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Animals shouldn’t take a backseat to ‘intersectionality’

Tuesday, August 4th, 2015

The misguided and treasonous ideology that ‘human liberation equals animal liberation’ is deeply embraced by animal liberationists who want to create alliances with speciesist humanists in pursuit of some egalitarian world vision. It is such a basic tenet among many, that simply challenging their humanist propensities routinely fractures alliances within our own community. In practice, however, the energies of animal activists are routinely diverted by those leftists (and some right-wingers) who continue to exact their own human privilege, laughing at us as they dine on the cadavers of their own slaves! The only truth is that until human overpopulation is dealt with, Animal Liberation will remain elusive. In the meantime, we are extremely encouraged to see the following submission coming from our well-established colleague in the socialist community. Even an intersectionalist can see that the animal rights movement is dominated by human supremacy. We are either animal liberationists or humanists, period! And the sooner the ‘intersectionality light’ is extinguished, the faster we can all focus on Animal Liberation. -An NHF/NIO Editorial

human pride

by Jon Hochschartner
Simulposted with Non-Humans First

In recent years, there has been a growing emphasis in the animalist movement on ‘intersectionality,’ by which is meant consideration of human issues such as class, gender and race. This is obviously a worthwhile endeavor on its own terms. And simply from a strategic level it’s good in that a more inclusive struggle will be bigger and thus more effective.


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Sunday, July 5th, 2015


source: Houston Press

Opal the chimpanzee is 34 years old and lives in an enclosure at the Southwest National Primate Research Center in San Antonio.

Her medical file describes her as “light complexion, freckled, thin, big ears that stick out, white beard, green eyes.” The file also states that she’s endured 19 liver biopsies and 219 chemical immobilizations, according to the Humane Society of the United States’ review of federal inspection reports. She’s also infected with hepatitis B.

“Her records show a history of plucking out her hair and eating it, a behavior associated with stress and trauma,” a Humane Society report states.

Opal is one of 20 chimps owned by the National Institutes of Health that were transferred to Southwest from the Alamogordo Primate Facility in New Mexico, where hundreds of chimps had been retired from biomedical research. Opal and her peers were called out of retirement in 2010 and were once again made available for testing.

And now, in the wake of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s decision to declare captive chimpanzees endangered, animal welfare groups are calling for Opal and 19 other federally owned chimps at Southwest to be permanently retired.

The Alamogordo chimps had originally been used for research by the U.S. Air Force, but in 1970, the Air Force leased them to private labs. One of those labs was run by toxicologist Frederick Coulston, head of the Coulston Foundation. At his peak, Coulston had control of roughly 600 chimps.

In 1993, three chimps — Robert, James, and Raymond — overheated and died when their enclosures reached 150 degrees, according to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine’s review of federal records. The USDA cited the Coulston Foundation for the deaths of those three, plus two more who died in 1997, then again in 1998, when Terrance, Holly, and Muffin died “from a known side effect of an experimental drug,” according to the Physicians Committee.

In 1999, the Coulston Foundation settled with the USDA and agreed to transfer ownership of 300 chimps to the agency by January 2002.

But a USDA inspection report shows that Opal was still in Coulston’s custody in April 2002. She was one of 14 chimps Coulston kept in single cages. The inspectors wanted to find out why that was.

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Dear Edythe

Saturday, June 20th, 2015

source: Progress for Science

By Jo Bainbridge


I wonder how your Memorial Day went.

I spent some of mine sitting in my back room, watching the neon carrot flames of the barbecue lick in hungry frenetic swirls around its circular hood. It was a beautiful afternoon. The breeze was fresh and light, a transporter of warm summer promises, teasing the flames capriciously in all directions. Wind chimes gently spoke. Children laughed and played in the background, musical lilting sounds of delight. It is a day when the insanity of war is remembered and the beauty of liberty and life is celebrated. We gather close to our friends, family and loved ones. We are grateful to be free from tyranny. I embraced the gorgeous beauty of that moment but there was, and remains, an insistent pilot light of pain in my heart that never goes out.

My mind turned then, as it does now, to those animal species who do not have liberty. My heart opens in raw solidarity to those beings who suffer out of sight, out of mind. My being turns towards those creatures who languish in steel cages just a few miles from where I sit. These are the condemned animals in your UCLA laboratories. There is no loving parent. There is no friend. They quiver, sight unseen, alone. If they have been stolen from their natural habitat, they will never again know freedom. If they have been bred for the purpose of being experimented on, they will only know the loneliness of captivity and experience excruciating deaths in your facility.

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Breaking : UF Unlawfully Withholds Records, Eleventh Hour Sues AGAIN!

Monday, June 15th, 2015



source: Eleventh Hour For Animals

Press Release
For Immediate Release
June 15, 2015

The University of Florida is once again unlawfully withholding records and images documenting the unmitigated horrors to which they subject animals for profit. And Eleventh Hour is once again dragging them back into court to gain access to their hellish labs. In this latest battle in a five year war between the two entities, the University contends that experiments in which they are blinding untold numbers of mice in addition to dogs and ultimately non-human primates, are exempt from public disclosure according to section 1004.22, Florida Statutes. This law protects trade secrets and other proprietary information. Eleventh Hour contends that millions of taxpayers dollars are being applied for and awarded to certain vivisectors who’s atrocities are therefore fully within the public domain.

Attorney Marcy I. LaHart filed a six page lawsuit in The Circuit Court of The Eighth Judicial Circuit  Alachua County, Florida on Friday June 12th, 2015 on behalf of Eleventh Hour For Animals’ Senior Lab Investigator Karen Kline. Ms. LaHart demonstrates that UF is flagrantly ignoring the law, withholding public records from this activist group, and calls for an immediate hearing.

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Research chimps to be listed as ‘endangered’

Saturday, June 13th, 2015


Cyril Ruoso/Corbis Chimpanzees in captivity will soon be considered endangered under the Endangered Species Act.

Cyril Ruoso/Corbis
Chimpanzees in captivity will soon be considered endangered under the Endangered Species Act.

source : ScienceInsider

The presence of Jane Goodall was a giveaway. In a press conference today that featured the famed primatologist, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) announced that it will classify all captive chimpanzees as endangered under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). The move gives captive chimps the same status as their wild counterparts, ending an odd split designation, and could deal a significant blow to biomedical research involving the animals. More than 700 chimps are involved in research in U.S. labs today.

“This decision will help us ensure that the world we pass along to our children and grandchildren will be filled with chimpanzees,” said USFWS Director Dan Ashe at the press conference. “We believe this action will ensure that activities affecting all chimpanzees will contribute to the survival of chimpanzees in the wild.”

USFWS has been considering the status change since a coalition of animal organizations—including the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and the Jane Goodall Institute—petitioned it in 2010. The group claimed that research chimps were treated inhumanely and that the animals were too cognitively advanced to be kept in captivity. It also argued that USFWS had erred when, in 1990, it first listed wild chimpanzees as endangered but made the unusual move to keep captive chimps—including those used in research, zoos, and entertainment—listed as threatened. (All chimps earned that designation in 1976 due to threats from poaching, disease, and capture for research.) No other species has this split status, and USFWS hoped at the time that propagating chimps in captivity would reduce the need to take them from the wild. It also received pressure from the biomedical research community, which feared that an endangered listing would compromise HIV research and other important studies.


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Respect Life 269life Global Event

Friday, June 12th, 2015


Source: 269life

Join the 269Life Animal Liberation Movement for this global event, taking place on the 26th of September 2015. The event will be hosted across the globe in more than 20 countries. The purpose of this event is to promote the ethos of the 269 movement – which is to bring animal liberation to the forefront of human consciousness and commit to do our part in bringing an end to the animal holocaust. We also wish to raise awareness about veganism, and all its benefits. We encourage all 269 groups, around the world to reach out to their local animal liberation groups and stand together as one voice on this day. We speak for those who cannot speak for themselves, and they need for us to put aside any differences we may have and stand together in solidarity.

respect Life

Respect Life is a campaign that will take place over the next 6 months, culminating in an event on the 26 September 2015.

Currently, there are 70 cities and several organizations participating. The purpose of this event/campaign is to promote the ethos of the 269 movement – which is to bring animal liberation to the forefront of human consciousness and commit to do our part in bringing an end to the animal holocaust. We also wish to raise awareness about veganism, and all its benefits.

Who is “269?”

“269” is a calf who was born into an Israeli dairy farm.
His life was saved, near his scheduled slaughter day.

On October 2nd of 2012, ‘World Farm Animals day’, at Rabin Square in central Tel-Aviv, 269Life activists performed an act of solidarity and empathy towards abused animals exploited by the human race.
The display’s aim is to call for empathy towards the most oppressed sector of our society and call into question the deep disconnect we as a society, have towards sanctioned animal cruelty.

The activists got branded with a hot steel brand, in the same way farm animals are branded in farms all over the world.
The number 269, which was burned on their skin,
was the designated number of a calf they have encountered in one of Israel’s dairy farms.

“This anonymous male calf will be forever immortalized on our bodies, and hopefully this message of solidarity will somehow bring a new way of looking at non-human animals.
No animal should be exploited to satisfy the selfish needs and whimsical desires of humans, and that is why we chose to use the industry’s own method of objectifying living beings as this symbolic means to convey our idea”.

Annually, more than 150 billion animals are murdered worldwide due to people’s selfishness, ignorance and greed.

This madness must stop and will stop the day humankind finally wakes up and understands that even the nameless feel pain and desire freedom no less than us humans.

“If there is no struggle, there is no progress. Those who profess to favor freedom, and yet deprecate agitation, are people who want rain without thunder and lightning. They want the ocean without the roar of its many waters. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.” (Frederick Douglass, slavery abolitionist, 1818-1895)

The event may be any form of demonstration, protest, rally, branding event, direct action, performance art, etc – As long as it conveys the message: Respect Life. You may even have a Vegan Day after the actual protest/event to promote veganism and to further educate about the plight of all non-human animals.

The Respect Life Campaign represents ALL non-human animals enslaved and exploited by humans. This covers all industries where animals are used for profit. We encourage all 269 groups, around the world to reach out to their local animal liberation groups and stand together as one voice on this day. We aim to stand in solidarity with activists from around the globe to speak up for the abused and the exploited.

Should you wish to take part in the promotion of the event, we will supply artwork for your country. The artwork would be for online display as well as print media (should you wish to print banners, posters, flyers, etc).

We would like to promote the actual event on the 26.09.2015 by all means possible, i.e. social media, radio, print media, flyers, etc.. to rally as much support and exposure as possible.

The Vegan day with stalls of vegan food and products could be a great attraction for those interested in veganism. You could also have a screening or footage to further educate people on the plight of animals used for profit.



***See More – for the list of country events***


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Systematic Torture Disrupted at Harlan Lab in Ontario

Wednesday, June 10th, 2015

photo: Andrew Collins @ACollinsPhoto

source: Bite Back

received anonymously

“Mississauga, Ontario, Canada – Early in the morning of June 7, 2015, the Animal Liberation Front planted incendiary devices under trucks belonging to Harlan Laboratories. Harlan is a company owned by Huntingdon Life Sciences. They are responsible for supplying research animals and animal feed to vivisectionists. This action was undertaken in order to eliminate this evil company’s means of transportation, to disrupt the systematic torture and murder of innocent animals, and to cause as much monetary damage as possible. Fortunately, news reports have said that the devices ignited successfully, damaging one truck and completely destroying the other. Our only regret is that the flames were extinguished before they had a chance to spread to Harlan’s offices. In solidarity with those fighting the oppression of mink on fur farms in St. Mary’s – A.L.F.”

nio small

NIO/Eleventh Hour for Animals are independent journalists protected by the First Amendment-based privilege that protects us from legal actions that threaten the integrity of our effort to gather and disseminate news. There is no intent, express or implied, to encourage any illegal activity. We assume no liability for the manner in which the information we publish may be used by any third party.

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Call To Action – Hundreds of Monkeys Still Trapped at Mazor Farm!

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

Source: Monkey Struggle in Israel

monkey struggle

Call to action – is needed Htgiisotcm behalf of the Apes !!!
Require the transfer of monkeys still kept in cages in a cure for Reconstruction Ben Shemen Monkey Park! Also, demand information transparency in proceedings involving their fate!

As we announced previously – as long as there are monkeys caged in a cure, we are committed to the well-being!

So far we were able to secure the release of hundreds of monkeys from Mazor Farm to rehabilitate the Ben Shemen Monkey Park. Safety of the rehabilitated monkeys are guaranteed good hands. However, hundreds of monkeys still trapped in a cure and it is unclear why the permit to transfer them to the custody of delayed Monkey Park in Ben Shemen!


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The Freelee & Gary Yourofsky Controversy: Death to Non Vegans & Human Hating?

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

Another great video by Emily Moran Barwick discussing the recent controversy amongst vegans and non-vegans alike, sparked from recent videos by Freelee the Banana Girl and Gary Yourofsky!

source: Bite Size Vegan Nugget

nio small

NIO/Eleventh Hour for Animals are independent journalists protected by the First Amendment-based privilege that protects us from legal actions that threaten the integrity of our effort to gather and disseminate news. There is no intent, express or implied, to encourage any illegal activity. We assume no liability for the manner in which the information we publish may be used by any third party.

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A few questions posed to Abdul Haqq via Corrlinks email, June 2015

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

Source: Walter Bond Support Crew

photo credit:

photo credit:



Why have you been studying both Arabic and Spanish?

I have been studying Fus’hah or Classical Arabic as it is known in English for the purpose of reading and reciting the Qur’an in the original language in which it was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.) I have been studying Arabic for about 3 years now. As a practicing Muslim I know that there is a natural and mystic power to the Qur’an that can only be felt in its original language.

As far as Spanish goes this is important to me for ethnic reasons. Yo Soy Boricua (I am Puerto Rican) and like many of my people I lost my language as a child. It’s important to me to master Spanish because it is a culture that I don’t want to lose and one that I would like to pass on to my children someday. Since my incarceration I have had the opportunity to meet and befriend more Puerto Ricans than I ever met growing up in Colorado and Iowa. It’s sad that outside of my own family the largest concentration of my own people I have found is behind bars. But this is no surprise since our island has been a hot spot of imperialization and colonization since the first white people set foot in the Caribbean. forced assimilation and imprisonment is the favorite way of the white power system to downgrade people of color and Puerto Rico and her people are no exception to that.

So, I study Spanish pretty much all day long in one way or another. I speak it now, as well as immerse myself in Spanish television, music and books. Not only has it become important to me on a personal level, but my mind now craves the challenges of learning it. And in the process it is awakening a pride in my ethnic identity that I have never felt before.

Are you listening to any music these days?

Always. Music is food for the soul. I have an MP3 player which I have loaded with a diverse array of music. I enjoy Reggae, Reggaeton, Salsa, Old School Hip Hop and Straight Edge Hardcore to name only a few genres I enjoy.

What do you like to read these days?

Thanks to my supporters I have been able to read nearly any book I have ever wanted to read. These days I am so wrapped up in study that I seldom read subject type material. I appreciate anything contemporary that I can get my hands on in the Spanish language, magazines, newspapers, comics etc.

Do you still want a subscription to the weekly Colombian magazine “Semana”?

Yes, I would like that very much. I used to be housed with another inmate that had a subscription and I really enjoyed reading the current and back issues.

Are there any Animals at the prison?

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