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After 29 months and two lawsuits against the University of Florida…

Inside UF at Dec 31, 20115

Image obtained by winning our first lawsuit against UF on December 30, 2011.

For more pictures the courts compelled UF to disclose to us, please click HERE and HERE.

We needed to win a lawsuit against the University of Florida to compel some level of transparency. As of December 30, 2011, they had unsuccessfully fought for 14 months to keep this information secret. Now that we are in possession of thousands of records documenting the horrors to which monkeys are subjected in their labs.

However, the university still withheld information awarded in that decision on December 30, 2011. After 29 months, 2 court cases, and an appellate decision issued on February 26, 2013, we are FINALLY in possession of unredacted public records from inside UF. Perhaps there’s a reason they fought so hard to blacken all transparacy…

ViviLeaks is about penetrating the inner sanctum of UF’s labs and exposing the day-to-day horrors of vivisection. It’s about creating a visual for their alumni, benefactors, and John & Jane Public of an institutionalized system of sadism and animal brutality that is truly inconceivable. Most people hear “animal experimentation” and envision an innocuous image of white mice navigating a maze. NIO Florida seeks to morph that fantastic image into one of terrified animals and the blood, screams, pain, misery and torment with which the fabric of their reality is woven.

Leaked Documents: Floor Plans of UF Labs Document Where Vivisectors Commit Their Crimes

The UF Torture Chronicles: Introducing Vivisector Raymond J. Bergeron

Who the fuck are the terrorists?!

Monkey 2A4: Tortured in UF’s Labs for 17 Years, Died at the Gloved Hands of his Tormentors

UF Vivisector Stephen Roberts: Poisons & Murders Monkeys… but is he a Pedophile???

A Monkey named Louis: UF knew was in excruciating pain, made him suffer and deteriorate for a full year

 Bergeron & Roberts forcefed monkeys toxic waste, gave okay for children to play in toxic dirt

A monkey named Harry: Tortured in UF’s labs for 11 years until funding ran out

The University of Florida wants desperately to shut down this campaign. They need to silence their victims. We have been involved in ongoing litigation for about two years and are constantly being hit with more obstacles. If you support our work, please consider contributing to our efforts to fight for the monkeys entombed inside UF. Gifts may be sent through Paypal to [email protected]


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Last modified on April 19, 2013

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