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SHAC: The End of an Era

Thursday, August 14th, 2014


Source: SHAC

We made history… The future is ours. SHAC (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty) has been the biggest and most effective grassroots animal rights campaign the world has ever seen. Since we started, thousands of people across the globe have taken up the fight to close down Europe’s largest animal testing laboratory; HLS (Huntingdon Life Sciences).

Numerous undercover investigations have revealed the horrors taking place within the lab – animals being poisoned, primates being cut open without anaesthetic, puppies being punched in the face. HLS has become synonymous with cruelty and murder.

During the past decade, compassionate and fearless people have joined SHAC and dedicated themselves to saving those animals. We’ve all played our part in this revolutionary campaign. Through determination, anger and groundbreaking new tactics, we’ve decimated the finances and reputation of the massive multinational corporation HLS. With intelligence and hard work we’ve consistently found out which companies have been working with or funding HLS and then made them a target. As a result, hundreds of companies have pulled out of dealing with the lab, including some of the world’s largest and most powerful financial institutions.

Huntingdon Life Sciences have become the most protested animal testing lab in history. Thousands of actions have taken place against them – in one year alone, almost 800 demos took place.

Alongside the legal protests carried out by SHAC activists, there have been relentless and hard hitting ALF actions carried out against HLS’ suppliers, customers and financial backers. Courageous freedom fighters have risked breaking the law to commit direct action in the name of animals. In one example, 129 rabbits were liberated from Huntingdon’s supplier Highgate Rabbit Farm. On other occasions, 14 beagle dogs were liberated from HLS’ US site and a boat belonging to a Bank of America executive (they were providing financial services to HLS) was sunk, along with the message “money means nothing – life means everything”. These are just a few examples of the hundreds of actions that have taken place. Without the bravery and creativity of these activists, all of those rabbits and dogs would have been murdered in useless experiments and Bank of America would no doubt have continued supporting HLS.

It’s through this innovative combination of SHAC’s high profile lawful protest activity and the ALF’s unconventional, but highly effective tactics, that the campaign against Huntingdon Life Sciences has been so successful.

Right now HLS is over $100 million in debt, is struggling to win or keep customers, has steadily decreasing year end profits and is at serious risk of bankruptcy. The only reason they’ve survived this long is because of the UK government.

Due to vested interests in the vivisection and pharmaceutical industries and seeing the affect animal rights campaigners were having on HLS, the UK government stepped in and saved the laboratory from closure with a multi-million pound loan and private banking and insurance facilities. The authorities have also increasingly targeted SHAC campaigners with harassment, arrests, raids and imprisonment. Since 2007 dozens of activists have been arrested, with some receiving lengthy prison sentences – in some cases, up to 11 years. Campaigners have also been given extreme bail and licence conditions to silence them from speaking out against animal testing and isolate them from the animal rights movement.

SHAC was no longer just fighting HLS; we were fighting the government – a much larger and more powerful enemy.

Despite this, SHAC continued to resist repression and campaign against HLS, raising awareness of the 70 thousand animals locked away behind the barbed wire fences.

But, after more than 10 years of organising the SHAC campaign and having sent shockwaves throughout the entire vivisection industry, our opposition has evolved. The global animal abuse and legal landscapes have changed and so it’s time for us too, to change our tactics.

With the onslaught of government repression against animal rights activists in the UK, it’s time to reassess our methods, obstacles and opponent’s weaknesses, to build up our solidarity network for activists and to start healing the affects of repression.

Although we’re announcing the closure of the SHAC campaign, it will always be an important part of our history and a reminder of the ingenuity and power of the animal rights movement. SHAC will continue to inspire activists around the world to join the struggle against animal testing and take on those who profit from abuse and exploitation.

It’s our knowledge and ability to develop and focus our tactics in the most effective ways, which will continue to make us a threat to the animal exploitation industries.

With the fires of liberation and justice burning in our hearts, we look to the future.

Now the question everyone should be asking is…

What are we going to do next?

Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty


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“If you don’t fight, you’ve already lost”: Debbie Vincent jailed for 6 yrs Remains Defiant

Saturday, April 19th, 2014

On Tuesday, Debbie Vincent, an animal rights activist from the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) campaign was sentenced to six years in prison for conspiracy to blackmail after a five week long trial at Winchester Crown Court. She was also given an Anti Social Behaviour Order which means she can be arrested if she protests against or contacts Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) or its business partners for a further five years after her release from prison.


Source: Indymedia

The sentence should serve as a wake up call to anti-capitalists of the need to offer solidarity to those who have been singled out for repression because of their involvement in effective resistance to corporate power.

A press release from the Blackmail 3 support campaign quotes Debbie: “I have been made an example of because I put myself up as a public face of Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty and for believing that such places as Huntingdon Life Sciences should be resigned to the history books.” “In some ways I’m really not surprised I was found guilty, as I don’t believe anyone can get justice when faced with a political conspiracy charge and the huge resources of the state and multinationals against me. I will always have hope and will always continue to try my best to make the inhabitants of this planet more compassionate to all and try to make the world a better place for all.”


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Animal rights activist convicted as repression of activists in UK intensifies

Thursday, March 20th, 2014

debbie vincent 1Source: Corporate Watch

An animal rights activist has been convicted of conspiracy to blackmail after 5 weeks on trial at Winchester Crown Court. Debbie Vincent of the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) campaign was accused of blackmail on the basis that SHAC pressured companies to end their business relationships with Huntingdon Life Sciences, Europe’s largest animal testing laboratory.


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Breaking: SHAC Activist Debbie Vincent Convicted for Conspiracy

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

debbie vincent

Debbie Vincent is a compassionate and dedicated freedom fighter for the millions of animals mercilessly tortured to death inside the notorious Huntingdon Life Sciences concentration camp. She is also the first of the “Blackmail 3″ to go on trial for her activism with SHAC (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty).


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11 months after activist’s home raided for UF campaign, FDLE finds no evidence of threats

Monday, May 20th, 2013
One marked police car followed by nine unmarked vehicles line Sugar Maple Avenue to execute search warrant at activist’s home on June 19, 2012.

One marked police car followed by nine unmarked vehicles line Sugar Maple Avenue to execute search warrant at activist’s home on June 19, 2012.

by Camille Marino

On the morning of June 19, 2012, more than 20 uniformed officers stormed my home and seized all computers, laptops, cellphones, cameras, back up disks, thumb drives, CDs, DVDs, ipods, all chargers, and personal papers with passwords and other information.


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Crackdown on the UK antivivisectionist movement

Saturday, May 18th, 2013

“Crime of Stalking – Injunction to protect civil research companies”

by Tino

On February 2, 2012 during a “career day” for university students at Imperial College London, SHAC held a protest against one of the exhibitors of the day, HLS (Huntingdon Life Sciences).

HLS is the largest contract animal testing laboratory in Europe.


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Culture of Resistance

Monday, May 13th, 2013

culture of resistanceby Lin Biao

What is a culture of resistance and why is building one important for the future of the animal liberation movement?

For starters, let’s define how a culture of resistance might function…

It is simply a truism that the movement for the total liberation of non-human animals from human oppression and exploitation is profoundly subversive. Our movement proposes a fundamental re-ordering of the relations that have existed between humans and the world’s animal nations. Entire industrial/business sectors of the world economy are based wholly and directly in animal exploitation. In order for the animal liberation movement to realize final victory these massive economic structures, as well as the powerful interests who are their beneficiaries and protectors, must be overthrown.


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Sasha Boojer talks to Israeli news about the recent raid on his home, his arrest, and institutional animal abuse

Friday, May 10th, 2013

Like many aggressive activists, Sasha Boojer and his colleagues’ effective tactics have earned the attention of the global Animal Liberation community, the state and mainstream media. In this interview on the Israeli news (English subtitles included), Sasha uses his exposure to bring the issues of the animal holocaust into the living rooms of his compatriots.


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Ag-Gag Engineer Trent Loos discusses contradictions of this industry-driven legislation

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

On today’s Rural Routes radio show, sixth-generation farmer and engineer of Ag-Gag legislation in Iowa, Trent Loos, discusses the inherent contradictions in the industry move to prosecute whistleblowers in order to keep agricultural animal cruelty hidden from the public. We discuss the trend from university vivisection operations to factory farms to ruthlessly stomp out all transparency. Most telling are Mr. Loos’ observations that animal exploitation and the corresponding assaults on activists’ civil liberties demand and depend upon the apathy of the public with whom “it doesn’t register.”


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First American Citizen Arrested Under an “Ag Gag” Law Tells Her Shocking Story

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

UPDATE: At 2:10 pm EST today, April 30, Amy Meyer — the first activist to be prosecuted under Ag-Gag legislation — announced that all charges against her have been dropped.

Amy Meyers

Amy Meyer

Courtesy of Kirschner’s Korner

Amy Meyer was arrested and charged with violating Utah’s new “Ag Gag” bill that makes it illegal for citizens to record the abuse of animals in order to hide the truth about these atrocities from the American people. You can learn more about “Ag Gag” bills by listening to my recent interview with Paul Shapiro, the HSUS Vice-President of Farm Animal Protection.

Here is the shocking story of what happened outside of Dale T. Smith and Sons Meat Packing Company in Amy Meyer’s own words:


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