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Respect Life 269life Global Event

Friday, June 12th, 2015


Source: 269life

Join the 269Life Animal Liberation Movement for this global event, taking place on the 26th of September 2015. The event will be hosted across the globe in more than 20 countries. The purpose of this event is to promote the ethos of the 269 movement – which is to bring animal liberation to the forefront of human consciousness and commit to do our part in bringing an end to the animal holocaust. We also wish to raise awareness about veganism, and all its benefits. We encourage all 269 groups, around the world to reach out to their local animal liberation groups and stand together as one voice on this day. We speak for those who cannot speak for themselves, and they need for us to put aside any differences we may have and stand together in solidarity.

respect Life

Respect Life is a campaign that will take place over the next 6 months, culminating in an event on the 26 September 2015.

Currently, there are 70 cities and several organizations participating. The purpose of this event/campaign is to promote the ethos of the 269 movement – which is to bring animal liberation to the forefront of human consciousness and commit to do our part in bringing an end to the animal holocaust. We also wish to raise awareness about veganism, and all its benefits.

Who is “269?”

“269” is a calf who was born into an Israeli dairy farm.
His life was saved, near his scheduled slaughter day.

On October 2nd of 2012, ‘World Farm Animals day’, at Rabin Square in central Tel-Aviv, 269Life activists performed an act of solidarity and empathy towards abused animals exploited by the human race.
The display’s aim is to call for empathy towards the most oppressed sector of our society and call into question the deep disconnect we as a society, have towards sanctioned animal cruelty.

The activists got branded with a hot steel brand, in the same way farm animals are branded in farms all over the world.
The number 269, which was burned on their skin,
was the designated number of a calf they have encountered in one of Israel’s dairy farms.

“This anonymous male calf will be forever immortalized on our bodies, and hopefully this message of solidarity will somehow bring a new way of looking at non-human animals.
No animal should be exploited to satisfy the selfish needs and whimsical desires of humans, and that is why we chose to use the industry’s own method of objectifying living beings as this symbolic means to convey our idea”.

Annually, more than 150 billion animals are murdered worldwide due to people’s selfishness, ignorance and greed.

This madness must stop and will stop the day humankind finally wakes up and understands that even the nameless feel pain and desire freedom no less than us humans.

“If there is no struggle, there is no progress. Those who profess to favor freedom, and yet deprecate agitation, are people who want rain without thunder and lightning. They want the ocean without the roar of its many waters. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.” (Frederick Douglass, slavery abolitionist, 1818-1895)

The event may be any form of demonstration, protest, rally, branding event, direct action, performance art, etc – As long as it conveys the message: Respect Life. You may even have a Vegan Day after the actual protest/event to promote veganism and to further educate about the plight of all non-human animals.

The Respect Life Campaign represents ALL non-human animals enslaved and exploited by humans. This covers all industries where animals are used for profit. We encourage all 269 groups, around the world to reach out to their local animal liberation groups and stand together as one voice on this day. We aim to stand in solidarity with activists from around the globe to speak up for the abused and the exploited.

Should you wish to take part in the promotion of the event, we will supply artwork for your country. The artwork would be for online display as well as print media (should you wish to print banners, posters, flyers, etc).

We would like to promote the actual event on the 26.09.2015 by all means possible, i.e. social media, radio, print media, flyers, etc.. to rally as much support and exposure as possible.

The Vegan day with stalls of vegan food and products could be a great attraction for those interested in veganism. You could also have a screening or footage to further educate people on the plight of animals used for profit.



***See More – for the list of country events***


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Queen guitarist Brian May and Yourofsky promote compassion with TV ad!

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015


Brian May, guitarist for the legendary rock band Queen), urges people to watch Yourofsky’s life-changing speech about ethical veganism:
Yourofsky is the founder of ADAPTT. All of his writings are posted on

Gary Yourofsky is a vegan activist who has given 2,660 lectures to more than 60,000 people at 186 schools in 30 states and several Israeli cities/schools. His lecture has been translated into more than 30 languages for over 10 million YouTube hits.

nio small

NIO/Eleventh Hour for Animals are independent journalists protected by the First Amendment-based privilege that protects us from legal actions that threaten the integrity of our effort to gather and disseminate news. There is no intent, express or implied, to encourage any illegal activity. We assume no liability for the manner in which the information we publish may be used by any third party.

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Why We Test On Animals (Still!)

Thursday, February 26th, 2015


by Emily Moran Barwick
Non-animal tests are generally more reliable, less costly, and always more humane. So…why the F**K are we still testing on animals? i go over the top reasons, including how YOU are paying for it! for more resources, see the blog post:

Animal Testing Video Series:
How It Doesn’t Work:
Why We Are Still Doing It:
How There Are Real & Better Alternatives:
How it Hurts Humans:
The Criminalization of Activists Fighting Animal Testing:
The Ice Bucket Challenge & Animal Testing:

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Camille Marino: Ethical Veganism Doesn’t Help Animals

Thursday, June 9th, 2011


Find Camille on Facebook

Source: Opposing Views

Camille Marino is the founder and Senior Editor of Negotiation is Over and is on the Advisors and Speakers Panel of the North American Animal Liberation Press Office. NIO strives to be an instrument of defiance, disruption, disobedience, subversion, creative and aggressive grassroots action, and a catalyst for revolutionary change. NIO’s belief is that “Total liberation — human animals, nonhuman animals, and the earth — will not happen by politely asking abusers to be decent.”


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Supreme Vegan Power

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

by Walter Bond

Consumerism truly has affected our ethics and the ways in which we behave. Even many that think themselves progressive, liberal or fire-breathing anarchists. We are taught by advertisers to think in terms of profitability instead of principle. For instance, when it comes to veganism many people I have met like to debate its validity of effectiveness as a tactic. And no doubt I understand the validity of many of those critiques. As I have written more than once “For everyone of us that go vegan, 100,000 kids get weened into flesh as food”. That being said, veganism is still an important first step and moral imperative. From a theoretical standpoint, if everyone did adhere to veganism, all these disgusting and evil animal enterprises wouldn’t even exist. This is what Bertrand Russell calls a “universal truth” in his book Why I am not a Christian . He says, “If you can take a behavior and extend it infinitely [in a social context] and it is still good for all, then that behavior is a universal truth”. From a fundamental standpoint, it is morally wrong to use the dead bodies and by-products of the slavery of any being that has an interest in freedom or desire to live free of pain and suffering. The circumstances under which you use them do not matter.

Using animals’ dead bodies or secretions is morally outrageous, whether off a store shelf or out of a dumpster. Would you eat the dead and broken bodies of child laborers left in the trash? If not, why not? They’re just going to waste otherwise. Besides, you didn’t purchase them thereby perpetuating their exploitation. You would not eat them because its wrong to participate in their use under any pretext short of starvation. Just as slavery and racism are wrong to engage in whether or not your participation is perpetuating the problem or whether your non-participation is stopping the problem. Speciesism takes many passive forms and first world “freeganism” is one of them. We are vegan because the problem is not in how we use animals. The problem is that we use animals. Once you open the door of interspecies objectification, it is a Pandora’s box from there on out.

So why is it wrong to use others for food, entertainment, clothing, vivisection, etc.? What is the reasoning behind our “let live” ideology? It is this: “Your rights end where another’s begins”. Contrary to the consumer driven society, every time you have a craving or desire it does not mean you have a right to fulfill that craving. Just because you have five bucks in your pocket does not mean that you deserve things. Animals have a right to live their lives free from human tyranny. Just like you do. Anything that crosses the line is not a right. It is an ability and should not be tolerated or protected as if it was somehow valid. This is why an animal’s right to live or be defended by any means necessary supersedes any businesses’ ability to profit from their exploitation, or death. “Your rights end where another’s begins” is also why it is never alright to make the conscious decision to choose animal products. Of course, the only loophole to that is starvation or if you literally have no other option for survival. But at that point you’re not making a consumer decision, you are choosing to live instead of perish. A completely different plight than dumpster diving at Pizza Hut or eating a slaughtered being at Thanksgiving because you are choosing human tradition over the life of an innocent bystander of human avarice.

Animals’ right to be left alone by humans supersedes human foibles and traditions. Nor should we fall for slick little mentalisms like comparing “-ists” or “-isms”. Many times when I have promoted or defended veganism as a natural and superior lifestyle I get microcosmic arguments thrown in my face like “the indigenous” rebuttal. The short version of this argument goes something like this:

You say – “People need to go vegan!”

They answer – “What about indigenous people? Why should they have to succumb to this Western idea? Why should they have to change their already decimated culture even more to suit this white man’s ideal?”

This is the oversimplified version, there is much more to the indigenous argument. And I agree with it 100 percent! Unfortunately, most often the person making the argument isn’t as concerned with protecting the rights of tribal people as much as they are trying to equate veganism with racism. And as I said, it is a microcosmic argument. Last time I checked, white people were not traveling to the rainforest or Arctic and forcing Tofurkey and Almond Breeze on the Natives. Furthermore, I am completely alright with hunter/gatherer societies living how they do, in accord with their surrounds and even yes, eating animals. But I still think the other 5 billion people on the planet should go vegan!

Also, I do not subscribe to the idea that it is alright to kill animals with impunity because you are brown or have cultural reasons for doing so. Sorry but I am an animal liberationist activist and there are several thousand species, varieties, and types of animals globally suffering terrible lives and deaths and even extinction at the hands of speciesist human oppressors in America, Mexico, Canada, China, India, Australia, Europe, Africa, and elsewhere.

We are not racists or sexists. We are not imperialists or bigots. We are animal liberation activists. We are abolitionists and as such we extend our compassion, concern, ferocity and energy towards the liberation of all life. If that interferes with anyone’s human supremacy, so be it. The idea that you must choose humans or animals isn’t always the case, but if we must, then we choose animals. Why?

Because they are innocent. Deer do not dress up in urban camouflage and come to your neighborhood and shoot you in the face and then mount you and your family’s heads in their living space. Chickens do not build mechanized slaughterhouses and raise genetically modified and domesticated people to murder at a break neck pace, or enslave us for eggs. Animals do not make up ridiculous religions that demand human sacrifices to appease the imaginary men in the sky. They do not “farm” us for our skin, eat our brains, make twisted sex video involving our deaths, involve us in cage fights to the death, put our children in veal crates and force feed them liquid diets. They do not beat us up in rodeos, stab us to death in crowded arenas, mount our skulls on the front of trucks! Elephants do not enslave or beat us until we perform for them like puppets, tigers do not sentence us to a life in a cage so that they can display us in a zoo, snakes do not skin us alive to make us belts, etc. etc. etc!

No. These are human pursuits, through and through. Am I wrong? There is a good reason to make designation between humans and animals and its not because humans are superior. It is because our depravity, perversion, and lust for blood as a species is profound and disturbing! It’s true that there are many factions of mainstream veganism in America and Europe that are ruining the purity of the vegan ethic with their classist, soccer mom, yuppie bullshit! But I think it would be a profound mistake on the part of a militant animal liberationist to just let elitists like Francione, Peter Singer or any of their ilk completely ruin our way of life without a fight, because a lot of us are not them. I have met vegan Rastas (from Jamaica). I have known and helped with a vegan soup kitchen run by blacks and for blacks in the inner city of Denver. I have read hundreds of communiques by vegan warriors of the ALF and ELF of Mexico. I have met Africans that have killed poachers in Africa. And I myself am Latino. Many Food Not Bombs groups feed the homeless vegan meals every week. Most of the vegan and AR community are predominately women. So this idea that veganism is a white or elitist culture is an image that advertisers perpetuate so that they can hike up the prices by putting big green V’s all over packages.

But if we won’t hold onto veganism and its ideals then it continue to get stripped of its vitality and truth. Until one day being vegan will be as silly as being on the Atkins diet. Since I went vegan, I have seen us go from being viewed as “those crazy animal rights people” to “those trendy hipsters and white yuppies”. I’d rather be the animal rights looney myself, not a supplicant begging for approval and validation from right wing assholes or thin-skinned lefties. This world is meant for all beings. Get it! Got it! Good!

Animal Liberation, whatever it may take!

Walter Bond Animal Liberation Front Lone Wolf


(Click Here to Donate)
Write Walter support letters at:

Davis County Jail
Walter Bond 2011-03339
PO Box 130
Farmington UT 84025-0130

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Vegan Resistance – Part II

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

by Walter Bond

Many of us that take a militant or hard stance on the issue of animal liberation have been approached at one time or another and asked by other so-called activists why we don’t spend more time people-pleasing and politicking. The general idea is that if you appeal to people’s conscience instead of their outrage, you will win more people over to “the cause.” Perhaps you can attract more flies with sugar than vinegar. However, like most welfarist ideology, there is a lot of oversimplification and faulty logic to contend with.

First off, large numbers of apathetic people are not a victory for animals. I would rather have ten vegan warriors by my side than 100 or 1000 keyboard commandos that won’t so much as show up to a demo and hold a sign. More importantly, ten vegan warriors can make a huge difference for animals now.

I get mail from activists from all over the country. I see the successes from the accounts and media that they send me. And the success stories are always the same. They protest passionately, they put the pressure on the abusers be they puppy mills or vivisectors, they refuse to be intimidated by the authorities, and, because of their passion and actual resistance, the media begins to pick up the story. The businesses shut down or have to move their operations.

This is moral. This is the correct path of action.

The idea that tactics are right or wrong is an elitist and cowardly approach. It is only the ends that are right or wrong. If yelling and protesting angrily work, then they are moral because the end goal is to be effective against animal abuse. But, if your end goal is for everyone to think you are a nice person, then yelling and aggressive protest are clearly wrong. And this is the line between those that truly care, the above ground, and those that are simply posturing, albeit compassionately.

Another untruth is that “by being aggressive you will turn others off to the cause.” The truth is, like attracts like. If you promote animal liberation with militance and fanaticism, then that is the type of person you will attract. And that is what this so-called above ground movement needs. Lukewarm activists are turning veganism into a diet fad and animal rights into a philosophy. Well diets and interesting conversations are not saving animals. On the contrary, they condemn animals to die by the billions while those that claim to be their protectors play games with words and remain “passive fellow travelers.”

It’s time for this movement to be effective instead of affected. I am unimpressed with how much you identify with the animals’ pain and suffering or how you’re “crying all the time for the animals.” I’m unimpressed for two extremely important reasons.

First, how you feel doesn’t matter to an animal doomed to death. You could feel happy and excited that they are going to die or sad to the point of a nervous breakdown. Either way, your feelings have zero effect on an animal in a cage.

Second, I doubt the sincerity of such statements when they are made by those not actively engaged in the fight against animal exploitation. If you care, then you act! If you hear of or witness animal abuse and your reaction is to weap and wail and then continue to bury your head in the sand, you are overly affected.

My advice to you would be to continue to view the gore and exploitation until you work through your ultra sensitivity and begin to get angry about it.

As I have said before, the proper response to evil is outrage! The reason that it’s a proper response is because outrage fuels physical resistance whereas fear, sentimentality, and tolerance do not. In our above ground — and by “above ground,” I mean ferociously legal animal liberation movement — the individual must take the initiative. The individual must be motivated! Because, ultimately, it’s pro-activity that makes you an activist.

Surfing the internet and commenting on animal rights websites is not activism. Thinking about the issues and formulating opinions is not activism. True activism resembles work because that’s what pro-activity is. Time, energy, and self-sacrifice add up to results.

If your idea of animal rights is hobbylike in nature, then please find another hobby. If your idea of activism is being vegan and nothing more, do not call yourself an activist. While I’m very glad to hear whenever anyone goes vegan, simply not participating in an evil is not the same as actively opposing it.

Any form of evil or oppression is is increbibly active and working hard at subjugating. Non-participation does not stop it any more than war stops because you don’t join the army. And this IS a war — a war with more casualties than any other before it! How many billions of gallons of blood must spill before we act? How many more atrocities have to occur to the most defenseless of us before there is a sense of urgency in the here and now? Apparently for most, no amount of suffering can call them to action, no amount of the suffering of others that is.

What is this compassionate apathy? This caring laziness? It makes about as much sense as “humane slaughter.” I call out this welfarist, hippie-crit nonsense for what it is because it is turning a resistance movement into a consumer product and image, an empty shell. I also defend militance and direct activism strongly because, for decades, we have been under attack by groups and individuals too numerous to list here. As we press forward, speaking truth, saving animals, and bringing the fight to the doorsteps, office buildings, and pocketbooks of animal exploiters and profiteers, we not only face scrutiny from the me3dia, but also cling-ons and do-nothings of our own “movement” that seek to hide their own inaction by tearing down another’s hard work and sacrifices.

It ends NOW!

There is only one movement — the one that moves! You want to partake in it? Then get active, get passionate and confront, agitate and educate. Study other social justice movements before us that have hyad levels of success that we have yet to reach. Groups such as the Black Panthers, John Africa’s MOVE!, American Indian Movement, and Suffragettes all employed winning tactics — tactics that work when employed by any group, no matter what the cause. The words of Malcolm X, Screaming Wolf, and Sitting Bull are timeless and just waiting for us to rediscover and apply them to today’s liberation struggles.

It’s time to not only embrace “security culture,” but also reject “paranoia culture.” The Animal Liberation Movement has so much in common with so many other struggles past and present. I want to see us united in a struggle for the total liberation of earth, animals and humans. But before we will ever be taken seriously by others, we must take ourselves seriously. Real recognizes real. And, until we quit begging for care and understanding like supplicants, we will never attain the warrior element that it takes to not only win battles and save our animal sisters and brothers, but also attain a truly revolutionary status which we must because a change as radical as freeing the enslaved only happens by force of will.

Those who profit from slavery and death only stop when they are made to. And so, it is time for us to draw that line amongst our own — a line between those of us that would see this filth and gore end now, by any means necessary, and those that want to look good and do nothing. You’re either part of the solution or part of the problem.

Animal Liberation, Whatever It May Take!

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Vegan Resistance – Part I

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

by Camille Marino

We have many dedicated activists in this movement who have made major strides toward animal liberation. We have many successful campaigns. We have many groups of activists from whom we can learn a lot.

But we have far more people who are simply here for the social club. Let them do what they do, but understand that they will not help us fight this war.

The Mainstream Vegan Community is Incapable of Resistance

A lot of activists are beginning to understand that if we wait for vegans to mobilize and act, we will remain catatonic. This community is largely composed of privileged whites who are far too comfortable to understand or concern themselves with the world outside. While the animals are dying, they impress one another with intellectual debates about inconsequential minutia. I hope the animals are as impressed as I am by the big words they use.

Only a vegan who has never experienced exploitation, oppression or violence is content to debate theories about animal liberation while the animals keep dying. It’s an enjoyable pastime.

Only an insulated vegan who has never gone hungry a day in their lives, can be pretentious enough to chastise impoverished peoples for subsistence hunting from the sanctity of their four-bedroom home. While the animals keep dying, some appear fixated on an unattainable purist ideal and exclusivity.

Elitist vegans know nothing about fighting to survive. Yet they pretend to be warring for radical change online from their recliners. Do they even understand why we’re all here?


The Mainstream Population Only Cares About that Which the TV Advises

The mainstream vegan community is a microcosm of mainstream society. They have lived an existence far too insulated and/or privileged to understand struggle and they are comfortably apathetic. Roughly 75% of this country’s population is white and people of color comprise 90% of the prison industrial complex; homeless people sleep in gutters outside middle-class homes; unseen children go to bed and wake up hungry every day in every state; to save a few pennies, we enthusiastically buy commodities produced by children and slave labor from impoverished foreign countries; and racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination remain systemic and institutionalized – albeit largely unnoticed… it’s easier to pretend we’re all equal. Oppression and exploitation are inextricably woven into the fabric of our culture but it is too inconvenient for most to acknowledge.

Let’s accept the reality in which we operate. We are in a war to save lives and the animals are doomed if we focus on changing “hearts and minds.” We’re not going to make complacent vegans into activists and we’re not going make the rest of society give a damn.

The compliant herd-like masses are mindless. Their thoughts, beliefs, and desires have been instilled in them by the corporate-industrial puppeteers. The collective social consciousness is relentlessly manipulated by all facets of conventional society. Have you ever listened to two people debate politics. It’s analogous to pro-wrestling. In one corner you have the Fox News viewer and, in the other, is the MSNBC loyalist. Clearly, neither understands that whether you like the “good guy” or the “bad guy” is an irrelevant distraction. No one seems to notice that their favorite politicians are all controlled by the same corporations.

Considering the pervasive mindlessness endemic in mainstream America, it’s time to admit that animal liberation will never gain any traction. It’s just not entertaining. The same way people look away from the human suffering all around them is the same way they look away when we try to talk about industrialized animal abuse or veganism. Americans do not care about anything except their own well-being.

They want to keep eating decomposing cadavers with barbecue sauce, they aspire to make enough money to buy coats made of fur ripped from the bodies of live animals, and they could not care less about barbaric lab experiments because some disembodied voice told them they benefit from animal research. Do we seriously want to keep debating science for 200 more years with people whose attention span is equipped to handle little more than a Jerry Springer episode?

Building Our Own Culture of Resistance in Animal Liberation

We have many activists who are frustrated and discouraged because they want to act, but can’t find a single vegan “activist” willing to leave their cyber prisons. It’s not going to happen. We need to stop hoping for that point of critical mass when the paradigm will shift and people will crawl out from the depths of mediocrity where they wallow.

Let’s do this ourselves. Only we can do it. We must learn to fight more effectively if we intend to bring down the system and liberate the victims from the holocaust.

Many of us have started.

And the time for all like-minded vegans to take a giant step forward together is now.

We recently coined a phrase: “We are NIO.” Personally, I don’t care is you identify with us or not, but “NIO” is our attitude. And everyone needs to adopt an attitude of resistance.

Injunctions won’t stop us. Bans won’t stop us. The oppressors’ laws won’t stop us. An apathetic vegan community won’t stop us. Fundamentalist peace freaks won’t stop us. We’d rather do it with you, but we’re prepared to do it alone. This is a war. We’re here to win. We are NIO!

We are above-ground activists. We do nothing illegal. But we are not puppets. We do not yield to repression and we do not fear the enemy’s authority. Some of us do not even recognize their unjust laws. We understand that the oppressor controls us with fear or, more accurately, we allow ourselves to be controlled. Every one of us has seen activists at protests who will not even leaflet if a cop orders them to stop. These are the activists we need to distinguish ourselves from. They mean well and, hopefully, they will reach one or two people. I’m not a big fan of the hit-and-miss theories (e.g., “we never know who we touch,” “maybe outreach will change someone’s mind here or there,” etc.). Yet we continue to let the timid, fearful, wishful, and passive, lead us in our supposed fight on behalf of the tormented animals.

If we allow this to continue, we have betrayed the animals.

We don’t let some civil servant with a badge tell us what we can and cannot do. We have rights and they are non-negotiable. We do no acquiesce. We defy. They tell us we can’t leaflet. We say, “No, we can. Watch!” They use their courts to repress us and squash our rights, we tell them we don’t recognize their laws. And we certainly do not yield to arbitrary intimidation tactics.

We stand our ground. We must be guided by our own conscience. If we are fighting this war for an animal in a cage who will be skinned alive tomorrow, then the petty consequences of our actions are inconsequential. The victims need us to be defiant and aggressive. And if we need to fight a court case here and there, we are obligated to try to win it for every one of our comrades who will follow.

There is a misconception among some activists that being arrested or going to jail is indicative of being effective. It is not. Going to jail simply means that an activist is a victim of state repression. But we must not fear doing what is right because they threaten us with their impotent, desperate, authoritarian, corporate-designed, police state laws.

It is our job to forge a vegan resistance. The mainstream vegans call us thugs and radicals. I call them pathetic, weak, and embarrassing.

I’m drawing a line and I am encouraging everyone to step over it. Adopt an attitude of defiance grounded in your own morality and conscience. Do not be influenced by the pacifists who’ve taken this movement and modeled into a tupperware party for vegans.

The animals are dying. If we really care, then we have no choice!

We are the above ground vegan resistance.

We’re Going Off In Our Own Direction

The beauty of admitting that most vegans can’t help us and that society is compliant and malleable is that we now are limited only by our imaginations. We can take this movement anywhere we want. WE have the power.

While I choose to not elaborate on specific models at this moment, many of us have accepted that people are selfish, self-absorbed, narrow, and indifferent. However, the masses are extremely malleable when we hit that one nerve to which they all react – self-interest.

We are talking less and less about animals rights because we need the masses to get behind us despite themselves. They don’t care about how much animals suffer until they understand that they are paying for it. They don’t care about how much animals suffer until they learn that the psychopath in the slaughter is the same derelict who just got out of prison for raping and murdering his neighbor’s 7-year old daughter.

Many of us will be more specific about these ideas and various campaigns in the coming months. But for now, just think about this….

How far have we gotten trying to influence people by appealing to their compassion? We’ve gone backward and this alleged movement is on life support. If we can get the mainstream behind us by appealing to their greed, selfishness, or vanity and start shutting down pieces of the exploitation industries one-by-one, does it really matter how we do it?

If people become incensed that their tax money is being wasted and abused by vivisectors, and they start undoing the NIH grant system here and there, the vivisection industry begins to disappear. I don’t care if people are ethically or morally evolved. I care that we have a job to do – liberate the animals by any means necessary.

We are driven by our conscience. We must learn to be defiant on all fronts.

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The Dreaded Vegan Discussion…

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011
This beautiful animal named "Camille" was spared because vegans liberated her.

This beautiful animal named “Camille” was spared because vegans liberated her, not because they didn’t eat her.

by Camille Marino

Ask yourself  “why am I vegan”?

The answer for most of us is that it is the absolute minimum that an ethical person must embrace. There is no other choice.

Ask yourself  “why do I advocate vegan outreach”?

If the answer is to help animals, we need to examine this model more carefully. A drop in demand for animal products, if it can ever even be realized, has no effect on supply. For every vegan that may be converted through our efforts, an exponentially greater number of carnists is born every second of everyday on a global scale. If we cannot help the animals, we must change direction.

It is widely held by vegans that we are “saving” 95-100 animals a year. This is untrue. Veganism is not an action or form of activism; it is a passive boycott of animal exploitation.

Far from actively saving any animal, we simply do not participate in their torture and death.

What is the net effect for animals imprisoned in factory farms when demand for the commodified body parts drops?

  • There is no effect for the animals.
  • The decreased demand does not affect supply.
  • The number of animals fed to the holocaust, therefore, continues unabated.

By changin their personal habits, individual consumers will never influence industrial abusers’ profits.

Fuzzy Vegan Economics

If 100 people transition to veganism, conventional “wisdom” holds that supply will respond to the decreased consumer demand. But this is not how the alleged “free market” works  in the real world. When demand for meat/eggs/dairy declines, the government subsidizes[1] the exploitation industry and buys any excess supply[2] of animal products, thus, ensuring that the supplier’s profits as well as the economy remain intact. The government buys the surplus[3] and generally diverts it into schools[4] and welfare programs or the surplus is exported to other countries to satisfy federal debt.

Although there are prevalent hyper-critical schools of thought in our community which hold that the only way to affect supply is through decreased consumer demand, we must understand that this is a simplistic model bereft of practical application in our economy. The market is regulated by the capitalist system to protect industry. Influence on market dynamics from individual consumerism is largely nonexistent. We need to be a bit more sophisticated about this and understand that no one-dimensional approach to demand will ever affect supply. Financial markets and economics are far more complex than “if the consumer demands bananas, the supplier will provide them.” That statement is not untrue. But it is also woefully naive and misguided. On the contrary, supply actually has a greater direct influence on demand in that it creates the demand that it then satisfies.

Despite any change in demand, production remains constant. And the proof of this will always lie in long-term economic analysis where momentary fluctuations are cyclically corrected. We need to stop to discussing supply and demand until we become a bit more sophisticated about market psychology and economics. 

The bottom line is that veganism is our philosophy. Our sphere of consideration includes all living beings and we cause no intentional harm.

But if we have no effect on the production of meat/dairy/eggs and we, therefore, we must come to terms with the fact that being vegan, in and of itself, has not, does not, and will not save a single animal.

While I wish the whole world were vegan, I don’t own a magic wand and it is not going to happen.

So why do we devote so much energy to vegan outreach and education when the animal holocaust is raging unabated. This is unacceptable.

I believe that we are wasting enormous amounts of the vegan community’s time and energy by advocating vegan outreach. The animals are dying. Staying home and watching TV helps the animals as much as vegan outreach. It’s time to explore new avenues that lead to animal liberation… turn our attention to the abusers… mass demonstrations in the streets…. begin to forge an actual resistance against exploiters… social revolution… leaflet about the enemy… our options are limitless. We need to forget about proselytizing and preaching. Besides, if it worked, the whole world would be Jehovahs.

I welcome your thoughts.

[1]The USDA FSA’s “MILC Program supports the dairy industry by providing direct counter-cyclical style payments to milk producers on a monthly basis” to compensate for fluctuations milk prices.

[2] A steep decline in demand for dark meat chicken prompted the USDA to purchase $14 million of the excess. According to this report: “Buying up surplus products to help farmers is one of the USDA’s favorite things to do.”

[3] Daily report of agribusiness surplus absorbed by the government:

[4]“Misery on the Menu: The National School Lunch Program”: “The simple truth is that schools are being used as a dumping ground for high-fat and cholesterol meat and dairy products, with the ultimate goal of salvaging industry profits with taxpayer dollars.:

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