You are the real human with heart. May you prevail.


  4. Eleventh Hour Says:

    i appreciate your support. thank you, freyaa

  5. Haras Says:

    Hi Camille,

    Clearly you are rattling the cage of the animal abuse industry, which will do anything to protect its relentless torture, exploitation and cruelty to animals in the name of profit.

    It takes a lot of courage to stand up to these pathological abusers who hide behind the institutions that perpetuate this horror in the name of “humane” research.

    You are Truth standing at the face of unadulterated Evil.

    Animal rights advocates the world over are helping to expose this torture for what it really is – a silent and terrible holocaust for animals that occurs day after day, year after year, decade after decade in every university “life sciences” department.

    Countless innocent creatures are incarcerated in airless, lightless concreteunderground university prisons with no access to natural behaviours.

    Ask any university about this and the response is always the same – there is no answer other than “our animals get the best possible care by registered veterinarians”.

    Of course, being a woman, you will be targeted even more by these dark evil prison camps, whose main objective is to silence the voice of conscience, of ethics, of morality, goodness, decency, compassion and kindness. Theirs is a cold, dark world harking back to the Dark Ages.

    Please keep doing what you are doing until every one of these death camps is abolished and outlawed for good. The Buddha text reads: “Beings are numberless and I vow to save them”

    Well, this is what you are doing.

    Infinite gratitude and maximum respect.

  6. Jane Says:

    Hey Camille, just wanted to say that I enjoy your blog very much, and don’t listen to anyone who says it the other way. You are doing a great job and are helping the world be a better place, and that’s what’s life about :) Best regards from Croatia!

  7. Eleventh Hour Says:

    Hi Jane, Although Camille is on a brief hiatus, I will be sure she knows of your support which we all at NIO apreciate very much. Thank you again for your comment and support!

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