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2 Animal Activists Indicted as Terrorists for Freeing Mink

Friday, July 11th, 2014

tyler lang

by Will Potter (Green is the New Red)

Two animal rights activists have been indicted on federal terrorism charges for allegedly releasing 2,000 mink and fox from fur farms in the Midwest.

Tyler Lang and Kevin Olliff were charged with two counts of violating the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act and committing “animal enterprise terrorism.”

Olliff is currently in jail in Illinois, where he was sentenced to 30 months in jail for having boltcutters in his Prius.

Lang was arrested outside of a Veggie Grill restaurant in Los Angeles on Thursday, July 10. He had arrived to prepare for a fundraiser at the restaurant to benefit the Bunny Alliance, an animal rights group with which he volunteers.


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If you use Tor, you’ve been targeted by the NSA for long-term surveillance & retention

Saturday, July 5th, 2014


by Camille Marino

The NSA says it only banks the communications of “targeted” individuals. Guess what? As animal- and eco-activists,  we are in a special group all of our own that has already been targeted for surveillance and infiltration by the government because we threaten the status quo. So we must pay more attention to our privacy and security in order to fight effectively. And since every computer I owned was seized in a home raid in June 0f 2012, and since I was banned from the internet entirely throughout 2013, I had to become fairly adept at initiating some sophisticated security measures. I have been considering sharing this information with our community, but was uncertain about how much interest there would be in these issues.


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Talkers, dividers, & doing the FBI’s work: New Statement from Kevin

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

kevin oliffSource: Support Kevin & Tyler

New statement from Kevin, April 1st 2014.

“In prison, you want to know that others are taking up where you left off. So when people ask me what they should do to support prisoners, I tell them to send movement news. Even in the grayest correctional bubble, word of critters scurrying from concentration camps is enough to bring a sense of freedom flooding back into any activist’s veins.

But these days, when I hear the latest, it often has the opposite effect.


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Why Did the FBI Label Ryan Shapiro’s Dissertation on Animal Rights a Threat to National Security?

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

ryan shapiroView video of Ryan’s interview HERE

Source: Democracy Now

Over the past decade, Ryan Shapiro has become a leading freedom of information activist, unearthing tens of thousands of once-secret documents. His work focuses on how the government infiltrates and monitors political movements, in particular those for animal and environmental rights. Today, he has around 700 Freedom of Information Act requests before the FBI, seeking around 350,000 documents. That tenacity has led the Justice Department to call him the “most prolific” requester there is — in one year, two requests per day. It has also led the FBI to claim his dissertation research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology would “irreparably damage national security.” Shapiro discusses his methodology in obtaining government documents through FOIA requests, and the details that have emerged therein about the crackdown on animal rights activists.


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Dam It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta!

Sunday, October 28th, 2012

Walter Bond
USP Marion CMU
PO Box 1000

by Walter Bond

According to the FBI, and my institutional record, my gang affiliation is ‘Straight Edge’. My gang identifiers are my tattoos. the record is as follows: Face- large tribal, Throat- ‘VEGAN’/w crossed wrenches on both sides, Right Forearm- ‘STRAIGHTEDGE XXX’ from elbow to wrist, Left Elbow- spider web with an X in the middle,  Both Hands- X V symbol (tribal style), Knuckles- ‘LIBERATE’, Right Calf- “VFL” (large block letters), Left Calf- “XVX” (large block letters), Left Shin- Large Wolf head/w lettering ‘Hands off the Animals’.

Back when I was arrested in Denver for the arson of the Sheepskin Factory is when this record began (not when I went to prison in 97′ for burning down a drug dealers home and drug enterprise, go figure). I was in county jail in Golden Colorado when I was awakened by the loud speaker ‘Bond, come out here the gang coordinator wants to see you’. My cell door buzzed and opened as did the pod door after it. I was taken to a small office where I met the gang coordinator. He informed me that he had just got back from a training over the mountains in Utah and had learned all about Straight Edge from the gang units there. When he came back to work he was talking about it to a deputy that said “yeah, Bond has that tattooed all over him’. So he wanted to come down and see one (Straight Edge gangbanger) for himself. I replied ‘I’m not in a gang’. He responded, ‘I see, do you mind telling me what your charges are?’ I said ‘Arson, and domestic terrorism’. then he said ‘so you guys beat up people that smoke and eat meat, right?’. I replied ‘I haven’t beat anyone up for smoking since I was a kid’. he then asked me, how many of you guys are here in Denver? I said jokingly, look man I’m a domestic terrorist, not a gang member don’t get it twisted. And I’m done with your questions, can I go back to my cell now? And back to my cell I went.

Back in the unit everyone was curious what the gang coordinator wanted. I was housed with all kinds of gangs and they saw it as a form of status that I had been called out. I said, ‘I’m Straight Edge’, that means I don’t drink or do drugs and I never will. One of the guys asked me “do you guys kick ass, and fuck shit up? Are you bangin’ that shit homey? I said, ‘Yeah, I’ve been known to go hard with it’. Another voice chimed in ‘you gotta go hard with it, that’s what’s up, where you guys from?’ I said, ‘well, we started back east I suppose, but we’re worldwide now’. Before you know it I had this crowd of inmates around me while I told old Straight Edge war stories. I guess that marked the moment of my acceptance and status in the unit.

Upon arrival to the Davis county jail in Utah (to face charges for my Tandy Leather Factory and Tiburon restaurant arsons) I was put into B unit. B unit is basically an intake pod where you get designated to other housing units. While waiting for my classification to another unit I was happily stretching my legs and walking laps. I had just been in transit shackled and chained in a plane all day so it was nice to be able to walk around. Soon I noticed a group of guys checking me out. One of them came over and says, ‘Hey man did you see my tattoo’? I said no. He promptly showed me his throat tattoo which read ‘KSE’. He said ‘that stands for kill Straight Edge’. I laughed my ass off! I thought it was a joke! I regained my composure and said ‘I’m not from here dude, so whatever.’ he proceeds ‘your gonna have to understand that lots of people have had problems with Straight Edge kids around here so you might have problems in this jail, but you seem alright so I’ll go tell everyone it’s cool man’. I watched him go back over to this group of juggalos ( juggalos are a group of genetically-challenged drug addicts that worship two 40 year old men that dress like clowns and try to rap, trust me I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried!) and start talking all big like he just put me in my place.

Now, I’m a reasonable person but I am not going to let a group of burnt out paint huffers and heroin addicts think that they have the better of me, outnumbered or not. So I walked over to them and said ‘look, I’m not from here, I don’t give a fuck what you guys are into. So either leave me alone or come up to my cell and we can throw down but I don’t want any surprises from you all when I got my back turned or I’m in the shower, so what’s it gonna be? We came to an uneasy truce. luckily an hour latter I was told to grab my bed roll. I was assigned to H unit, otherwise known as Hotel.

Hotel was the pod for long term county jail inmates. About half of us were fighting federal court cases and the other half were overflow from the state prison. This unit had just housed another Straight Edge ALF activist a couple months before my arrival. He was liked there which made my time easier. It turned out to be a much better environment of grown up convicts instead of every drunk driver and wife beater that just got booked. The strange thing about Utah is the notoriety that Straight Edge has whether in Salt Lake City or in the county jails. Anywhere else you get locked up no one knows anything about Straight Edge or the ALF. But in Utah most every gang has had a violent confrontation with a Straight Edge kid or crew. I have to admit it was nice to finally have some street credit somewhere. Back in Denver Straight Edge has (this is 2010 I’m talking about) turned into a fashion show. It’s got the vibe like a bunch of kids watched some videos about hardcore and became carbon copies of that image. While I’m not a fan of random violence and the machismo Edge crap It was nice to be somewhere where Straight Edge and Animal Lib are serious issues that people are willing to make a stand on the streets for.

So finally my sentencing day in court came. Amongst a plethora of charade, and speeches from my attorney, and the prosecutor, and the judge, and the manager of Tandy leather factory the U.S attorney managed to bring up Straight Edge. This time by bringing up a flyer I had created years before detailing the ‘What We Believe’ points of my crew VFL(Vegan For Life). He erroneously said that it was from Utah, Which is wrong. I’m not from Utah, I was born in Iowa and raised in Colorado. The only time I went to Utah was on ALF Lone Wolf business and the only reason I went there is because in Denver I stood out like a turd in a punchbowl. Whereas in Salt Lake I was just another one of those XVX face tattoo guys. The US attorney then went on to say that VFL was a domestic terrorist organization that I started( great, now I am not only a gang member but the founder of a terrorist organization! What a bunch of bullshit)!

Since my arrest I have had all my tattoos written down, filed and photographed more times than I can count. I know that Straight Edge has been considered a gang for awhile in a few cities but now I guess it’s transcended local authorities. I won’t say that Straight Edge doesn’t have some fringe gang elements here and there, but I’m fine with that. The true gangsters and terrorists are still the governments, corporations and thugs that manufacture, distribute and proliferate their addictive poisons. I’m still proud to stand against this tide of inebriation whether it is with the flame in my hand, the fist my hand makes or the X tattooed on the back of my hand. I still hate drugs and liquor and I still believe that all the excuses people come up with (the same excuses I once came up with as a user) are still just excuses to escape the world around us instead of trying to change it. being Edge has nothing to do with being a good or bad person. Many sober people are exploiters and abusers. Many people that get stoned or drink are some of the best friends I ever made. It’s not about that. Like any real gangster knows it’s not about hating on others. It’s about loving what you represent, defending it and not succumbing to regret when times get hard.

Born this way, Die this way.


Walter Bond

X Lone V Wolf X

To submit an article for publication, send a note to [email protected].

Disclaimer: The information on this site is for educational and entertainment purposes only. There is no intent, express or implied, to promote illegal activities. We assume no liability for the potential actions of any third party. All data

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Who are Matt Duran and KteeO and why are they so important

Saturday, October 27th, 2012

On July 25 of this year 40 riot gear clad FBI agents and Joint Terrorism Task Force officers from the Seattle/Portland region broke down the door of this of the house of three activists.  They handcuffed them and held them at gun point.

by paxus

Their warrant was for computers, black clothes and anarchist literature.  There was no warrant for their arrests.  There still is not one.  Yet all of them were imprisoned and placed in solitary confinement initially.  Now they have been moved into general population and they are being greeted like heroes by the other inmates.

Leah Lynn has since been released, without testifying, likely because she was suffering from serious mental health problems in solitary and the state did not want even more bad press.  But Matt and KteeO could be there for 18 months.

When asked why they were being imprisoned, the FBI would only say they was suspected of being involved in “violent crimes”.  On Sunday legal documents about the case which were to be sealed indefinitely were accidentally opened, revealing some of the FBI’s motives.   The FBI unable to identify anyone from the May 1st attacks in Seattle after endlessly reviewing the video tap, decided instead to arrest these three, knowing that they were not even at the rally, with the intent to force them to give up the identities of fellow protesters who were at the event.  This is a very scary precedent, where you can be thrown in prison for months, not because you committed a crime, but because the grand jury thinks you might know someone else who committed a crime.  This is a very big group, and it might well include you.

re-unite Matt with his cat

The reason they were imprisoned is for refusing to cooperate with this grand jury.  They were granted immunity from prosecution, against their wills, so they would loose their right to remain silent under the fifth amendment which insures you dont self incriminate.  [The logic being if you are unable to be charged because of immunity, you can not self incriminate]   Thus if you dont answer their questions they can throw you in jail for contempt.  And in all three of these cases that is what they have done.

Sadly, for a number of reasons, including her appearance, gender and race.  The case of Leah Lynn has received much more publicity than the other prisoners who remain in custody.  [Leah Lynn also released a video about her situation before being imprisoned and was imprisoned last of the three, making her the most media accessible.]  There is quite some danger that now that she has been released, the other two prisoners will be forgotten.  Please dont let this happen.

Free KteeO poster

For some of the better articles on this case see the Sparrow Project, Pakalert Press

Things you can do if you have very little money:

“Like” the Facebook groups for both of the prisoners who remain in jail

Free Matt Duran – Facebook Group

Please read Matt’s public statement

Free Kathrine “KteeO” Olejnik –  Facebook Group

Please read KteeO’s public statement

Here is the online petition from for their release

These 2 activists are in solitary confinement, there only crime is silence

Send Letters to Matt at:Matthew Kyle Duran #42565-086
FDC SeaTac
P.O. Box 13900
Seattle, WA 98198Send books to Matt of of his book wishlist!Send Letters to KteeO at:Katherine Olejnik #42592-086
FDC SeaTac,
P.O. Box 13900
Seattle, WA 98198Please write to KteeO!! She is specifically interested in news and information about the Basque region, and reading material related to linguistics and social anthropology.

If you dont have experience writing to prisoners please read this

You can also send these prisoners paperback (only) books. If i were in solitary, the books i would want to read are the inspiring political fiction of Le Guin, Piercy and Starhawk.

If you have some money, even a small amount (for all three resisters) please donate

If you are into t-shirts or pins

In other radical news, indigenous American activist, musician, actor and citizen diplomat Russel Means died yesterday.  Means and fellow activists occupied a copy of the Mayflower, broke into the Bureau of Indian Affairs office and occupied it.  He and other activists at one point occupied Mount Rushmore.  He was involved in the 71 day take over at Wounded Knee in 1971 between the FBI and 300 armed American Indian Movement activists.  In 1987 he ran as a libertarian for president, only to be beaten out by Ron Paul who won the nomination.  The LA Times called him the most famous American Indian since Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse.

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Disclaimer: The information on this site is for educational and entertainment purposes only. There is no intent, express or implied, to promote illegal activities. We assume no liability for the potential actions of any third party. All data

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My Name is Emma Murphy-Ellis … And I Support Sabotage

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

elf burns ski resort to the ground in vail, colorado (1998)

by Usena (Earth First Journal)

I state without fear—but with the hope of rallying our collective courage—that I support radical actions. I support tools like industrial sabotage, monkey wrenching machinery and strategic arson. The Earth’s situation is dire. If other methods are not enough, we must not allow concerns about property rights to stop us from protecting the land, sea, and air. Today, more than ever, the Earth needs our effective action using all the methods of resistance at our disposal. Radical actions and radical movements grow out of supportive cultures. Let us once again build a strong supportive base for them.

Don’t get me wrong. During the Green Scare, in which dozens of activists were incarcerated, our movement got seriously screwed with, and we have had some extremely hard times because of the outstanding repression we have faced for the last six years. I want to remember that we were targeted by the powers that be because we were effective. Not only was EF! a growing force with which the state and corporations were fearful to reckon, but also that other more radical affinities were being forged in our communities.

To state it clearly, ELF actions came out of our communities and shared struggles.

The FBI knows that. Its been said in court by their officers. Its been written in their documents. Instead of shying away from that, let’s say it proudly. We already face major repression. Pretending that is not the case does nothing but mislead new folks and create more fear. Let me say it again: the majority of underground ecological actions that took place over the last decades grew out of our movements that were supportive of them. Our movements were the incubator.

Are you disheartened that there are less radical actions attacking the root causes of the ecological crisis? Me too. So let’s take one effective, tangible step towards changing that by openly celebrating all tools in the box.

However, when celebrating, we should be mindful of practical lessons of security culture learned from the Green Scare. The best practical advice in celebrating sabo- tage is to publicly celebrate, but not to publicly incite. Inciting is illegal. For example, yelling, “The logging trucks are coming, everybody get into the road, block it, and then firebomb the fucker!” Not so smart.

But, it is not illegal, for example, to get excited around the camp fire, stand up, and read a particularly eloquent communiqué out loud while others clap, cheer, and celebrate how the bad guys got their asses kicked that round. It is not illegal to talk about how awesome the blockade and sabotage was (in the hilarious communiqué below, for example) and say proudly that you wish there were more like it. And, it should not be illegal to openly support and generally advocate the use of incendiary devices. But please note, there are no promises in love and eco-war; the state and its courts have proven over the years that if they want you bad enough, universal human rights of speech and expression may not matter. A friendly lawyer checked this part of this article out and agreed that the do’s and dont’s listed here are indeed the case.

With that all said, I propose that EF! gets back to openly and publicly celebrating radical, underground tactics, in our songs, our stories, our Journal, and on our T-shirts (anyone remember the one that read: I torched Vail, ask me why).


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To Uncle Sam, Social Activism Equals Terrorism

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

By Brennan Browne

Are you a devoted, grassroots activist with an effective strategy for feeding the hungry? Sheltering the homeless? Giving aid, compassion and equal consideration to both human and non-human beings? Are you dedicated to protecting the environment and promoting peace? If so, Uncle Sam wants YOU. He may not recognize your efforts immediately, but if you are successful in your field, well organized and making a difference in the lives of those he has abandoned, then rest assured, he will find you.

Uncle Sam keeps tight purse strings on programs he feels do not further his goals. Social safety nets are out — saving the sick and desperately needy is far too expensive. He prefers to spend like a drunken sailor — on himself. He uses the bulk of his money to attain more power and wealth by commandeering other countries’ resources. Being the violent old geezer he is, endless and expanding carnage is the strategy of choice in his ongoing global plunder.

Uncle Sam needs every dollar he can choke out of his citizens, whom he considers nothing more than 313 million individual ATMs. He needs this money because he is grossly corrupt and egregiously irresponsible in his allocation of the money he receives. It’s not that there isn’t more than enough money, there is, but Uncle Sam diverts most of it to pay his cronies at the top because whether it be his corporate partners, Wall Street parasites, predatory, thieving banksters, legions of warmongers or the now ubiquitous surveillance pimps, all must share in the spoils of their unholy alliance, and this leaves little for the rest of us.

You would think in supporting so much evil, Uncle Sam would be grateful to those who lessen his financial burden. By privately funding programs which aid the most abused, ignored and forgotten within society, conscientious activists never ask him for a single dime. Through creativity, hard work and shoestring budgets, industrious citizens have found countless ways to improve lives and circumvent our Uncle’s involvement [or lack there of]. Perhaps this is what’s pissing him off. Maybe he can’t handle the fact that instead of sitting back in desperation and waiting for the moldy crumbs he flicks in our direction, some of us have empowered ourselves to help others. And we didn’t need obscene wealth or elite connections to do it. Maybe because of the overbearing monstrosity he has become, he can’t stand being disenfranchised and relegated to the back seat — treatment he regularly dishes out, but obviously can’t take.

Like the famous Twilight Zone episode in which a vile-spirited, adolescent bully “wishes people away to the cornfield” who don’t agree with him, Uncle Sam spends an inordinate amount of time and resources on creating, then “tracking down” phantom terrorists — social progressives to the rest of us — to imprison, publicly smear and assassinate, both figuratively and literally.

Through a never-ending campaign of fear-based, neo-fascist politicizing, non-violent acts of civil disobedience and/or exercising the First Amendment, are now categorized as “terrorism.” According to Uncle Sam’s vastly expanding terrorist database(s) we have [growing] millions of individuals who pose a threat to our totalitarian “freedoms” in America. If you have ever volunteered your energy or money to help disadvantaged people, non-humans or the environment, consider yourself on his terrorist list.

Uncle Sam’s ‘war on terror’ has reached absurdly ridiculous, asinine levels. As an outlandish example–one which sounds like a plot straight out of a comic strip–he believes veganism [those who choose not to consume or buy animal-derived products due to their aversion to non-human suffering, environmental degradation and health concerns] constitutes a terrorist lifestyle. This is why he finds it necessary to infiltrate vegan potlucks. He feels that anyone taking a view that “ALL life is sacred” and doesn’t just pay it empty, hypocritical, neocon lip service, must be a sick, twisted bastard poised to violently overthrow the government. [No one ever said Uncle Sam possessed common sense, sanity or was the sharpest pair of cleats on the field.]

His self-serving philosophy is that if a real terrorist threat doesn’t exist — invent one. He considers this a capitalistic strategy for generating and funneling vast sums of wealth to the corporate surveillance and military communities, as well as luring a complicit, ill-informed or gullible Congress into believing there is a legitimate need for funding trillions more to fight his largely manufactured version of reality.

The masses of unquestioning, compliant rubes who do his bidding, facilitate his omnipotent presence. He demands ALL in return for NOTHING and expects a joyous acceptance of his increasingly sadistic injustices.

When he feels threatened, our Uncle is a harsh taskmaster. Case in point: Individuals being illegally arrested for recording video on their cellphones. He considers the ubiquitous cellphone a weapon if it is pointed in his direction as he commits acts of unjustified barbarity against his own citizens. His hypocrisy is legendary. While giving rousing speeches espousing democratic principles to the rest of the world [ironically, in police states which he funds and controls], he crushes them at home.

Uncle Sam is the uninvited guest at the dinner table who engages in a slew of outrageous, repulsive habits which showcase his gluttony, despotism and contempt for those forced to feed his cancerous addictions. His stench invades and permeates every facet of life as he denies, rapes and splays open everyone else’s privacy and rights, while increasingly granting himself god-like status and shielding his own dark and evil perversions.

While there is no concrete way of knowing whether you are on his delusion-based terrorist list, you can assume that if you are a decent, empathy-filled individual with a strong sense of fairness and justice, who is attempting to better our world through social activism, you probably are.

The following is Wikipedia’s definition of ‘domestic terrorism’ as outlined by the FBI. If one removes all references to “government” [which I have done] it becomes apparent that Uncle Sam is the biggest domestic and international terrorist cell of all.

According to a memo produced by the FBI’s Terrorist Research and Analytical Center in 1994, domestic terrorism was defined as “the unlawful use of force or violence, committed by a group(s) of two or more individuals, against persons or property to intimidate or coerce the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives.”

Under current United States law, set forth in the USA PATRIOT Act, acts of domestic terrorism are those which: “(A) involve acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State; (B) appear to be intended to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; or to affect conduct by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping; and (C) occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States.”

Uncle Sam’s war isn’t on terror. Perhaps he needs to change his catch phrase to reflect reality. He has become, more correctly, the perfect ‘proxy’ terrorist, creating far more destruction and fear to his citizens than any group of foreign zealots with a religious agenda ever could have. Uncle Sam’s war is bent on annihilating the best humanity has to offer. Caring, compassionate people who should be lauded for getting off their duffs and unselfishly doing something to elevate humanity.

Using government agents and turncoat snitches in an attempt to provoke individuals into committing “terrorist” acts is a widespread ploy as the FBI infiltrates groups with absolutely no history of violence: Peacenik coffee clatches, vegan potlucks, Granny’s knitting circles, local book club meet-ups, groups feeding the homeless and giving assistance to the poor; these are “home-grown extremists or potential al-Qaeda hotbeds” of terrorism only in the minds of those who need a good long rest in a rubber room and lots of psychiatric help.

Of course, it must now be obvious to many, that none of these government crackdowns are about terrorism or inside threats to our ‘democracy’. Put simply, we currently have the finest army of corporate goons money can buy and this is the real reason social justice activists are being targeted for persecution, prosecution and imprisonment — to smooth the way to total enslavement by an ever more diseased system run by psychopathic monsters.

By Brennan Browne © Copyright. Permission is granted for reprint in print, email, blog, or web media if this credit is attached and the title and content remain unchanged. Brennan is a freelance writer whose commentaries have appeared on web media and numerous blogs.

To submit an article for publication, send a note to [email protected].

Disclaimer: The information on this site is for educational and entertainment purposes only. There is no intent, express or implied, to promote illegal activities. We assume no liability for the potential actions of any third party. All data compiled here has been gathered from, and is available through, independent public sources.

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Militant skepticism toward government claims

Sunday, September 9th, 2012

Did Richard Aoki secretly provide information to the FBI about the Black Panthers t the same time that he provided them with guns and firearms training.

By Mike Ely (Kasama)

The accuser of Richard Aoki, Seth Rosenfeld, recently released once-secret files in his possession. So now we have documents…. supposedly from the bowels of the FBI archives.

I am not among those who say “Anyone who knew and respected Richard Aoki knows he could not have done this.” Humans are complex creatures, capable of many hidden contradictions and terrible betrayals.

But I am saying that any serious revolutionary movement needs to train its ranks in a deep deep skepticism toward charges that emerge from government disinformation agencies. That would seem obvious — but is not.

Put another way: We don’t NEED a verdict on Richard Aoki, but we do NEED a verdict on the credibility of government claims about revolutionaries, past, present and future.

Nothing has changed

We knew there were such documents — we hadn’t seen them yet, but we knew what they would allege.
The fact remains: The only evidence indicting Richard Aoki comes from the center of government programs historically tasked with creating disinformation against revolutionaries.

Why would anything they say, or any documents they produce, be taken at face value?

My deep skepticism about anything they say comes from my own frontseat to 1960s-70s COINTELPRO — where government smears were invented wholesale to divide, demoralize and isolate revolutionary forces.

And those campaigns of disinformation involved the fabrication of written materials, the manufacture of charges that genuine revolutionaries were agents, and the discrediting of a movement by bringing down individuals.

As a basic matter of orientation: we should train ourselves and each new generations in a deep skepticism toward such government claims.

To put it bluntly: After decades of FOIA disclosures, why would anyone rule out COINTELPRO operatives planting false records in their own files?

They know documents come out with great impact (Wikileaks?) Why would we assume that the documents they released were not manipulated or simply invented? Why would we casually or automatically rule out the possibility of deceit?

They have huge institutions and funds for psyops. They have trained liars pumping out rumors and smears (literally around the world). They have stables full of professional disinformation specialists playing on cracks, differences and gullibility. And (whether this Aoki scandal arises from a conscious campaign) we can be sure that we will see their work real-time in our future.

We may never know the actual story — but (speaking for myself) I don’t accept claims of the FBI, its agents or professional liars to be conclusive proof. And I urge everyone to think through why we should adopt such a stance.

Living with the absence of proof

It is possible that Aoki was an agent but it is unproven that he was an agent. And it may remain unproven (as many such things do, until the future date when police archives are fully opened and laid bare before the people.

There is an info mood in our current culture that somehow can’t accept the inability to reach quick verdicts, or the approach of long-term open-ended investigation into ambiguous matters.

Some things are not quickly knowable. Some things may never be unraveled after this hatchet job by a hitman-with-a-wordprocessor. Sometimes, living with unclarity and ambiguity is part of thinking with a scientific-materialist method.

Even it it proves true that Aoki was an agent — this METHOD for treating charges will serve us very badly.

There is a New Cointelpro afoot in the U.S. We have already seen society-wide coordinated campaigns defaming Occupy’s left edges (where a liberal media worked in deliberate lockstep with Democratic mayors and a Democratic White House). We have seen agent provocateurs jump out in one entrapment case after another. We have seen informants step forward in criminal indictments — giving a glimpse of how busy the counterrevolution has been.

We will see more. We will see many dirty tricks and smear campaigns (by media and government).

And in preparation: people need to be TRAINED to step back, not rush to judgement, suspect the motive of certain sources, and not feel compelled to have a 20-second verdict on every issue on earth.

Sometimes we at Kasama are denounced for not “having a position” on every question on earth — verdicts on the Syrian opposition, quick verdicts on “What the nepalis should do”, an inherited assumption that communists need to rush to form a particular kind of organization and so on.

In fact, despite the climate of our times, a serious approach to many questions is investigation and patience — and (at times) accepting the limits of what we actually know.

This is not just about Aoki (and giving him a treatment that he deserves in death). Such habits of skepticism are essential for our future — for anyone entering into complex and protracted conflict with deceitful and resourceful enemies.

I have seen some people say they thought these FBI documents were convincing — is it accidental that these same people thought Rosenfeld’s charges were convincing before these docs emerge? Or that they already thought the Black Panthers were ultra-left and destructive to a more reasonable left at the time of the 60s?

I think there is a general kneejerk disbelief (in some places) that the left would be targeted by dirty tricks (meaning now). Why would they bother, it is thought. Such assumptions and starting points reflect disbelief that radical forces are any real (current or potential) threat against the power structure today.

Someone suggested it would be unlikely that the FBI would go to the trouble of faking some documents. After all, think of how hard it is for an army of Homeland Security agents and JTTF teams to create a few hundred pages of boilerplate documents.

Are we really wondering whether they have motive…. after the west coast has been <emwracked by Democratic government demonization of Occupy’s left edge, after raids on leftist collectives in the Northwest, after hysteria over the breaking of a few windows, after a wave of police baiting of anarchists by left liberals, etc.

There is a whole narrative radiating from liberal circles that militant tactics are (somehow) useful for the police (and wanted by the police)… and it is used to divide radical forces who have emerged in an embryonic unity.

Now, a charge emerges that goes the heart of this country’s revolutionary experience — the armed anti-police patrols of the Black Panther Party — with a completely absurd implication that the Panthers got guns because of the police). Can anyone who remembers the 60s imagine the Oakland police conspiring to willingly put guns in the hands of the embryonic Black Panther collective?

I have no way of quantifying the likelihood of the possibility that these docs are fake. Again: we may never know what happened here (though we do have documentation that Seth Rosenfeld is a liar).

But I repeat: We should be inherently skeptical of charges that arise from government claims, and that rest on “evidence” emerging from the archives of FBI’s disinformation operations.

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US asks judge to dismiss challenge to law that animal activists say chills protected protests

Friday, August 31st, 2012

Courtesy of the Associated Press

BOSTON — The federal government asked a judge Wednesday to dismiss a lawsuit filed by a group of animal rights activists who say a rarely used 2006 law has a chilling effect on lawful protest activities.

Five activists represented by the Center for Constitutional Rights sued the U.S. government last year, asking that the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act be struck down as unconstitutional.

A Justice Department attorney on Wednesday argued that the law is not aimed at constitutionally protected activities such as leafleting, writing letters to newspaper editors or peaceful protests.

“It is not aimed at speech. Rather, it is aimed at violent, destructive conduct,” said Deanna Durrett, an attorney in the Justice Department’s civil division.

But the activists say the law is vague and has left them afraid to participate in public protests.

The law can be used against a person who “intentionally damages or causes the loss of any real or personal property used by an animal enterprise.” The activists say personal property can include a loss of profits for a business, meaning that a fur protester who persuades a consumer not to shop at a particular store could face a terrorism charge.

The law also can be used to prosecute anyone who “intentionally places a person in reasonable fear of death or serious bodily injury” through threats, vandalism, harassment or intimidation.

“The fear of prosecution is not hypothetical and the chill is not hypothetical,” said Alex Reinert, a lawyer for the activists.

U.S. District Judge Joseph Tauro did not immediately rule on the government’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit.

Sarahjane Blum, of Minneapolis, one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit, said she has been an animal rights activist for more than two decades, but she has turned down public speaking offers and is afraid to show an undercover video she made at a foie gras farm because she is afraid she could be prosecuted under the law.

“Every single time I am asked to speak, I have to do a calculus in my head about whether it can be construed as illegal speech and illegal action,” she said after the hearing.

The law has been rarely used since it was enacted in 2006.

In 2009, two activists in Utah were indicted for releasing hundreds of animals from a mink farm. Both pleaded guilty to animal enterprise terrorism and were sentenced to 21 months and 24 months in prison.

The same year, four activists were charged for allegedly participating in threatening demonstrations at the homes of University of California scientists who did animal research. A judge eventually dismissed the charges.

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