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Nov. 15: Global Day of Action — The Vivisector Next Door

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

Vivisectors tell their friends and family that they’re “researchers” or “scientists.” Sounds impressive, huh!? They don’t say, “Hi, nice to meet you. I torture animals to death for a living.” That’s our job!!! And so we’re going out en masse to visit vivisectors where they sleep and play.


talking to vivisectors’ concerned neighbors in 2011

Negotiation is Over is proud to announce our first coordinated global action against the vivisection complex since 2010.

UCLA Monkey Murderer David (Tiller) Jentsch once said that because of activists talking to his neighbors, he was forced to have a lot of “embarrassing” discussions with them. The first time we did this here in Florida, the police were already stationed outside vivisector Mingzhou Ding’s house. They guarded eclectic-animal-torture-professional Raymond Bergeron’s house all weekend (incidentally, even Bergeron’s colleagues refer to him as a “bastard.”)  Wouldn’t it be exhilarating to have one day where vivisectors were trapped in their houses like caged lab animals while we went door-to-door talking to their friends and neighbors?! Well, November 15 is that day.


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Exclusive Interview with National Operation Anti-Vivisection (NOAV)

Sunday, September 28th, 2014


Thank you for taking the time to speak with Negotiation is Over. We are thrilled to see such a dynamic and strategic anti-vivisection campaign enter the playing field and look forward to watching and supporting your efforts. What is your objective?

Our objective is simple: an end to all animal experiments! Of course this is our long-term goal. In the short term our aim is to reinvigorate grass-roots anti-vivisection campaigning in the UK. In the past Britain was the global epicentre for the international animal rights movement, but due to some very strategic (rather than necessarily widespread) police repression, a lot of the energy has been lost. Our aim is to bring back that energy while adapting to and working within the current legal framework we face.

Does NOAV have any philosophy about the tactics and strategies they embrace?

NOAV believes that vivisection will stop when the detriments of doing vivisection for the industry outweigh the benefits. We intend to create those detriments through every lawful means.


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Calling NY Activists — Liberty Identified as Prime Target for Anti-Viv Assault

Saturday, September 27th, 2014
liberty research

Site Map of Liberty Research Inc in Waverly, New York

Street Address Needs to be Identified by Local Activists

Liberty Research, Inc.
PO Box 107
Waverly, NY 14892
Phone: (607) 565-8131
Fax: (607) 565-7420

Diane Harrison
Sales & Customer Service
(607) 565-8131
[email protected]

Beth Reagan
Research Marketing
(607) 565-8131
[email protected]

Deb Northrup
Business Office
(607) 565-8131
[email protected]

Mike Garrison
General Manager/IACUC
(607) 565-8131
[email protected]

Source: Eleventh Hour for Animals

If we want to compromise the vivisection complex infrastructure, two highly-strategic targets are the breeders and transport operators that deliver the nonhuman victims between concentration camps. So if you are in New York and seeking to make a real and substantial difference in ending vivisection, then today is your lucky day.


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NOAV to rejuvenate grassroots anti-vivisection activism in UK

Friday, September 19th, 2014


The exciting new grassroots National Operation Anti-Vivisection (NOAV) in the UK promises to rejuvenate the landscape with focused, dynamic, aggressive, creative, no-nonsense action.

According to their website:

“National Operation Anti-Vivisection (NOAV) is a completely grass-roots network of animal rights activists opposed to vivisection in the UK. We believe animal experimentation is cruel, outdated and unscientific.

We feel strongly that institutional animal abuse of all kinds will continue while the benefits to the companies abusing animals outweigh the detriments. Through campaigning, lawful protests, boycotts and all other lawful means we intend to create those detriments!

The time for talking, thinking and plotting is over – it’s time for action! We are not a talking shop or a social club, we are a no nonsense anti-vivisection activist group! If you are ready to take action to stop animal testing, please check out our campaign pages!”


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UF under scrutiny for alleged unethical animal treatment since ‘11

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

flyer pdf - june 16-page-001

by Chabeli Herrera (Independent Alligator)

Twenty-two goats, one rabbit and one puppy have died as a result of negligent care on behalf of UF, according to a complaint issued Monday by animal rights group Stop Animal Exploitation NOW. 

In two complaints issued to the U.S. Department of Agriculture since August, Stop Animal Exploitation NOW details several incidents beginning in 2011 that violated the Animal Welfare Act.

 “We believe the public has a right to know what goes on in those laboratories,” said executive director Michael Budkie. 

The first report, filed by UF in January 2012, involves the death of 22 goats due to severe anemia.In the 2011 incident, staff and graduate students performing studies on the goats failed to treat or euthanize them after the study was completed.  (more…)

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Animal Liberation: The “Secret” to Success

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

strategyby Camille A. Marino

For years now, I’ve been stressing that we need to focus on one issue at a time, complete it successfully, and then move on to the next. We are up against a machine that dispatches animals to a global holocaust with ruthless efficiency. Their sole agenda is profits. And whether they like or dislike those with whom they work is irrelevant; they have a job to do. For a start, this is the mentality we must adopt.

Further, we cannot afford to be dilettantes, protesting greyhound races one week, a traveling circus the next, or, my own personal pet peeve, demonstrating against dog meet in Korea… that is, unless you’re actually in Korea!!!  When we post pictures of our unorganized and scattered efforts on Facebook, smiling behind our pretty signs that we wave at passing traffic, I can only imagine that industrial abusers are sitting back laughing at us in proportion to the degree I am slumping back in my chair cringing.

This is not to say that these issues are unimportant. Every animal who suffers at the hands of our species matters and our hearts ache every single time we witness another atrocity. But we cannot act on emotion. We need to emulate the enemy to successfully conquer the enemy. If we want to save them all, we need to be strategic, educated, and act intelligently. We need to reap the greatest possible return from our less-than-overwhelming  resources. This means that we need to study campaigns, understand what does and does not work, and allow our approaches to evolve accordingly.


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Breaking: UF Withholds Video of Maimed Horses for 8 Months, Violates Law AGAIN!!!!

Monday, September 1st, 2014


Source: Eleventh Hour for Animals

Eleventh Hour for Animals has sued the University of Florida three times in as many years to compel disclosure of public records documenting their $400-million-a-year, taxpayer-funded vivisection industry. We won twice. In late 2013, they conceded out of court the day after our third suit was filed. And now in 2014, UF is once again thumbing its nose at Florida State laws. Since January, they have intentionally and deliberately withheld video of the horses they maim. By the late spring, we were able to prove that the previously-requested video exists of vivisectors breaking horses’ legs and recording the progression of lameness as their victims are forced to run on treadmills. While discussions with our own lawyer is privileged, we are now disclosing 8 months of private emails that document UF’s flagrant violation of the law.


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Secret Company Plans Giant Monkey Breeding Plant In Rural Hendry County

Saturday, August 30th, 2014

SNBL still shot 1

Source: Southwest Florida Online

LABELLE, FL. —  Despite warnings from environmentalists, State Senator Dwight Bullard and TV host Jane Velez-Mitchell, Hendry County officials seem unable or unwilling to question the safety of a breeding facility for 3,200 Macaque monkeys at a site in Hendry County just blocks east of homes in Lehigh Acres.

A mystery company with no publicly listed phone number, address or names of company representatives has gained governmental permissions to build a breeding facility in western Hendry county, just feet from the Lee county line and homes in the residential community of Lehigh Acres.


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Introducing “The Bag Challenge” for Vivisectors

Friday, August 29th, 2014

plastic bag challenge!

Since the Ice Bucket Challenge was so successful in raising over $700 million that the ALS Association will use to brutally torture animals to death, NIO is now introducing the Plastic Bag Challenge!!! I challenge vivisectors to either suffocate themselves for fun or donate $100 to Eleventh Hour for Animals!


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You are still invited to visit Vivisector Tracy Heenan (with recent photo)

Thursday, August 28th, 2014
Vivisector Tracy M. Heenan

Vivisector Tracy M. Heenan

(“Here is her updated photo — apparently enjoying a Christmas party while the animals she approved for torture languish in misery…”)


355 Ridge View Rd
Pittsboro NC 27312

Office info HERE

This woman didn’t think she was making enough money in a veterinarian practice where she could help animals, so she is now making a generous 6-figure salary in the animal torture sector.

According to a confidential source,

“she is soooo paranoid of animal rights activists — always afraid that her $400k house is going to get firebombed, and has security device to notify if anyone is coming down the driveway before getting to the locked gate.”


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