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Roadmap to Unmarked Mega-Slaugherhouse Complex in Central Florida

Monday, September 8th, 2014

When you drive through Fort McCoy, there are acres and acres of sprawling woodlands with some houses and churches interspersed on cleared tracts of land. It is in this quiet and bucolic setting that Frank Stronach has purchased 68,000 acres, at least 30,000 in this area, to operate a mega self-contained concentration camp to imprison thousands of cows. It will have its own shipping, packing, cooking, pet food & rendering plants, and, of course, a slaughterhouse. The roads are littered with logging trucks clearing trees from land that is hidden away far from the streets. While there is still legal wrangling in the courts to stop Sleepy Creek Farms LLC, formerly Adena, from gaining water rights, the multi-billionaire at the helm appears to have largely circumvented the issue.

This hidden slaughterhouse is to begin “test runs” in November!

slaughterhouse entrance 1

19798 NE Highway 315
Fort McCoy, FL 32134

This is the entrance to the new Sleepy Creek/Edena Slaughterhouse. We believe the actual building is about 100 to 200 yards behind this gate and off to the left. To go beyond this point, one would need to take care of the security cameras first (see below). It is very possible that Frank Stronach has a home somewhere on this newly-paved and well-manicured piece of land.


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Animal Liberation: The “Secret” to Success

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

strategyby Camille A. Marino

For years now, I’ve been stressing that we need to focus on one issue at a time, complete it successfully, and then move on to the next. We are up against a machine that dispatches animals to a global holocaust with ruthless efficiency. Their sole agenda is profits. And whether they like or dislike those with whom they work is irrelevant; they have a job to do. For a start, this is the mentality we must adopt.

Further, we cannot afford to be dilettantes, protesting greyhound races one week, a traveling circus the next, or, my own personal pet peeve, demonstrating against dog meet in Korea… that is, unless you’re actually in Korea!!!  When we post pictures of our unorganized and scattered efforts on Facebook, smiling behind our pretty signs that we wave at passing traffic, I can only imagine that industrial abusers are sitting back laughing at us in proportion to the degree I am slumping back in my chair cringing.

This is not to say that these issues are unimportant. Every animal who suffers at the hands of our species matters and our hearts ache every single time we witness another atrocity. But we cannot act on emotion. We need to emulate the enemy to successfully conquer the enemy. If we want to save them all, we need to be strategic, educated, and act intelligently. We need to reap the greatest possible return from our less-than-overwhelming  resources. This means that we need to study campaigns, understand what does and does not work, and allow our approaches to evolve accordingly.


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Plans for massive slaughterhouse re-emerge in central Florida

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014


Frank Stronach, an 81-year old Australian-Canadian billionaire, appears intent upon making central Florida the slaughterhouse capital of the country. Several years ago, he purchased 30,000 acres in Ocala and Adena Farms was born. According to Beef Magazine, “Stronach is taking the cattle business back to its rangeland roots, and aims to tap into growing demand for grass-fed beef” by combining beef feedlots, slaughter, meatpacking, sales and distribution. Adena had initially requested an allocation of 13 million gallons of water a day to support the massive concentration camp. This operation was successfully halted in 2011, the water-pumping permit being delayed nearly 2 years, because it would threaten the Florida Aquifer and nearby Silver Springs. Undeterred, Stronach has been working feverishly to circumvent the impediments to his profits and in 2014 this insidious massive slaughterhouse project is once again on the table.


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Kaiser Permanente Bombshell: Vegan Diet is Optimal for Health & Nutrition!!!

Sunday, August 31st, 2014

plant based diet

by Robert Bello

LARGEST HEALTH CARE INSURER’S 2014 DIETARY GUIDELINES: Kaiser Permanente, The largest health care insurer in America, with 9 Million insured and over 15,000 physicians, has released new optimal dietary Guidelines. And the Results Represent a Mainstream Medical Bombshell…

The optimal diet for nutrition and health in 2014 is: A PLANT BASED DIET. Since the medical profession (that is so under the thumb of Big Pharma and thus needs to keep people unhealthy to keep pushing the meds) has been slow to implement this indisputable scientific nutritional reality, these guidelines have been issued to help physicians bring their practice in line with this newly recognized reality.

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The other white meat… recipes included…

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014


Source: Uncyclopedia

If you ever get tired of eating a traditional turkey dinner during Thanksgiving or boring old ham during Easter,or guinea fowl during Kwanzaa, maybe you should consider the other other white meat. It has been a long-standing tradition throughout the centuries to chow down on the slow simmered remains of our fallen enemies, but this culinary art form received little recognition in western culture. Like the tomato, which was once thought to be poisonous, human flesh is actually a very healthy alternative to the hormone-injected meat you find at your local supermarket, and eating a person is not a soul crushing sin like some conservative religions want you to believe. The fact is that human flesh is both flavorful and full of the essential nutrition our bodies need.


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The Kevin Storm Show w/Camille Marino on Sunday

Thursday, August 14th, 2014

stop the holocaust

Listen to the show live on Sunday at noon at WNJC 1360:

Camille Marino will be speaking with Kevin Storm on Sunday about Eleventh Hour for Animals’ most recent exposes on the taxpayer-funded holocaust inside the University of Florida and other current events in Animal Liberation.


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Support the 269Life Liberation Farm: first animal sanctuary in the middle east

Thursday, August 14th, 2014

269 farm

Source:  269Life

269Life is a movement which was founded on the 2nd of October 2012, and has since become an international phenomenon. Steadily growing, activists worldwide rally under its banner for animal liberation. About a year ago, 269Life activists began working on founding the first farm animal sanctuary in the whole middle east, and the first for the movement as well. An ideal piece of land has been procured in the northern part of Israel, and the dream has now become a reality. Everyday progress is made towards the sanctuary being ready to accommodate animals rescued from the routine and egregious horrors of the food industry and other kinds of institutionalized abuse.


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The case for a truly politically inclusive AR movement

Saturday, August 9th, 2014

non humans first

by Leslie Dove

As I see it the problem with “Total Liberation” and Hallmarks and trying to link AR all the time to human issues is that it has held us back, in fact it has been a total failure, mainly because it has scared so many good people away from the movement, even had some banned, including many well-established activists who have a very good record of helping animals. I can think of several here in the UK who have been terrorised out of AR for their politics, some due to facebook, some prior to facebook. ARAs need to face it that ordinary people will not join if they are all expected to be left-wing libertarians, especially when they hear what has happened to others, and this may slow down their transition to veganism which would be a tragedy!


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Confessions of a vegan

Sunday, August 3rd, 2014
vegan 1

RSPCA: Hypocrisy is Our Mission, by Jo Frederiks.

by Sam De Brito (The Age)

Aside from militant cyclists, racists, bullies and Roosters fans, the people who used to shit me most profoundly were vegans.

Self-righteous, hectoring, humourless, spoilsports – I’d have crossed a crowded dinner table to avoid them, until the fateful day I became one myself.

Even saying the words “I’m a vegan” still sounds alien, while the sense of shame I feel for my past sneering at these gentle people endures.


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Vandals cause $100,000 in damage to Cocoa restaurant

Friday, July 25th, 2014

cocoa black tulip

Source: Click Orlando

COCOA, Fla. -In what police are labeling “a cruel attack,” hoodlums broke into Black Tulip restaurant in Cocoa Village and smashed wine bottles, wrecked artwork, flooded sinks and ruined food, causing more than $100,000 in damages.

“It was complete, total destruction,” said Barbara Matthews, Cocoa police spokeswoman.  “This wasn’t your typical act of vandalism — it was designed to destroy this restaurant.”

The vandals struck between the restaurant, which opened on Brevard Avenue in 1981, sometime from Monday afternoon to Wednesday morning, Matthews said.


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